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Redefining Excellence Trampoline Judging 2005-2008 Cycle.

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1 Redefining Excellence Trampoline Judging 2005-2008 Cycle

2 Redefining Excellence In February 2005 80 judges in TRA, DMT & TUM from most of the leading nations met in Prague 5 days of tuition and exams followed as the FIG TTC enlightened us on the required changes to judges & rules for the next Olympic cycle

3 Redefining Excellence As the limits are pushed - on what the human body is capable of, so the judging is refined to look at what is now PERFECTION

4 Redefining Excellence As an Olympic gymnastic discipline form scores are now flashed to spectators across the world who do not understand why there can be such a big difference in opinion among the judges FIG want to see consistency in scoring and have moved the emphasis on international judge training heavily towards execution

5 Redefining Excellence Four key elements were examined in detail

6 Redefining Excellence Take offs amplitude

7 Redefining Excellence Shapes depth flexibility

8 Redefining Excellence Twist efficiency completion with somi exit

9 Redefining Excellence Exits timing straightness hold

10 Redefining Excellence Comparison of top execution trampolinists Moskalenko, Nikitin, Stehlik & Jensen

11 Redefining Excellence Perfection is judged as Straight flight Deep shape with no arching 12 o’clock exit Straight body held all the way to the bed Twist completed before final 120 degrees of somersault

12 Redefining Excellence Judges will use full range of marks 0 will be hard to achieve 3, 4 & 5 will be in common use End deduction - 0 for soldiers, 2 for dancers, 1 for everyone else

13 Something to note The world records for execution scores on sets are 29.5 for Durand & 29.0 for Tsiguleva. At national & international events so far this year, most trampolinists are only now scoring this with the 2 skill tariffs added on to their execution score. What has happened to perfection?

14 Other things to know What can you lose out internationally on in a set routine? Now only if any skills <270 degrees somersault Counting skills are an opportunity not a requirement

15 Other things to know Approximately 3 seconds at the end = Totally under control i.e. Not a stopwatch & not a trampolinist frozen in the “oh I forgot something” stance

16 Other things to know The syncro machine will now be used at major International events The human judge could match it on 0, 1 & 2 deductions but not on the 3, 4 & 5’s with accuracy So well out of sync will be more heavily penalised

17 Other things to know The following information is available & free on the FIG website ( Trampoline code of points Technical regulations & statutes Competition rules Event invites & work plans International news World rankings & records Not knowing the rules is no longer an excuse!!

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