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SEAQUAM SECONDARY Course Planning for Grade 7’s to 8’s

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1 SEAQUAM SECONDARY Course Planning for Grade 7’s to 8’s 2014-2015
(note: this presentation will be posted on – For parents – Parent Connect)

2 Info. For Parents . . . Grade 8 Parent night – April 10 6:30 p.m. Seaquam Grade 8 counsellor 2014/2015: Monique Costin Where to access Parent Connect: your elementary school website

HOW MANY COURSES DO I NEED IN GRADE 8? (in highschool, a ‘subject’ is now called a ‘course’) YOU HAVE 8 CLASSES TOTAL

4 6 (out of 8) Needed Courses for Next Year
English (language arts) 8 (En 200) Social Studies 8 (SS 200) Science 8 (SC 200) Math 8 (MA 200) or Math 8 Challenge (MA 200E) or Math 8 Core (MA 220 Essentials is usually recommended by your gr. 7 teacher)) Physical Education 8 (PE 200)  CO-ED A Second Language French 8(LA 200) or Japanese 9  If you have been recommended for a support block it will usually replace the second language

5 A note about 2nd languages:
Want to try something new? You can start with Japanese 9 in grade 8! You then take Japanese 10, 11 (and sometimes 12) Or French You then take French 9, 10, 11 (and sometimes 12) Keep your options open! Some UNIVERSITIES require a language at the grade 11 level (SFU, UBC) but colleges do not

6 But what about the ‘OTHER stuff’ – the ‘fun’ stuff!
Courses that are not required and at this level, are not ‘academic’ are called ‘electives’ You get 2 elective blocks (out of your 8 blocks)

7 Electives cont Electives are offered as either a subject area that runs ALL year course (band or choir) in the same ‘block’ or as a ‘bundle’ called ‘EXPLORATIONS’- 4 different areas that rotate through the year within the same elective ‘block’ (ie graphics, wood, computers, textiles)

8 Electives . . . What might my 2 elective blocks look like?
one of the blocks and the other block Band + Explorations Bundle or Choir + Exploration Bundle Exploration Bundle + another Exploration Bundle Or Sports Academy + Exploration Bundle

9 Specialty Courses ESL Support:
English Language Development (SP260B) Levels 1 & 2 ELL Literature Study (SP 260I) Levels 2 & 3 ELL Composition (SP260W) must be level 3 ELL Skills (English Language Learner) – academic support/study skills Learning Assistance Support Strategies for learning 8 (LD) (SP210) Strategies for learning 8 (LAC) (SP211) STUDENTS NEED TO BE RECOMMENDED FOR THESE COURSES – when we visit your teacher later in the spring they will let us know if you need these courses and we will adjust your schedule accordingly after discussing it with your parent/guardian

10 OTHER ACADEMY OPTIONS Soccer Drama Dance Film Baseball (boys)
Hockey (south delta secondary) Lacrosse (delta secondary) Cadets (seaquam – new!)

11 Specialty Courses within the needed Courses
PE 8 Girls (Softball Academy) (PE220s) If interested you need to apply through Seaquam Secondary by the end of May (sooner the better!) Two blocks are used within your timetable (ONE block replaces PE, and this the other replaces ONE of your elective choices) More info and application forms can be found at

12 What is a Exploration ‘bundle’?
Please note that the bundle configurations have not yet been finalized and thus are subject to change – when you go to register you need to read those choices carefully on the Parent Connect form prior to selection. Bundle choice Drama, Metal, Drafting, Art Graphics, Wood ICT (computers) Textiles (sewing) Bundle choice Foods, Music(shortened) Film, Graphics note: These courses run all year and students rotate through each topic area in the bundle in week sections

13 Bundle area: applied skills
Woodwork 8: Woodwork will help you explore, plan, use tools, and build interesting projects; you can make a wooden pen plaque, key rack, or even create a puzzle. Metalwork 8: Learn how to use hand tools, power tools, and machines to drill, cut, weld, file, and bend metal into works of art. You can create a sheet metal tool box, a custom piece of pewter jewellery, and a metal sculpture of your own design. Students who are motivated may also have time to create a unique piece of chainmaille jewellery.

14 Bundle area: applied skills
Graphics 8: Learn the basics of communicating through images and type. Graphics teaches you how to design and produce business cards, and even make your own mouse pad, tote bag or t-shirt. Computers(Info Tech) 8: Welcome to the world of Web 2.0. In ICT 8 students will explore several web based applications and experiment with iPad applications. Students will create digital stories with Social Media, Blogs, Digital Timelines as well as explore their creative sides with iPad photography and video. Students will learn the skills that they will need to be good digital citizens and the boundaries of sharing online.

15 Bundle Area: applied skills
CADD 8 Computer assisted design and drafting – a great way to introduce yourself to the areas of architecture, industrial design and engineering. With the computer as your tool, you will learn to create accurate plans and learn the basics of model-making

16 Bundle Area: applied skills
Home Economics 8: Textiles This course is an introduction to the creativity and skills of sewing. Students learn to use sewing machines and sergers as they make personalized projects. Home Economics 8: Foods An introduction to exploring foods and nutrition. Students will learn the skills needed to prepare snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Textiles Culinary

17 Bundle area: fine arts Drama 8:
This introduction aims to develop in students: self confidence, teamwork skills, basic presentation skills and creative thinking skills. Assignments involve working in small groups on short-term projects to be presented for the class only. Students usually create their own scenes based upon guidelines set by the teacher.

