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Integrated Public Safety Commission NEXT GEN COMMUNICATIONS FirstNet.

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1 Integrated Public Safety Commission NEXT GEN COMMUNICATIONS FirstNet

2 FirstNet in Indiana Gov. Pence designated IPSC as the lead agency IPSC’s FirstNet mission ‐To gather information necessary to provide the Governor with a recommendation to “Opt-In” or “Opt-Out” ‐To work with FirstNet during planning and consultation and after the Governor’s decision ‐To represent the best interests of Indiana as a state and the best interests of local public safety stakeholders

3 Indiana FirstNet Executive Committee  FirstNet is a “marriage” between technology & public safety  The leader’s of Indiana’s FirstNet planning group reflect this partnership Co-Chairpersons John Hill, Governor’s Chief Deputy for Public Safety Paul Baltzell, Indiana Chief Information Officer (CIO)

4 Indiana FirstNet Executive Committee Governor’s Public Safety Advisor IN Department of Natural Resources IN Criminal Justice Institute IN Office of Management & Budget Supreme Court of Indiana IN Utility Regulatory Commission IN Dept. of Environmental Mgmt. IN Dept. of Administration IN State Department of Health (ISDH) IN Alcohol and Tobacco Commission Office of the Attorney General Emergency Medical Service Commission SIEC members (all can vote) IN 911 Executive Director IN Department of Revenue additional members as deemed necessary Voting Members SIEC members (all can vote)

5 Indiana FirstNet Executive Committee One representative from each of the 10 Indiana Homeland Security Districts State Agencies – INDOT, IDHS, ISDH, ISP Indiana National Guard Red Cross Local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAPs) Amateur Radio Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee

6 Indiana FirstNet Executive Committee Other Participants (non-voting) Wireless Telecommunications Wired Telecommunications Higher Education K-12 Schools Electrical Utilities Gas utilities Indiana Hospital Assn. Railroads Libraries Emergency Managers ALL interested parties are encouraged to participate in the discussion! Contact us if you’d like to get involved.

7  Executive Committee met yesterday for a “Broadband Coverage Workshop”  The US Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) led the workshop. Presented data collected from a variety of nationwide sources to establish a baseline/starting point when establishing coverage objectives for FirstNet  We can use this data and refine it to meet our unique public safety operational needs

8 Guidelines Focus on coverage….not infrastructure  The goal is to define and prioritize operational coverage needs  RAN site selection, backhaul, hardening requirements, etc. are for a later discussion  These site selection factors will be addressed through SLIGP funding This is a starting point…..nothing is final  The maps provided by OEC are to help States identify its own coverage objectives  Many coverage factors/approaches that the State develops can/will adjust throughout the consultation process

9 Guidelines LTE is a mobile data solution first…..mission critical voice is yet to come  NPSBN will initially support mission critical data and (potentially) supplementary voice  System will not replace need for land mobile radio (LMR) systems (based on current technology)

10 Focus on Coverage 10 Coverage Where is reliable coverage needed? For what level/ device types? Using what potential methods? Capacity How many total users? What is their operational area? What type of applications do they use? RAN Design Estimated number of sites Initial cost estimate Parameters for asset data collection

11 How will we collect this information? Prior to consultation with FirstNet, IPSC will ‐Validate agency information ‐Gauge interest and needs ‐Disseminate information as it becomes available Expect to be contacted by one of our new Field/Outreach Coordinators

12 IPSC Outreach Coordinator Assignments North/West Coordinator Jon Allen 317.752.5021 South/East Coordinator Aaron Gurley 317.306.0301

13 SLIGP Activities Governance: Establish or enhance a governance structure to consult with FirstNet; Representation: Ensure local and tribal representation when the State is consulting with FirstNet; Education: Conduct education and outreach for all relevant stakeholders that will be involved in the PSBN; Users: Identify potential public safety users for the PSBN; MOU: Develop a standard Memorandum of Agreement appropriate for the State to facilitate the possible sharing of infrastructure with FirstNet; Staffing: Develop staffing plans to involve local and tribal stakeholders in a future data collection in consultation with FirstNet; SCIP: Prepare a comprehensive plan as part of the Statewide Communication Interoperability Plan (SCIP), or a plan complementary and similar to the SCIP, describing the public safety needs that the grantee expects FirstNet to address, plus relevant milestones; and Infrastructure Data Collection (Phase 2): Maximize use of existing public/private assets to reduce costs and speed deployment

14 Resources Indiana FirstNet information website Firstnet’s website: Mobile Data Survey Tool


16 MDST Example Questions 1. Agency Info: Name, Discipline, Location, Contact info 2. Commercial Systems: Provider, Cost, Devices, Contracts 3. Private Systems: Provider, Cost, Radios 4. Wireless Services: Barriers, Personal Use, Coverage 5. NPSBN Info: Awareness, Applications, Potential Assets, MOAs 6. LMR: Radio counts, cost, end of life

17 Phase 2 SLIGP  We don’t expect locals to do all this on their own  Bulk of SLIGP $$ is for contacted data collection services

18 Summary State should develop an understanding of their operational user requirements to be communicated to FirstNet Coverage Users (Capacity) FirstNet will develop a system design based on these needs which will be refined through consultation Focus outreach on the near-term needs of consultation OEC and tools available to public safety agencies – Coverage and User Information – Mobile Data Survey Tool – Broadband Resources

19 IPSC Contact Information Dave Vice – State Point of Contact (SPOC) Steve Skinner – Statewide Interoperability Coordinator (SWIC) Sally Fay – Director of Communications & Outreach Aaron Gurley – South/East Outreach Coordinator Jon Allen – North/West Outreach Coordinator

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