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GINNETTE ELLIN LAE 5415 DR. ROBERTS SUMMER 2011. Welcome Learners To Authors’ Galore!! Enjoy these great websites about your favorite authors!

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2 Welcome Learners To Authors’ Galore!! Enjoy these great websites about your favorite authors!

3 J.K. Rowling Hmm…what does the J.K. in the authors’ name stand for? Who was the awesome illustrator for the Harry Potter books? How much do you know about Harry Potter? What is Pottermore? Get answers to these questions and learn all about this incredible author and her Harry Potter books by clicking on the Series Overview, J.K. Rowling and Mary GrandPre links at the bottom of the page. Click away and enjoy the magic!

4 Lemony Snicket Have you ever wondered who Lemony Snicket really is? Who is the illustrator of these unfortunate children? This eerie website can give you all the details about both the author and the illustrator, Brett Helquist. Just click on The Afflicted Author link and on The Ill-Fated Illustrator link, if you dare, and explore away! If you click on The Bothersome Books link, you can read about all the books in this unfortunate series. Enter if you dare!

5 Rick Riordan On this website, you can learn all about this amazing author of this adventure-filled series! Click on the Author link and you can see Rick Riordan talk about his books. If you’d like to hear Percy Jackson read a few pages of the books, click on the Audio links on this same page and have a listen! The Olympians, Gods & Monsters link gives you a summary of all the characters in the series. So…click away and learn about this author’s mythical world!

6 R.L.Stine R.L. Stine has said, “My job is to give kids the creeps!” Boo!! If you are not too afraid, you can learn all about this author and why he likes to scare the heebie-jeebies out of kids. Click on the About R.I. link if you’re brave. You can also peek inside the authors’ Bookshelf link to learn all about his different book series. Enter the spooky world of R.L. Stine!

7 Ron Roy Would you like to know how this author came up with the idea for the A-Z Mysteries? You’re only a click away. This website will give you information about the author and about his cute pet dog, Pal too. Just click on the About Ron Roy link and on Pal’s Doggie Page link to find out more. You can also click on the FAQ’s link to find out what questions kids are asking this author! Go ahead and challenge your knowledge of this series by playing cool trivia games. Click on the links that say Play Trivia! Grab a magnifying glass and enjoy!

8 Mary PopeNatalie PopeWill Osborne Boyce Osborne It’s so much fun to climb up the Magic Tree House with Jack and Annie and go on great adventures with them! Learn all about these wonderful authors and see how they create the magic. You can click on the About the Series link and learn about the authors, the awesome illustrator and about the magical books. If you click on the Tree House Mail link, you can hear and see the author, Mary Pope Osborne, answer some of the letters she receives from kids just like you. Get ready to enjoy your adventure!

9 Beverly Cleary This website welcomes you to “The World of Beverly Cleary”! You can learn all about this beloved author by clicking on the About Beverly Cleary link and hear a live interview with her. By clicking on the Meet the Characters link, you can get to know who these wonderful characters are, their best friends, and their likes and their dislikes. Also, if you click on the different locations in their neighborhood, you can learn lots more! Have fun in Beverly Cleary World!

10 Megan McDonald It’s time to get in the mood for Judy Moody! Meet the author of this adorable, yet moody character. When you click on the Creators link at the bottom of the web page, you will learn 10 things about the author and 10 things about the illustrator, Peter H. Reynolds. You can also click on the About Judy Moody link and learn 10 things about this character. By clicking on The Books link, you can find out about the different Judy Moody books. If you’re in the mood, click away!

11 Barbara Park Where does this author get the her ideas for this cute character? Does this author talk like Junie B. Jones? Why is Junie B. always getting into problems? Just click on the About Barbara Park link on this website to get all these answers and more! Also, when you click on The Books link, you get to learn all about the great books in this series. Check out the Junie B.’s Favorites link and find out which books are Junie B.’s favorites! As Junie B. says, see you later, crocodile!