18 Bundle area: fine arts Visual Art 8:
This course provides students with the basic foundation for understanding how art has shaped (and continues to shape) our world. While there is some focus on skill building, the Art 8 program’s main purpose is to provide students with a space to develop their creativity as they explore new materials and techniques.

19 Bundle area: fine arts Film and Video:
Film and Video 8 explores the basic skills necessary to tell stories through moving visual images. Students will begin by learning the basics of camera/tripod operation and computer editing. The final project will involve students working in groups to storyboard, film, and edit a short narrative

20 Non-Bundle Electives: fine arts
MUSIC 8  options for full year courses: Concert Band – runs ALL year This course is for students in grades 8. 9 and 10 who have already taken a beginning band course. Prerequisite: One year of elementary band (min) Concert Choir – runs ALL year This course is for all students interested in choral singing. No musical experience is necessary. Students will learn choral singing technique – vocal production, lyric diction, basic music theory and sigh singing.

21 So, an average timetable could look like….
English 8 Science 8 Socials 8 Math 8 French 8 PE 8 Band 8 (non-bundle course) Bundle : Graphics, wood, ICT, Textiles

22 What is an alternate? While we try to offer you what you ask for, sometimes it is not possible (usually in elective areas) If you don’t get your first choice, we need to know what else you might want to take. By picking an alternate, the computer knows what else to try and fit in your timetable! (electives only) Yes – there is always a possibility an alternate will be in your timetable so pick WISELY! If you pick it, you will required to stay in it.

23 How to pick your courses? *Online*Online*Online*
You need to pick your courses online through our system known as Student /Parent Connect on a program called CIMS The System opens April 14 and stays open until April 22 Go to or your school website which should have a link. If you do not have a password you need to contact the elementary school office to get one.

24 Resources Your Teacher Mrs. Costin (
Seaquam Website – This presentation will be posted on the website under for parents - parent connect - course planning The Course Selection Booklet is under for students – course catelogue

25 What is a course catalogue?
This is an online resource available at - you can find it under ‘For Parents‘ then ‘Course Planning’ The course selection guide will tell a little bit about each course so that you can make careful choices

26 Some special programs for down the road . . . IB
THE SEAQUAM INTERNATIONAL BACHELAUREATE PROGRAM! In grade 11 and 12 , if you are looking for a challenging program that is based on an international model, Seaquam can offer you the International Bache laureate Diploma Program! Competitive and enriching, with room for creativity, individualization and diversity! This program offers you opportunities for advanced university credit as well as early university admission status! SEE for more . . .

27 Delta Academy Programs – visit
Attend Seaquam AND An Academy at another school! Baseball Softball (Seaquam) Dance Film (acting/production Golf (Seaquam) Hockey Lacrosse Soccer Cadets ((Seaquam)

28 Career Programs: Accelerated Credit Enrollment Industry Training (ACE IT) see – Programs (career) Programs Located At Seaquam : Automotive Service Technician 1 Gr. 11 or 12 Advanced post sec. credit Professional Cook 1 Gr. 11 or 12 Advanced post sec. Credit

29 What else happens at Seaquam besides schoolwork?

30 Something for Everyone . . .

31 ATHLETICS . . . Visit
Lacrosse Water Polo Tennis Curling Softball Cross Country Running Golf Intermural sports at lunch (i.e. floor hockey) Football Rugby Swimming Volleyball Basketball Badminton Soccer Track and Field Field hockey Ultimate

32 Be a Hawks’ Fan . . .

33 Be a Seahawk . . .

34 Seaquam MUSIC

35 Seaquam Theatre –

36 Seahawks like to TRAVEL!!
Cambodia (2012) Vegas Costa Rica (2015) Spain Peru (2013) Hawaii Arizona Japan (2014)

37 School Dances . . .

38 Student Council . . . Plans dances Plans ‘buddy day’
Special fundraisers Fun days – pajama day – tacky tourist day – Halloween costume days etc. Valentines – carnation day Spirit Days YES! Grade 8’s can get involved!!

39 Clubs . . . To name a few ! Kendo Photo Badminton Chess Environmental
Ski Humanitarian GET INVOLVED!! Want a club but it doesn’t exist??? START ONE!!

Become a Ski Club Member!! Sign up in NOVEMBER – 4 Saturday trips per year - Dec – Feb (bus, supervision, rental, instruction, FUN - all included!) First Come First Serve – Don’t miss the NOV. Sign Up Meeting!!

41 Picture it . . .Picture you GRAD 2020

42 Reminders . . . WHERE do I go to sign up for my classes?

43 Parent Connect : Your elementary school website will have a link!

44 WHEN do I sign up?

45 April

46 HOW do I remember what to take?

47 This powerpoint will be uploaded on the Seaquam
This powerpoint will be uploaded on the website under: For Parents – Parent Connect – course planning


49 Large school so we can offer varied course options
Competitive sports program Challenging acadmic program options (IB Program) Strong emphasis on humanitarian and environmental issues Language options (French, Spanish, Japanese) and advanced language courses (IB program) Well developed music and theatre programs Strong emphasis on community involvement Strong emphasis on and work exp. And career development


51 UNDENIABLY SEAquam (view on you tube)

52 Want More. Watch Videos. ON YOUTUBE
Want More? Watch Videos! ON YOUTUBE . . .Check it out (using the following search words) Fine Arts Applied Skills Seaquam theatre Seaquam art Seaquam graphics Sesquam band Seaquam woodwork Seaquam metal Seaquam culinary Seaquam textiles

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