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Angels Chapter 3 Lesson 3.

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1 Angels Chapter 3 Lesson 3

2 Read Revelations 12: 1-10. What happens in this passage?
It is the battle of the angels and the fall of the demons.

3 Turn to page 26 in your textbook and read, “The Creation of the Angels
An angel is a pure spirit with intellect and will. Various symbols have been associated with them. Musical instruments Shields, and scrolls. They are depicted with wings, as infants, illuminated, etc.

4 Angels

5 There are nine choirs of angels.

6 Angels This is the lowest order of angels, given to each person to guide them in the ways of God and protect them from harm.

7 Archangels They are the chief angels mentioned in the Bible. They are messengers of God in significant matters.

8 Principalities These angels lead the last two orders in the direct implementation of God’s will.

9 Powers Powers are responsible for directing the remaining choirs to carry out what has been commanded.

10 Virtues Virtues give the power to accomplish the ordering of nature.

11 Dominations This choir directs the Virtues and Powers in their duty of governing and ordering the laws of creation.

12 Thrones The Thrones are the choir through which God accomplishes his judgments.

13 Cherubim This choir is noted for its perfect vision of God and the beauty of creation, as will as its willingness to share that vision with others.

14 Seraphim The choir of angels closest to God’s throne. They have the greatest intellect, love, and will and perceive God in the richest way possible for a created being. Their only task is to worship and adore God.

15 Angels (worksheet) What are angels?
Angels are pure spirits, invisible servants of God, and our guardians. Why did God test the angels? God tested the angels to give them a chance to love and obey him freely. Did they all pass the test? No What is hell? Hell is the place and condition or never-ending separation from God for those who choose not to be with him. What do we call the evil angels? We call the evil angels demons. What do the evil angels do? Demons try to turn all creation away from God. Who leads the faithful angels? Saint Michael the Archangel leads the faithful angels. What is a guardian angel? Do you have one? A guardian angel is an angel God assigns to each one of us to help us on our way to heaven.

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