12 Jeff Kinne y How did Jeff Kinney come up with the idea for Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Well, if you’d like to know the answer and get to know the author, this website is for you. Click on the link below to see several interviews with this cool author. When you get to the home page, just click on the About the author link, the Author interview link and on the Video and audio link to learn all about Jeff Kinney.

13 Judy Schachner Holy Guacamole! Jump in to Skippyjon’s closet to have mucho fun! Click on the Author link to hear a live interview with the author and learn how Skippyjon came to be! You can click on the Books link to read a summary of all the great books about El Skippito! Would you like to learn Spanish with Skippyjon? Click on the Games link and then click on How’s Your Spanish, Amigo? Enjoy the fun-filled adventures of this wonder perrito!

14 Attention Poets! Poetry Opens up the door for Everyone to stop and Think and Remember how Young we can be! G.E. Take a look at these great websites all about poetry!

15 Learners, Need Help with Poetry? Click Away! If you need help choosing a topic for writing a funny poem, the Poetry 4 Kids website can help you learn how to come up with ideas for your poems. Read this page and start creating your own funny poems. Are you having trouble finding words that rhyme for your poem? You can use this website to help you. Just type the word you want to use and search away. Remember, there are all kinds of poems. Your poems don’t have to rhyme! You can have some fun practicing writing poems. In this website, you will be able to unscramble the words to form a poem of your own. You can also write your own poems in the Do It Yourself link.

16 Have Some Fun With Poetry! Welcome to Giggle Poetry! If you click on the link Poetry Class, the link will show you how to write all kinds of poems. Under the Poetry Fun link, you are able to play with fill-in-the-blank poems and create your own poems. Also, you can click on the Ask the Poet link to read interviews with lots of poets! Get ready to giggle with poetry! Check out these great links on Poetry 4 kids to read more funny poems by the author Kenn Nesbitt. Have fun!

17 Fairy tales Folktales and Nursery Rhymes, Oh My! Learners, get ready to enjoy these great websites filled with your favorite stories!

18 Stories, Stories and More Stories! Check out great stories like Emperor’s New Clothes and The Lion and the Mouse on this great website, Just click on the Stories link and hear the stories come alive! You can read along with each story too. is an awesome website for you to read wonderful stories like Rapunzel and Jack and the Beanstalk. Just click on the Enter link and get whisked away by your favorite story! Want more stories? Check out! Just click on a story and have fun!

19 English Language Learners! Click on these great websites and have fun learning English!

20 Say What? is an awesome website to help you with your English! You can hear the stories being read out loud and follow along too. Just click on a story and press the play button! Ever wonder what phrases like “wit’s end” or “short straw” mean? Well, click on the Catch Phrase link and you will hear what these phrases mean in the story. Learn and have fun! is another great website for you to watch and listen to lots of great stories. Also, if you click on the Language Games link on the bottom of the page, you will find lots of great games that will help you continue to learn English. Have fun!

21 Websites Galore Learners! Here are some more great websites you can use to learn about more great books!

22 Lights, Camera, Action! Would you like to hear great stories read by famous actors? Listen to Tia & Tamera Mowry read No Mirrors in My Nana’s House by Ysaye M. Barnwell and Amanda Bynes read The Night I Followed The Dog by Nina Laden and lots more on Just click on a story and watch the actors bring the story to life. This website will take you on a quick journey through C.S. Lewis’, The Chronicles of Narnia. You can read all about the world of Narnia using this interactive timeline. Get ready and start your adventure! /narniachronology

23 What should I Read? Are you thinking about what you’d like to read next?? Help is on the way! Check out these great websites. They will give you the titles of lots of great series books that you can browse through. They will also give you a summary about each book so you can decide which adventure you want to go on next! b_and_a/main

24 Award- Winning Books! What is a Caldecott Medal? What is a Newbery Medal? Check out these two websites to learn all about these awards. Also, you can learn which books received the awards and decide which one you’d like to read next. Get ready to read lots of award winning books! /caldecottmedal/caldecottmedal.cfm /newberymedal/newberymedal.cfm

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