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By 9.A Form Students Private Secondary School “Klasika” 2012/2013 School Year.

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1 By 9.A Form Students Private Secondary School “Klasika” 2012/2013 School Year

2 In Latvia there are 4 main mass media sites and which delivers news from sport news to politics.This pie chart shows how many people watcht sites in September

3 In Latvia there are newspapers in two languages Latvaian and Russian.They cover all the important informationand much more. The National newspaper in Latvia is”Diena”It comes out every day.Another big newspaper is”Neatkarīgā rīta avīze”.There are 3 newspaper in the Russian language like”Subbota”.Newspapers in Latvia are cheap and popular.

4 In Latvia there is many magazines, but we will show you most popular of them. Cosmopolitan Magazine for women. It tels about the world offers a breath of life and modern taste. As a best friend Cosmo talks about the most important and most interesting in our lives. Dari PatsDari Pats (Do your self) Consultant for home improvement. Each month, practical, illustrated tips and original ideas for those who live in standard apartments and private homes. Sīrups Sīrups (Syrup) The most popular Latvian School Youth Magazine! Without prejudice, secrets and taboos, because syrup is a real life magazine you - stylish, active, shy, different, talented and sensetive. Ilustrētā Pasaules VēstureIlustrētā Pasaules Vēsture (Illustrated World History) Gorgeous popular-science magazine on events and personalities in Latvian and world history: wars, statesmen travel, technology development and the fates of nations.

5 “This evening we are beginning an experimental broadcast on Riga Television. Today you will see the film “Homeward With Victory”.” Those were the words witch launched the first television broadcast in Latvia on November 6, 1954. Latvia was the first of station. Before that, television broadcast in the USSR had been available only in Moscow, Leningrad and Kyiv. Color broadcasting on Riga TV began in 1974. The first private television stations appeared in Latvia shortly after the restoration of the country’s independence in 1991.

6 Latvijas Radio is a public service broadcasting network of Latvia. The organisation was founded 1 November 1925, and is situated in the Latvian capital of Riga. Since 2002, Latvijas Radio broadcasts five different stations on the FM band and the internet: Latvijas Radio 1, Latvijas Radio 2, Latvijas Radio 3 - Klasika, Latvijas Radio 4 - Doma Laukums and Latvijas Radio 5 - Radio NABA/Saeimas kanāls.

7 Latvijas Radio is a cultural institution of Latvia — with radio drama, a radio choir and children's vocal groups. The phonographic archives contains approximately 200,000 recordings. Beginning 1 January 1993, Latvijas Radio is a member of the European Broadcasting Union.

8 European Hit Radio Latvian Radio 1 - news and talk Latvian Radio 2 - songs in Latvian Radio Skonto - pop and news Radio 101 - Adult Contemporary format Radio SWH - Hot Adult Contemporary format Radio SWH + - Russian Hot Adult Contemporary format Radio SWH Rock - Rock/Active rock format Star FM - soft music Spin FM - pop and news The father of Latvian radio Janis Linters

9 9.a grade

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