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How Safe is Your Hospital?

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1 How Safe is Your Hospital?
This presentation is designed as a basic introduction to issues of hospital safety, and gives a general overview of how to use the Hospital Safety Score. The presentation can be co-branded, used in whole or part, or integrated into a larger Health & Wellness Fair. We invite employers to personalize this presentation by overseeing a live demo of the website. This way, employees can learn concrete information about the safety of their own local hospitals. (Consider engaging your employees by having them check their own hospital’s Safety Score to be entered into a raffle, or receive a stamp on their Health & Wellness passport). If you do not have a healthcare background, or do not feel comfortable leading this presentation, we suggest using our consumer-friendly Patient Safety Whiteboard Animation video series instead. Visit to see all three videos. Company logo

2 Hospital Safety Aren’t all hospitals safe places? What can happen?
What does a safe hospital look like? And most importantly… How do I stay safe in a hospital? Company logo

3 Aren’t all hospitals safe places?
Unfortunately, no. As many as 440,000 deaths occur from hospital errors and injuries each year. A study of Medicare patients showed that they had a one-in-four chance of experiencing injury, harm or death when admitted to a hospital. Not all hospitals are safe! Company logo

4 What can happen? A nurse’s failure to wash her hands could spread disease from one patient to the next. Failure to comply with surgical checklists could mean a sponge or instrument is left inside you after surgery. Hospitals that don’t have a computer system for prescribing medications could mean you’d be given the wrong medicine, maybe even one that can harm you. Company logo

5 What does a safe hospital look like?
Many hospitals can perform safe surgeries Safer hospitals will ensure you don’t get an infection while you’re recovering Many hospitals encourage staff to wash their hands Safer hospitals have policies in place to ensure they always do Many hospitals have world-renowned doctors Safer hospitals ensure those doctors work together to keep you safe Company logo

6 Making Patient Safety a Priority
Patient safety should be the number one priority at every hospital across the country. Some hospitals have hidden dangers, but there are things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones.

7 How Do I Find a Safe Hospital?
Company logo

8 The Hospital Safety Score
The Hospital Safety Score grades hospitals on how safe they are for patients (meaning, how well a hospital protects patients from errors, injuries, accidents, and infections). Company logo

9 The Hospital Safety Score
Each A, B, C, D or F score comes from expert analysis of data that patients can use to protect themselves and their families from harm or death during a hospital stay. Company logo

10 How Safe is My Hospital? Visit
Look up hospitals by name, city, or zip code Company logo

11 Company logo

12 Search Results Company logo
Consider inserting a screen shot of actual hospitals in your region Company logo

13 Choosing a Hospital We recommend going to hospitals that receive an “A” Hospital Safety Score. If your local hospital rates below an “A”, you can: Talk with your doctor at that hospital and urge them to improve their safety. Use these Safety Scores to start a conversation with hospital leadership and local policymakers about hospital safety. Company logo

14 What You Can Do to Stay Safe
Company logo

15 Stay Safe in the Hospital
Use the Hospital Safety Score website to research the safest hospitals in your area so that you are prepared in case you or a family member needs hospital care. Then… Bring a trusted family member or friend with you Share a list of all medications you’re taking with your doctor as soon as you arrive at the hospital Be alert and say something if you’re confused or have concerns. During your stay, you or a companion should take notes to keep track of what’s happening. Company logo

16 Your role As the patient, you are an important part of the healthcare team. Stay vigilant and actively involved in your care, even if you’re receiving care at an “A” hospital. Company logo

17 What is [Company] doing to keep me safe in the hospital?
We urge all our employees to review the Hospital Safety Scores for hospitals that they might consider using and select hospitals that receive an “A” grade We can help you find the safest hospital in your community We will provide all employees with a checklist “What You Can Do to Stay Safe” to help guide your hospital stay Our [Wellness Champions/Nurses/HR Directors] are prepared to answer any questions you may have related to hospital care Company logo

18 What else do I need to know about choosing a hospital?
Organizations like The Leapfrog Group make information about hospital quality available to the public It is important to consider a hospital’s quality as well as safety, particularly if you are going to a hospital for a high-risk procedure or a service like maternity care Visit for more information on your hospital Company logo

19 While many hospitals are good at keeping their patients safe, some hospitals aren’t. Some hospitals have hidden dangers you should know about. Remember, you are an important member of the healthcare team. You can make a difference when it comes to keeping you and your loved ones safe. Visit to find our how your hospital is keeping its patients safe. Company logo

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