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2 Chinese New Year Chinese New Year is also known as
The Spring Festival because it takes place on the first day of Spring based Lunar Calendar. The Lunar New Year because the day occurs on the ‘first new moon.’ Celebrated over many centuries, it is strongly connected to many myths and traditions. Chinese New Year celebrations are held around the world.

3 Chinese Zodiacs Each year the Chinese Lunar Calendar is represented
by an animal. There are 12 animals in total. People’s traits and characteristics are tied to the animals represented by their birth year.

4 Year of the Horse This year is the Year of the Horse. Personality: energetic, active, cunning and has positive outlook on life. Lucky Colors: green, red, Purple. Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9.

5 The Story of Nian Chinese mythology says that Nian was a ugly and very strong monster who lived in the mountains. On the 15th day of every month, Nian would attack leave the mountain and attack the village below. One day, a wise man came to help the villagers. Together, they came up with a plan to scare Nian

6 When Nian came down to terrorize the village, the villagers made loud noises by banging on drums, set off firecrackers, dressing up as lions and the color red was displayed everywhere. All these tactics worked and Nian retreated back to the mountain.

7 The story of Nian has influenced many Chinese New Year traditions.
Red objects are hung on windows and doors Wearing red clothes Beating of drums and gongs Lighting of firecrackers Ceremonial lion dances

8 The Lion Dance Lion dance occurs during the first few days of the New Year. Performed to chase away evil spirits, ghosts and monsters like Nian.

9 The performance combines dance and martial arts.
Usually performed by 2 people. Accompanied with loud music (drummers and gongs) and firecrackers.

10 15 Day Celebration Chinese New Year celebration lasts for 15 days. Some of the traditions include: Fireworks to welcome the New Year. Wearing new clothing. Visiting friends & families. Hosting elaborate dinners. Children receive red envelopes with money inside.

11 Certain foods are eaten for different reasons
Tangerines brings wealth and luck Dumplings bring luck and togetherness Long noodles brings long life Pomelo brings prosperity Long leafy greens and bean wishes parents a long life

12 The Lantern Festival The Lantern festival is on the last day of celebrations.

13 The End Happy New Year

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