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1 Work in pairs. Look at Photos 1 and 2 and discuss the questions.

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1 1 Work in pairs. Look at Photos 1 and 2 and discuss the questions.
Conversation 1 1 Work in pairs. Look at Photos 1 and 2 and discuss the questions. 1

2 2 What is the place famous for?
1 Where is Janet and Andy? In this place there are lots of cinemas and theatres, probably in the West End of London. 2 What is the place famous for? It is famous for entertainments and night life: theatres, shows, cinemas and clubs.. >>>

3 3 What is Andy doing? 4 What is Janet doing? He’s holding a microphone and asking questions. He might be interviewing someone for a TV programme or a documentary film. She is operating a camera to record the interview.

4 Language and Culture 1: The West End
The West End is the area of central London. For entertainment there are many theatres, musical shows, cinemas and clubs around Leicester Square and Covent Garden. William Shakespeare Charlie Chaplin >>>

5 For shopping there are many large stores and fashionable shops in Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street. >>>

6 There are also major art galleries and museums nearby – and the restaurants and shops of Chinatown near Leicester Square.

7 Tell the story according to the following three pictures.

8 Reference>>>

9 Pygmalion (Greek Mythology)
Pygmalion, King of Cyprus塞浦路斯 , was a famous sculptor. He made an ivory image of a woman Galatea so lovely that he fell in love with it. So he went to Aphrodite's shrine for help. Later Galatea became alive! The work of his own hands became his wife.

10 Enjoy soundtracks from My Fair Lady, and restore the storyline of the film accordingly.

11 Language and Culture 2: George Bernard Shaw and his play Pygmalion
George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950), an Irish playwright who moved to London, was a witty, provocative煽动性的 and prolific writer. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925. >>>

12 His most popular play, Pygmalion (1912–1913), based on the Greek mythology, is a comedy which attacked conventional ideas about social class: The story is about a girl, Eliza, with a Cockney(伦敦佬)accent, whom Professor Higgins, a phonetician, bets he can pass off as a lady in society if he can teach her to change her accent. >>>

13 The play Pygmalion premiered (初次公演)in 1913, in a German translation
The play Pygmalion premiered (初次公演)in 1913, in a German translation. It opened in London April 11, 1914. >>>

14 The play is further adapted to a romantic 1956 musical, My Fair Lady(窈窕淑女) and two films, Pygmalion in 1938 and My Fair Lady in 1964.

15 Fun time: Tongue twisters from My Fair Lady
In Hartford, Hereford and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly happen. The rain in the Spain stays mainly in the plain.

16 2 Watch conversation 1 and answer the questions.
1 Where did Andy use to work? 2 What job did he do? 3 What did Janet see on TV? He used to work in a theatre. He moved the scenery between the acts in the play. She saw My Fair Lady. >>>

17 4 Why does Joe phone Andy? 5 What is Toby Jenkins’ job? 6 What does Janet have to check? To find out where Andy and Janet are … or to check if they are going to be late. He’s a theatre critic. She has to check the sound level.

18 3 Match the speakers with the statements. √
Janet Andy Joe 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

19 ☐ 1 My Fair Lady is a play by George Bernard Shaw.
4 Watch Conversation 1 again and check (✓) the true statements according to the conversation. Clarify reason. ☐ 1 My Fair Lady is a play by George Bernard Shaw. ☐ 2 Andy and Janet are on their way to interview Toby. ☐ 3 Andy tells Janet they need to hurry up. ☐ 4 There is a problem with the sound level. ☐ 5 Joe gets angry because he thinks Andy and Janet are taking too long with the interview. Reason >>>

20 Statement 1 is untrue because Shaw wrote the play called Pygmalion while My Fair Lady was a musical
based on this play, but Shaw did not write the musical.

21 Language and Culture 3 The Hippodrome is a theatre in Leicester Square in the West End of London, just round the corner from Chinatown.

22 Read the media comments of La Clique and tell whether you’ll go to watch the show.

23 Language and Culture 4 La Clique is a very successful live show which combines a succession of different acts of skill, danger, comedy and songs.

24 5 Work in pairs and discuss the questions.
1 What do you think Andy is interviewing Toby about? Probably about a new show in the West End. >>>

25 2 What kind of show do you think it is from the following photo?
From the photo it could be a romantic comedy but the waving arms suggest that there is some audience interaction or participation, so it seems to be a different sort of show. >>>

26 3 Do you think it’s an interesting show?
Yes, although I can’t be sure from the photo exactly what kind of show it is, I do think it looks interesting. >>>

27 4 What kind of questions will Andy ask in the interview?
He’ll probably ask what kind of show La Clique is. He’ll ask for Toby’s opinion of the show and whether he recommends it.

