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Learn to learn-solutions Bulgaria Project meeting in Poland 9 th – 16 th May 2013 Durable knowledge –key to the future.

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1 Learn to learn-solutions Bulgaria Project meeting in Poland 9 th – 16 th May 2013 Durable knowledge –key to the future

2 The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn. John Lubboc For successful teaching and for effective learning the important things are: -how the teacher works -if the students know how to learn -the question about their internal motivation. Our task is to show students how to learn. Learning techniques have personal responsibility, but we need to discuss them in advance with students.

3 Our school All the colleagues at our school try to get to know students’ strength, use and develop it, work to overcome weakness. Knowing the individual characteristics of the students we are able to offer relevant schemes, methods of training aids. Teachers should be able to create a positive attitude towards learning material.

4 The atmosphere in the classroom Teachers create an environment for learning that makes them feel emotionally safe and stimulating work. The atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance and interest in connection with positive emotions during the lessons is also important. The suitable atmosphere makes learning more effective. The classroom should be clean, tidy and welcoming.

5 Goals and objectives At the end of the lesson the teacher asks the questions:  What did you learn?  What did you understand? The aim is to synthesize what they have learned.

6 Maths In this lesson the students are advised to follow a certain order when they solve problems. This algorithm is easily visible in the classroom. It includes: 1. Reading the task once, twice or three times to assimilate 2. Using mathematical symbols 3. Making drawings and establishing what is demanded 4. Writing the task

7 Chemistry To learn the chemical elements the Chemistry teacher uses flash cards. On the one side is written the characters, and the reverse side is written the name of the element. Through these cards it can be drawn chemical equations.

8 Literature Students learn easily a lot of works of the certain writers by drawing a tree that illustrates them. Students first read the information about a writer from their textbook then they draw a tree that presents the works of this author. The example here is the tree for the Bulgarian poet and revolutionary Hristo Botev.

9 Training group Students are placed in a situation to come together to discuss and find solutions. They can express themselves, to show way of thinking. So students remember more and learn more effective. Very successful is making a presentation by a group of students in IT lessons. This support and help for personal development of the students.

10 Th ey were built at the beginning of the second term. Some good students willingly accepted the mission to help those who are difficult to deal with the material. They are students at 10th grade and wanted to help their classmates who finished the first term with bad results. Support groups

11 The results increased assessments interest in learning the lessons desire for self-expression more confidence in their knowledge

12 Good students advise: be attentive in class and listen to the teacher carefully try to remember every important word, sentence or phrase that teacher pays attention be prepared for every lesson with materials, books when you study the lesson first read carefully every paragraph read in a loud voice and then try to retell

13 The conclusion In education, there are many opportunities and options for learning. In our school we do everything possible to use different ways of learning and activities, we encourage students to learn effectively. We believe that the solutions offered by our school related to effective learning will help all the students to develop the learning process better and better.

14 Thank you for your attention! Teachers: Mariya Chaparova Milena Beshirova Students: Yoana Ognyanova Magdalena Marinova

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