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Having the ability to create an act of adoration

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1 Having the ability to create an act of adoration
CREATIVITY IN WORSHIP Having the ability to create an act of adoration

2 WORSHIP God’s people come together as the body of Christ to offer praise and thanks to God who has been revealed and reconciled to us through Jesus God-centred An encounter between God and us The prime reason for a church’s existence God-focussed, but celebrating our own value and worth to God

3 LITURGY The set form of public worship used in churches (Greek: leitos [public] and ergon [work]) i.e. The work of the people It is not a restrictive set of ancient words It is not irrelevant to the local life of the church It is a framework for freedom bringing structure and opportunity into the worshipping life of the community of faith

4 Changes to Liturgy Over the past 60 years
Greater vocal participation by congregations Growth of lay leadership Greater emphasis upon shared responsibility between clergy and laity for the leading of worship More place for spontaneity and freedom

5 What do we wish to achieve today?
To present a set of structures and resources which will enable acts of worship relating to local content

6 What enables a fulfilling worship experience?
Planning God honours our preparation and our preparation honours God Prayerfully consider what, who, where, how Rehearsal is essential Ensure the flow of worship is seamless

7 What enables a fulfilling worship experience?
Leadership No one voice should predominate Consider leading from various places in the congregation


9 What enables a fulfilling worship experience?
Environment Where we worship can influence how we worship Prepare the worship space (sight, lighting, focal point, smell, comfort, external and internal sounds, movement) Seating (a sense of the Body of Christ) Circular or semi-circular round a table

10 What enables a fulfilling worship experience?
Music What liberates the human voice? What will speak to the hearts and minds? New music can spark new life

11 What enables a fulfilling worship experience?
Readings Communicate convincingly Visual Aids 80% of what we take in / respond to is through our eyes Symbolic action Not everyone is fulfilled by words alone

12 CREATIVITY Brings innovation and dynamism
Explore renewal (refresh) but do not create unease Skilled musicians can respond spontaneously to create a ‘sound canvas’ for worship Imaginative liturgy Identify talents and gifts

13 Ways to stimulate the heart, mind and senses
Music Songs to minister (live or recorded) –choir/soloist/instrumental team Highlight a theme or lead to a point of response Combine spoken words with music Background music to prayer, meditations, communion, visual elements, dance or mime Visual elements: Computer-generated images, Art, Video clips, symbols, displays, banners, flags, stained-glass windows, icons, candles etc

14 Ways to stimulate the heart, mind and senses
Drama Sketches Mime Musicals Monologues Dramatised Bible readings

15 Ways to stimulate the heart, mind and senses
Meditation Looking at inspiring images, symbols or icons Imagination journeys or stories Written reflections

16 Ways to stimulate the heart, mind and senses
Movement Dance Signing (for the deaf but also brings expression to worship) Small groups may move to various places in the worship space

17 Ways to stimulate the heart, mind and senses
Creative Prayer Using images to inspire prayer Using video material to spark prayer Using newspaper cuttings to lead prayer Incorporating silence for personal prayer Incorporating space for prayers offered

18 Ways to stimulate the heart, mind and senses
Setting Seating Layout

19 Ways to stimulate the heart, mind and senses
Taste, touch and smell Incense Fragrant oils Meaningful objects to hold (eg scented petals, palm crosses, nails) Bread and wine Bitter herbs (from a Passover meal)

GATHERING TOGETHER  WELCOME  Choir Introit ENTERING GOD’S PRESENCE (Praise, thanksgiving, adoration)  Opening Music  Prayers  Choir Anthem  OFFERTORY HEARING GOD SPEAK(Sermon, scripture) SCRIPTURE READINGS AND SERMON WE RESPOND (confession, ministry)  SACRAMENT OF HOLY COMMUNION WE ARE ENCOURAGED TO LOVE AND SERVE (prepare to go into our society, community, loving and serving God) Closing Hymn BENEDICTION

21 Gathering Together Informal singing of world church gathering songs
Video of people gathering, people travelling, live video-cam of people entering building, projected pictures of Christians around the world gathering, pictures of creation, dawn of a new day accompanied by an organ (or music group) prelude Announcement / Notices on power-point Welcome – different styles of greeting – liturgical gathering prayer

