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Oliver Ames High School Course Selection Process Grade 9 2015-2016.

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1 Oliver Ames High School Course Selection Process Grade 9 2015-2016

2 Important Dates February 13-26th Grade 8 Teachers make recommendations online February 27th- Parents and Students select courses online March 5th through student portal at March 3rd Counselors follow-up on students in World History classes to verify schedules. March 11th Printed schedules are sent home for parent approval. Due back to EMS CC by 3/20. All scheduling concerns must be submitted in writing and addressed to Wes Paul, Principal, OAHS. June 9th Freshman Orientation at OAHS – 9 -10:30am. Parent meeting at 7:00p.m. June 25th Teacher deadline for recommendation changes.

3 1. All students must carry seven courses each year. 2. Pass four (4) years of English grades 9-12. 3. Pass three (3) years of social studies grades 9-12. 4. Pass three (3) years of science grades 9-12. 5. Pass four (4) years of math grades 9-12. 6. Pass physical education for grades 9 and 10 five days a week, with the exception of science laboratory students who must take physical education every other day and pass it. 7. Pass one (l) year of business/technology education. 8. Pass one (l) year of (one or combination of music, industrial technology, art, family and consumer sciences). 9. A total of 18 courses are required as part of the graduation requirements; students may choose 8 electives grades 9-12. 10. Complete a total of 130 credits. 11. All students must receive a passing grade according to state standards on the Massachusetts MCAS tests. This requirement is mandated by the Education Reform Law. 12. To be considered a College Preparatory graduate from Oliver Ames High School, a student must have successfully completed 2 years of a language in addition to meeting the requirements in the other areas. 13. Students may participate in graduation activities when all credit requirements are fulfilled. 14. Under exceptional circumstances or situations, requests for waivers for exceptions to these graduation requirements shall be ad-dressed to the building principal. Determinations shall be made on a case-by- case basis with priority placed on scheduling conflicts with higher-level courses. The decision of the building principal shall be final. **** High School Graduation Requirements The Easton School Committee has set the following requirements as the minimum necessary to receive an Oliver Ames diploma

4 Credit Accumulation Each year-long, everyday course is worth 5 credits. 5 (credits) X 7 (courses a year) = 35 35 (credits per year) X 4 (years) = 140 total credits *Students that took a language for two years (ie. Spanish 1A and Spanish 1B) will enter high school with 5 credits *Students that have taken Honors Algebra 1 will enter high school with 5 credits 130 credits needed to graduate!! 20 (courses req. to graduate) X 5 (credits) = 100 credits 140 (total credits) – 100 (required credits) = 40 flexible credits 40 (flexible credits) / 5 credits = 8 Elective Courses

5 COURSE SELECTION - Grade 9 All students must select a total of 7 courses or the equivalent of 35 credits. *Core Curriculum. Students must select a course from each of these four academic areas. The additional 15 credits will be selected from the remaining areas. *ENGLISH – 1 Course / 5 Credits *SOCIAL STUDIES – 1 Course / 5 Credits *MATH – 1 Course / 5 Credits *SCIENCE – 1 Course / 5 Credits WORLD LANGUAGE – 1 Course /5 Credits ELECTIVE –1 Course / 5 Credits (Family & Consumer Science, Music, Art, Business, Industrial Technology) *PHYS. EDUCATION – 1 Course / 5 Credits SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAMMING 1 Course / 5 or 2.5 Credits (Resource Room, Reading)

6 OAHS - Grade 9 COURSE AVAILABILITY 2015- 2016 English OA 010English 9 - Honors OA 011English 9 - College OA 013English 9 OA 015English 9 Modified OA017Lang. Based English 9 Foreign Language OA 411French 1 OA 412French 2 OA 431Spanish 1 OA 432Spanish 2 OA 451Latin 1 Math OA 202Algebra I OA 201College Algebra I OA 211College Geometry OA 210Honors Geometry OA 207Lang. Based Math 9 Science OA 390Conceptual Physics - Honors OA 391Conceptual Physics - College OA 393Conceptual Physics – Prep Social Studies OA 190World Cultures 2 - Honors OA 191World Cultures 2 - College OA 193World Cultures 2 Click on “Program of Studies” for course descriptions Core Academic Subjects Students are encouraged to select a challenging schedule and to discuss courseselections with teachers and parents!!