28 Vocabulary learning (1): Define the following words according to the pictures.
circus cabaret Click for definitions

29 Cabaret (歌舞表演): a form of entertainment in a restaurant or nightclub with a stage for performances and the audience sitting at tables watching. Circus (马戏): a travelling company of performers, acrobats, clowns, trained animals, musicians and other stunt-oriented artists. The word also describes the performance that they give. >>>

30 stunt puppet Click for definitions

31 Stunt (特技): unusual and difficult physical feat, or any act requiring a special skill, performed for artistic purposes in TV, theatre, or cinema. Puppet (木偶): An inanimate object or animated or manipulated representational figure. >>>

32 sword swallower juggler Click for definitions

33 A sword swallower: an entertainer who
carefully puts a sword down inside their throat, as a dangerous and skilful act. A juggler: a performer who moves objects for entertainment or sport. The most common objects used are balls or beanbags, rings, clubs, and special bounce balls. Some performers use more dramatic objects such as knives, fire torches, and even chainsaws. >>>

34 A rubber man High wire walker Click for definitions

35 A high wire is a wire which is stretched high
above an audience so that a tight-rope walker or high wire artist or aerial performer can balance, walk and perform tricks high up in the air. A rubber man: someone who twists their body into unusual shapes or positions, as a way of entertaining people.

36 Vocabulary learning (2): Learn the vocabulary from the pictures.
Adult entertainment is not suitable for you because it involves sex or violence. >>>

37 Would you keep an eye on my son while I’m away. Sure! >>>

38 Let’s shoot the second scene in one take.

39 The following are some posters for La Clique
The following are some posters for La Clique. Look at them and decide what you can expect from it.

40 Conversation 2 6 Watch Conversation 2 and choose the best way to complete the sentences. Answers 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4 (c) 5 (a)

41 7 Watch Conversation 2 again and complete the sentences.
Andy And we’ve got Toby Jenkins here with us today, who (1) ____________ __________ the latest show at The Hippodrome, La Clique. So, La Clique is slightly different from the usual shows we see here in the West End these days. (2) _______ ___________________________, Toby? has just been to see Can you tell me something about it >>>

42 Toby Yes, it’s a kind of cabaret, with a series
Toby Yes, it’s a kind of cabaret, with a series of variety acts set in a kind of circus, but it’s very contemporary, extremely well produced and huge fun. Andy (3) _____________________ the acts. Toby Well, there are stunts performed on a high wire, and puppets. There’s a sword swallower and juggler, and a rubber man who manages to pass his whole body through a tennis racquet. Tell me more about >>>

43 Andy (4) __________________________.
Toby Yes, for the West End today, but not so unusual for 30 or more years ago. Andy (5) ___________________________, then? Toby Ah, no. I’m afraid it’s pretty adult. But very funny and very stylish. Andy Did you get that OK, Janet? Joe Let me have a listen ... Janet Oh no, (6) ________________________? Joe Well, it’s just that I can’t hear anything. Let’s try again ... It sounds very unusual So it’s family entertainment did I do something wrong >>>

44 Janet Oh no, I clean forgot. Andy It’s OK. We’ll just do another take.
Andy (7) ______________________ keep an eye on the sound levels? That meter, there! Janet Oh no, I clean forgot. Andy It’s OK. We’ll just do another take. Joe Come on you two. (8) ____________! Janet I’m so sorry. It slipped my mind. Joe You’ll forget your own head one day. Sorry about this, Toby. From the top, please! Andy And we’ve got Toby Jenkins here with us today ... Did you remember to Hurry up Role-play the dialogue in groups. Then one group will be invite to perform before the whole class.

45 Recall Everyday English
8 Recall expressions learned from Conversation 2 and write them down according to the meanings. We’d better hurry up. ______________________________ B. I completely forgot about it. __________________ C. Let’s start from the beginning. ______________________ We’d better get a move on. I clean forgot. From the top. >>>

46 D. You are very forgetful.
______________________________________ I’m exactly on time. _____________________ I forgot something. ___________________ You’ll forget your own head one day. I’m bang on time. It slipped my mind.

47 Using Everyday English
Group composition Work in groups of six. Each student takes turns to contribute one sentence with one everyday English expression to make a meaningful, logical and preferably interesting story. Volunteer groups will be welcome to share your stories to the class.

48 9 Work in pairs and act out the conversation.

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