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Part 4 The Ministry of Worship Leader. People are looking to connect with God.

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1 Part 4 The Ministry of Worship Leader

2 People are looking to connect with God

3 People expect to find God in church

4 People stop attending when they dont connect with God

5 People want to encounter God, not just hear about Him

6 The worship leaders is responsible to create an environment in which people can encounter and experience God

7 Qualities If you were on a call committee looking for a worship pastor, what qualities would you look for?

8 Qualities A worshipper A deep and proven walk A knowledge of church style An acceptable musical ability A good reputation in the body Able to function in a team A good attitude to leadership A commitment to the position A friendly personality

9 Responsibilities Direct – set the course and pace of the worship. Model – show people how to worship by their example. Correct – keep attention focused on God. Prepare – prepare theme, songs, scripture, overheads, etc

10 Preparation Prepare Spiritually during Week Prepare Spiritually before Service Tune Vocally before Service Determine Sermon Emphasis Inform Musicians of Songs Prepare Practical Details

11 * Have information available at a glance - Outline, Song numbers * Ensure all equipment is ready - ie. Overhead, sound system, etc. * Check and read through Scripture references * Gather notices and ensure you understand them * Make sure all the participants understand their roles

12 The man who guides others into the presence of the King must have journeyed far into the King's country and looked upon his face.

13 Role Bring God Down to People God is always present! Lift People Up to God People dont need to be hyped Celebrate God who is Present Help people experience God

14 Goal To bring the congregation into a corporate awareness of God's manifest presence and to facilitate an appropriate response. Create Awareness Facilitate Response

15 Helping People Experience God Encourage people to prepare for worship (Acts 4:1-22) Practise Gods presence during the week Live a lifestyle of worship Teach people to expect to encounter God (Acts 4:23)

16 Helping People Experience God Help people to participate in worship (Acts 4:1-22) Give glory to God (24) Listen to the Word (25,26) Focus on Jesus (27,28) Pray for empowerment (29-30)

17 Helping People Experience God Facilitate an encounter with God Give God and people space Be personally connected to God Be sensitive to Gods leading Be sensitive to people Release control of the service Play the role of mediator Invite people to engage with God

18 Principles of Leading 1. Pray and prepare - be sensitive to Spirit and church leadership. 2. Relax, smile, be enthusiastic to inspire people to focus on God. 3. Announce songs clearly, repeat location, and hit the right note.

19 Principles of Leading 4. Don't be choppy - link songs with the same theme, key and tempo. 5. Have people sit, stand, kneel as expressions of worship. 6. Don't scold - inspire by exhortation, but don't preach.

20 Principles of Leading 7. Give time for God to minister to his people and them to respond. 8. Quit at the spiritual peak of the service - make way for preacher. 9. Obey the Spirit - every service is different!

21 Suggestions for Leading 1. Make a clear and definite start 2. Watch out for dead spaces 3. Use Scripture 4. Make offering a part of worship 5. Plan prayers in the service

22 Suggestions for Leading 6. Check direction of songs 7. Use a variety of music 8. Involve people creatively 9. Involve the use of the senses 10. Reflect societal events

23 Suggestions for Leading 11. Reflect theme of sermon 12. Lead naturally into sermon

24 Two Styles of Worship Freight Train Worship Passenger Train Worship Sequence stilted All is announced No theme Logical drama Continuous, smooth Thematic

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