7 Math Sequence Honors Algebra 1 Algebra 1 Pre-Algebra Math Mod. B College Algebra 1 GRADE 8 Honors Geometry College Geometry Algebra 1 Lang. Based Math 9 GRADE 9

8 Math Sequence Honors Algebra 1 GRADE 8 GRADE 9 Honors Geometry (PreReq: B or better in Honors Algebra 1) College Geometry (PreReq: C or better in College Algebra 1)

9 Math Sequence GRADE 8 GRADE 9 Algebra 1 College Geometry (PreReq: C or better in College Algebra 1) College Algebra 1

10 Math Sequence GRADE 8 GRADE 9 Pre-Algebra College Algebra 1 (PreReq: C or better in Pre-Algebra) Algebra 1 (PreReq: Passing grade in Pre- Algebra)

11 Math Sequence GRADE 8GRADE 9 Math Mod. B Algebra 1 Lang. Based Math 9 Teacher recommendation needed

12 College Algebra I College Geometry College Algebra II College Pre-Calculus B. Statistics A. College Calculus Algebra IGeometryAlgebra II D. Math Topics HONORS COLLEGE FOUNDATIONS College Geometry College Algebra II C. College Algebra III AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC Honors Pre-Calculus Honors Algebra II Honors Geometry ELECTIVES Elective A, B College Geometry College Algebra II Elective B, D College Algebra III Elective C, D Language Based Math 9 GeometryAlgebra II Algebra & Geometry B Elective D Mathematics Scope & Sequence Grades 9 -12

13 OAHS - Grade 9 COURSE AVAILABILITY 2015 - 2016 Electives (1st choice goes to upper classmen) Business OA 534Web Page Design OA 535Marketing OA 531College Accounting OA 533Adv. Business and Personal Finance English OA 091Writing Seminar (Full year) OA 941Study Skills / ELL (Rec. needed) Family / ConsumerOA 791Family / Consumer Science Sciences Fine Arts OA 801Foundation of Art Workshop / Art 1

14 OAHS - Grade 9 COURSE AVAILABILITY 2015 - 2016 Electives Cont’d Indust. Tech.OA 601Woodworking Tech. 1 OA 611Machine / Metal Tech. 1 OA 621Tech. Drafting OA 661 Power Tech./Small Eng. Repair Music OA 851Band (daily) OA 853 Orchestra (daily) OA 855 Concert Choir (daily) OA 857Show Choir (daily / teacher rec. required) OA 883 Band / Concert Choir OA 886Orchestra / Concert Choir OA 871Music Tech. / Beginning Theory OA 871Into. to American Popular Music OA 867AGuitar 1 Phys. Ed.OA 911Fitness Fund. (daily) Special Education OA 955Academic Support - RR (6x)

15 Entering Your Course Selection on X2 Aspen

16 To enter your requests: 1.Log on to the Student view. 2.Click the My Info tab. 3.Click the Requests side-tab. The Requests page appears:

17 4. In the Primary requests box, select your requests for the different subject areas. For example, to select your request for a math course, click Select next to Math. The courses you can request appear: The Status column displays the course(s) your teachers have recommended for you. If you select a course other than the course recommended for you, your counselor is notified.

18 5. Select the checkbox in the Select column of the course(s) you want to request, and click OK. The request will now appear on your Requests page. Note: To remove a request from your Request page, click the Select checkbox again to deselect it. 6. In the Notes for Counselor box, type any notes to your counselor regarding your requests. You counselor can view these notes when reviewing your requests:

19 Your requests are automatically saved after you enter them on the Requests page. Your counselor can view them anytime. 7. After you complete your requests, click Post. This lets your counselor know that you are finished entering requests. If you have not selected enough courses to satisfy requirements for your academic track the system lets you know which area you need to make more requests in: Once your counselor approves your requests, you can no longer make changes to your course selections.

20 Next Step for Grade 9 Course Selection Process Review and Select courses with your parents online at by March See your Guidance Counselor for logon information to X2.



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