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Focus Matters in Work Dee Dee Scharf, PhD, LMHC, CRC.

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2 Focus Matters in Work Dee Dee Scharf, PhD, LMHC, CRC

3 Distractions……

4 Mind Attention Focus Concentration Organization Preparation. Awareness Alert Distracted Detoured Disorganized Tangential Cirumstantial Denial Naïve Lazy Apathetic

5 Focus in …… focus out……focus on….. Verb  The act of focusing….  Read as instruction or directive:  Focus better or more Adjective  This makes “matters” the verb…..  Mattering matters!!! The word “Focus” in “Focus Matters at Work” Language and Semantics…..

6 Focus Concentration on a defined phenomenon while filtering and ignoring other environmental stimuli an earthquake's underground point of origin or hypocenter a concept referring to the way information in one phrase relates to information that has come before a point toward which light rays are made to converge Wikipedia

7 Am-ing  Discard “Should have….Would have…..Could have…..  I am……….  I Want…….  Discard Wishing……..adopt Hope

8 Spirit  Hope  Visualize  Keep your eyes straight ahead, always…..on the light…..the horizon  Hold the helm, the plow and don’t look back……  Faith Points  Power  Freedom

9 Body  Engaging the Senses  Hands  Feet  Eyes  Ears  Voice  Taste  Smell  Active/Movement  Rest/sleep  Breath  Nutrition 

10 Heart The Heart learns a DIFFERENT WAY

11 Applied…..  Be all of YOU NOT JUST THE WORKER PART OF YOU…..  Evaluative  Work: Skills, Abilities, Interests, Achievement, Intelligence, etc  Mental Health  Anxiety, ADD, Depression, Grief, Thought Disorders

12 Applied…..  DSM IV, DSM V, Medical Model…..  Observations  Surveys  Tap Tests  Medications  Insurances

13 Synchronicity as strategy  Rhythms of Attention: Much to Consider  Cultural: Work, Social, Familial, Avocational  Individual  Time…..  Chunking  Daring  Play  Energy

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