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Hello We teach……. Art Pigments and Emulsions Life is art / art mirrors life.

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1 Hello We teach……

2 Art Pigments and Emulsions Life is art / art mirrors life

3 Health and Social Care Disease Drugs Diet

4 Drama

5 Engineering Nanotechnology

6 Languages = Lead = Pb =(Latin) Plumbum Plumber

7 Geography Geology and how our planet is shaped

8 Psychology explanation of behaviour

9 RE

10 Textiles

11 Hair and Beauty Microscope analysis Esters = Smells Solvents and Solutes Peroxide Blonde!

12 Business Studies Maximise Resources Money from chemistry Medical research Physics = speed = cash

13 Child Studies Puberty and menstruation Reproduction and birth

14 Travel and Tourism Global warming and its effect on tourism Travel and global dimming Air travel and carbon footprint

15 History Alchemy and base metals into gold. The power of the atom Chemistry and conflict

16 Food Technology Cooking is chemistry E Coli

17 Media Studies How a camera works. Light and Filters Good old silver nitrate

18 Music Pitch, Frequency and hearing

19 Sociology Impact of population growth Health, Diet and life expectancy

20 Construction Moments Pressure, load and area

21 Physical Education Fitness Cardiovascular system

22 Economics The importance of research and development to Britain and its economy

23 Maths Ask Martin!!

24 Citizenship Water Purity Smoking Alcohol

25 Law Should cloning be allowed Twisty Cats Favourite pet Human clones – organ harvesting? The rights of man

26 English Research and coursework

27 We think that covers it!

28 Oops almost forgot!

29 We teach Science…

30 That’s Biology

31 Physics

32 Chemistry

33 And Applied Science Forensics / Ecology etc

34 And…

35 We provide opportunities for students to be involved in many independent and inter-dependent areas of learning and experience

36 We help students develop lively, enquiring, imaginative and creative minds

37 We help students develop communication skills

38 We give students a sense of achievement We help students develop a reasoned set of attitudes, values and beliefs

39 To encourage respect for others regardless of colour, creed, gender, personal or cultural background To help students understand and respect the society and world in which they live

40 Blimey

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