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Innovative Partnerships in Higher Education

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1 Innovative Partnerships in Higher Education
The Community College as Partner in the Education and Training of Immigrants World Education Services New York’s Global Talent Pool November 12, 2009 New York, NY

2 “Community colleges are increasingly pivotal in America’s role in globalization, and the integration of immigrants into the American society and economy. “ Dr. Gail Mellow, President LaGuardia Community College Minding the Dream: The Process & Practice of the American Community College

3 Can Community Colleges Shine a Spotlight on this Critical Issue?
Nationally ~ Leveraging our strength as a sector Locally ~ Responding to the needs of our community/employers Fulfilling the intent of our students Through partnerships with employers, community organizations & higher education Two Initiatives ~ The Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education The Gateway Center at Westchester Community College

4 Funded by the JM Kaplan Fund
Created in July 2008 Funded by the JM Kaplan Fund Representatives from leading community colleges, associations & organizations committed to immigrant education . Mission : to raise awareness of the important role community colleges play in delivering educational opportunities to immigrants, and to promote and expand the range and quality of programs for immigrant students among community colleges around the country. Raise the conversation to a national level Representatives from (AACC, NCCHC ) community college associations, experts in TESOL and researchers of immigrant education issues are also members of CCCIE. Have been meeting and reviewing materials and promising practices and have found that there are some challenges and issues that surface and on which we want to spend time finding ways to alleviate/remove

5 Critical Issues & Challenges
For skilled immigrants English language acquisition Limited career pathways Length of time required for advancement/training Credential/License & recognition of foreign ed Balance of training with life priorities Finances For community colleges Quality/Innovative instruction - VESL Development of programs that lead to employment, advancement, degrees - across non-credit and credit Recognition of talents & skills of immigrants Recognition of workplace as an asset Funding sources Access to pathways – ESL to job skills to employment Minimizing completion time whenever possible

6 CCCIE Initiatives Engage community colleges as a “critical mass”
“Broker” resources through the community college sector Dissemination of promising practices with a focus on systems Partnerships with like minded organizations Technical Assistance /Peer Support

7 The Gateway Center at Westchester Community College
“For generations, Westchester County has welcomed new residents from every corner of the world. Once again we have become a community of immigrants. …studies tell us that (we) will have a shortage of workers…immigrants will play an essential role in filling that gap. We must focus our resources on educating them to meet the challenge. We worked with hundreds of you – leaders of this community – to shape our response. We are proud of the result …the plan to build The Gateway Center. Dr. Joseph N. Hankin, President Westchester Community College Gateway Groundbreaking, October 2007

8 A shared vision and reality
Input from key stakeholders Commitment from state, local and private sectors Hitachi New Americans forum in the Workforce Forum Strategic Plan Responsive to the needs of employers, the community & our students Collaboration between divisions, departments & external partners beyond the Center

9 Inside the Center Joining Credit and Non Credit The Language Wing
The Business Wing Reaching Out The Welcome Center Civics & Citizenship Center International & Immigrant Student Services The Volunteer Center Bridging Education & the Workplace Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies Spotlighting Students Davis Global Scholars Service Learning A National Focus CCCIE

10 Next Steps for Community Colleges
Create a shared voice within the state, region and at the national level Establish partnerships that build on existing strengths & shared interests Rethink curriculum to blend non-credit and credit programs to fit needs of skilled immigrants Participate in collection and dissemination of statistics regarding highly skilled immigrant population Publicize successful outcomes as they support local and state economy

11 Teresita Wisell Associate Dean, The Gateway Center Director, Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education Westchester Community College

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