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Arab Nationalism Disunity Among the United. The Ottoman Empire– 1580.

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1 Arab Nationalism Disunity Among the United

2 The Ottoman Empire– 1580

3 The Weakening of the Ottomans After Lepanto and Vienna, the Ottomans were losing their influence to a strengthening Europe…

4 Losing their Ottoman-ness As Europe grows in power, Ottomans try to act European… Sultan clamped down on Euro- pretenders to strengthen rule –Beginning of Cultural Imperial Anger by Muslims

5 Greece and Egypt – 1890’s Seeing weakness, two Mediterranean states got their freedom. –The Ottomans sit back and are helpless Greek Soldiers in late 1800’s

6 Efforts to Reform Abdulhamid II, Ottoman Sultan, tried to reform from 1876. Corruption too endemic…

7 Enter WWI Sided with Germans and Austro- Hungarians as the Central Powers Lost 

8 A Bright Spot- Gallipoli By 1915, Russia tipping on the brink Allied push in Dardanelles. Mustafa Kemal led Ottomans to win

9 Lawrence of Arabia UK sends T.E. Lawrence into Arabia to encourage sheiks to fight against Ottoman Turks. NATIONALISM BORN!!!

10 Nationalism Gone Bad – The Armenian Genocide Ottomans, fearful of nationalist tendencies of the Armenians and worried of their religious ties to Russia, massacre 1.5 million men women and children 3 MM Armenians TODAY!!!

11 The Splintering of the Ottomans Governor of Mecca declares Arabia independent. Palestinians join him Ottomans fall in 1918

12 The Finale Broken up after World War I into many Euro-controlled states Purple – UK Orange- FR Pink – IT Blue – SP Tan -free

13 Turkey – the Heir to Empires Ottomans left in control of Anatolian Peninsula after WWI Black Sea Med Sea

14 The Rise of a Phoenix Greece invades Western Turkey in land grab. Colonel Mustafa Kemal, hero of WWI, drives the Greeks from Turkey –Popular and Powerful…

15 A Coup and a Reformation 1923- Kemal forces the Ottomans from Turkey. Turkish Republic created Kemal is Ataturk

16 Forced Modernization Democracy Separates Church and State Caliphate Abolished New Dress codes (Fez and Veil)

17 More Reforms… 1934- Women Vote Freedom of Religion Roman Alphabet Turks take last names Ataturk industrialized and centralized economy

18 Today?!?!?! Trying to join the European Union –Capital punishment and racism hold back –Article 301 Crossroads country The Kurdish Issue

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