22 Entering God’s Presence (Praise, thanksgiving, adoration)
Entrance song or hymn / Choir or Music Group “introit” (preparing the hearts and focussing the minds). Can be accompanied by banners, dance and video. (An expression of joy and optimism) A sense of God’s presence / transcendence – stillness, use of incense and candles, readings from scripture Songs and hymns of praise (which flow)(various accompaniments or a capella) Ancient acts of praise (eg setting of Gloria in excelsis Deo or Jubilate) Prayers (Followed or interspersed with singing or music) Individual words of praise

23 Entering God’s Presence (Praise, thanksgiving, adoration)
Praise and thanksgiving scripture verses on Power Point accompanied by joyful music Telling the story of our faith – dramatized, dance, video, readings from various places in the church (fused together with singing / music) Congregation bringing objects to the service that remind them of some event of God’s goodness in their life as an act of thanksgiving (accompanied by a chant eg Taizé) Candles lit around the building (Blaze of Glory /Jesus, the Light of the World) Choir anthem of Praise (with text on overhead screen) (can be with dance)

24 Entering God’s Presence (Praise, thanksgiving, adoration)
Solo song of praise (singer walks through congregation) Projected slides of religious themed art (basis for thanksgiving) A rap version of a thanksgiving psalm A praise psalm said in responsorial style Congregation asked to paint/draw their own praise and worship images on paper/sheets pinned up Creed recited (Accompanied by music or sung) Intimate songs / hymns of adoration (in a medley)

25 Hearing God Speak (Scripture, Sermon, Prophecy)
Scripture readings Dramatized Read with music accompaniment Video versions Standing for the gospel to be read (from within the congregation) Read through storytelling

26 Hearing God Speak (Scripture, Sermon, Prophecy)
Song/hymn/music/prayer before the Sermon Sermon Spoken In seminar style with interviews and video clips Dramatized

27 We respond (Confession, Ministry, Intercession, Communion)
Response to sermon Intimate worship Discussion groups Led Prayers Practical sensory responses to sermon Ministry

28 We respond (Confession, Ministry, Intercession, Communion)
Written prayer / confessions (can be collected and burned or nailed to a wooden cross) Informal prayer Silent meditation Prayer based on scripture passage Video of particular issue Prayer fused with Kyrie Eleison (Lord have Mercy) Songs / hymns reflecting the assurance of God’s mercy (can be spoken)

29 We respond (Confession, Ministry, Intercession, Communion)
Opportunities for ministry of the Spirit Reflective songs/hymns/music Stillness Prayers (led or informal) Use of anointing oil

30 We respond (Confession, Ministry, Intercession, Communion)
Led liturgy fused with singing/music Prayer stations in various parts of the building Video images with music (eg solo flute) Responsive prayers Use of visual images as an aid Lighting candles for a particular issue and bringing the candles forward Praying in groups Written intercessory prayers brought to a central point

31 We respond (Confession, Ministry, Intercession, Communion)
Liturgical framework with set / spontaneous prayers Mix of ancient and contemporary prayers Appropriate music played as words are read A version of the Sanctus (Holy, holy, holy) Songs of praise and thanksgiving expressing the joy of the resurrection Choir sing reflective motets, anthems, hymns or songs. Congregation can be included. Dancers interpret thanksgiving to instrumental music Congregation enacts in drama, together with actors, the story of the cross as recorded in the Gospels Classical instrumental music / Recorded music under distribution of the elements Lord’s Prayer said, sung, danced, acted (in different languages) Use of video on eg suffering, bread and wine, the cross, the resurrection.

32 We are encouraged to love and serve (Prepare to go into society, our communities, loving and serving God) Hymns and songs encouraging us to serve our world Benediction prayer Sung blessing by choir /music group or congregation Video clips of community Testimonies of congregation members Prayers in groups for each other Scripture blessing prayers Use of visual or objects (eg each given a stone, place in a pool and observe the ripples move out, symbolising the impact of Jesus in our lives extending to those in our community) Informal prayer Clap offering to the Lord Processional hymn / song to end with banners and dancers

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