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Scots “Call my bluff” questions based on the Concise Scots Dictionary.

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1 Scots “Call my bluff” questions based on the Concise Scots Dictionary

2 To play You will be given ten words Each word has three possible definitions Click on the definition you think is right Guid luck!

3 stravaigin …(noun) a dark beer brewed in Morayshire Used in the name of well-known Glasgow restaurant …(verb) wander about with no sense of purpose "The Scots midfield spend more time stravaigin than anything else." … (noun) seaweed found on the Hebrides used as fodder for the famed ling cattle

4 ablach … (noun) a mangled animal carcass: “at first the two boys thought it was a rock but quickly realised from the smell it was a rotting ablach” … (noun) a short rope used by fishermen to tie themselves to the deck during fierce storms. … (noun) a musician will keep the mouthpiece of his chanter clean using a lint-free cloth called an ablach

5 scronach … (adj) naïve, as in the famous Bothy Ballad: “I wiz a roch, scronach loon a thochtie contermacious / Nae inclint tae be telt ava / A plooky pilliedacus” … (noun) a ploughman's piece bag made from calf leather: “he realised fairly quickly that the mice had been at his scronach” … (noun) a loud cry or shriek: “they all looked up from their porridge when they heard a loud scronach”

6 ort … (noun) old Orcadian from the Viking word for a small rowing boat: “hanging over the bow of the ort he could see the sea bed” … (noun) waste or leftovers: “the largest cat called Callum was a picky eater and there was always ort to be thrown out”... (noun) a standard measure for beer used by publicans in Glasgow and the West of Scotland

7 jinipperous …(adjective) requiring dexterity: “work in the jute mills of Dundee was very jinipperous”. … (noun) the sap of the juniper tree: “the jinipperous poultice brought down the swelling in no time” …(adj) finicky or particular: “as a boy he was very jinipperous in his eating habits”

8 driffle …(noun) a long piece of string used by a farmer to plough a field along straight furrows … (noun) a very small oar used to manoeuvre an old Scots coracle: "he knew he was up the burn without a driffle" … (verb) word of Flemish origin meaning to rain or snow lightly “When he woke on the hillside, it had already started to driffle”

9 brose …(noun) a meal made from oats or pease meal mixed with boiling water. “a good plate of brose set him up for a hard day’s work.” …(noun) a large group of crows “the old gamekeeper could hardly hear himself think over the noise coming from the brose above his shelter.” …(noun) a good old fashioned punch-up. “There wasn't a weekend which went by without some form of brose”

10 ramstoorie … (adj) slapdash. “The spark we had working in the house was a real ramstoorie character.” … (noun) a protective cover used by shepherds to cover the broken horns of cattle that had been injured. …(noun) a tool used by chimney sweeps to clear blockages. “Rab Black struggled to get finished without his ramstoorie.”

11 gadgie …(noun) in a flock of geese the gadgie is the equivalent of the runt of a pig litter: “All the geese produced eggs apart from the wee gadgie”. … (noun) small hooked tool for pulling crabs out from under rocks: “I lost my gadgie down by the beach at Gourock.” … (noun) colloquial name for a young chap commonly used in the north east of Scotland

12 fauchle … (noun) an untrustworthy character. “I wouldn't buy a used car from that fauchle” … (verb) to walk with difficulty: “he struggled to get up the hill and trudged along with a real fauchle” … (noun) a small spinning top toy made from an animal bone like a pig’s knuckle.

13 Click to see your score Click here for the right answers ?

14 Answers stravaigin (v)- wander about with no sense of purpose scronach (n)- loud cry or shriek ablach (n) - mangled animal carcase ort (n)- what is useless or cast aside jinipperous (adj)- finicky, over-particular driffle (v)- to drizzle rain or snow lightly brose (n)- dish of oatmeal or pease meal ramstoorie - vigourous but slapdash, rough and ready gadgie (n)- a man or a fellow fauchle (v)- walk with difficulty because of lack of strength

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