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Speech Events and Rules of Interaction in AAE  Overview  Some verbal strategies  Expressions in nonverbal communication.

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1 Speech Events and Rules of Interaction in AAE  Overview  Some verbal strategies  Expressions in nonverbal communication

2 Overview of Speech Events 1.Signifying -“the verbal art of insult in which a speaker humorously puts down, talks about, needles-that is, signifies on-the listener“ -“dropping lugs, joaning, capping and sounding“ e.g. “Now look here, we both be standing here soaking wet and you still trying to tell me it ain’t raining. ” 2.Playing the dozens -“The dozens is a mean game because what you try to do is totally destroy somebody else with words...“ -it consists of set responses in versified form, ususally rhymed couplets.

3 3.Rapping -casual talk *a man tries to impress a female via the use of “verbal expertise” * someone provides another with information -highly stylized 4.Marking -the speaker dramatically imitates the words and perhaps the actions of a person and makes some comment about him or her. 5. Loud-talking -the act of delivering a line, intended for some select listener(s), loud enough for an outsider to hear

4 6.Woofing -boasting is used to intimidate an opponent, thus avoiding violent confrontation. e.g. Muhammad Ali 7.Toasts - tributes, often poetic, take a heroic stance on the subject - narrated in first person -specifically to masculinity, but women also deliver toasts about their extraordinary power e.g. “ I can read your thoughts right now, everyone from A to Z” Chaka Kahn “I’m Every Woman” “I’m a Woman.” musical “Black and Blue” 1989

5 Verbal Strategies  From dozens to snaps -history goes back to African communities and slavery -play the game with person they know or who are in their circle of acquaintances -exaggerated statements -today as popular as it was years ago -Snaps and Double Snaps by Percelay et al. -girls also play the dozens and signify

6 Some examples  Your mother is so stupid, she thought a lawsuit was something you wear to court.  Your mother’s ears are so dirty, I can pull out enough wax to make candles.  I went to your house, stepped on a cigarette, and your mother screamed, “ Who turned off the heat?”  Your mother is so old, she took her driving test on a dinosaur. snaps from the Percelay et al.  Shirley: Get a job! (Looks at man on telephone in disgust)  Male: A job? Won’t you learn how to cook!  Shirley: Yo mama! 1970s comedy “What’s happening?”

7  Loud-talking - “a loud-talker breaches norms of discretion, his strategy is to use the factor of audience to achieve some desired effect on the addressee.” - involves a louder than normal( or necessary) pitch on the part of the addresser and often an expression of embarrassment by the addressee, it is easy to observe.

8 Speaker B kept asking A where they should have dinner that night, but A didn’t have any suggestions. After some time had elapsed, A and B had the following conversation:  A:I figured it out. Let’s go to that place where I had that good veggie burger.  B: Oh yeah, American Café! That’s a great idea. A, B and others get ready to go to dinner.  A: (A walks over to B and delivers the line quietly with discretion and with hands on her hips.) I know I have great ideas, but it takes time for me to come up with them, so don’t rush me.  B: (B looks at A and delivers the line so that the other four people in the room can hear him.) Now see, see what I have to go through! A retreats to the door, out of sight, and wait for the others.  She running to the door. She shame now. Dən told me off, now she wanna go in the dark. Everyone laughs.

9 Expressions in nonverbal communication: eye movement and giving dap  Eye Movement 1.Cut-eye: -intended to convey feelings of “ hostility, displeasure, disapproval, or a general rejection of the person at whom it is directed.” -4 stages --a look or short stare at the target --followed by a gaze over the target --then a sharp look or ‘cut’ of the eyes by closing the eyelids and opening them --turning the head away from the target in disgust or disapproval

10 2.Rolling eyes -a person who is believed to think that she is superior to others or who displays an attitude that may not be accepted by a particular group may be the target. -in response to a statement that doesn’t make any sense or that is inaccurate -for fun -…


12 Other forms of nonverbal communication Handshakes -most commonly used as forms of, or in conjunction with, greetings and salutations Giving dap - express agreement about some issue in the conversation * Pound - a process in which the person (often male) gently pounds the top of the receiver’s vertical fist * Chest-touching - often the response to a score or tight (very nice) play. -have crossed racial/ethnic boundaries, as it is used more and more by athletes in general



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