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Show Choir 4th Period Mr. Gilbert.

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1 Show Choir 4th Period Mr. Gilbert

2 Grading Policy 60% Daily Participation 30% Concert Attendance
10% Music Theory

3 Classroom Rules Be Prompt seated by the time the bell rings
Be Prepared come ready to sing Be Courteous don’t talk when the teacher is talking Be Responsible no gum, food, or drink you are responsible for your own actions make sure they are acceptable

4 Concert Calendar Oct. 27 Monday 7:00 Mattson Gym
Dec Monday 7:00 Mattson Gym March Tuesday 7:00 Kentwood March Monday 7:00 Mattson Gym April ? Friday All Day TBD June Tuesday 7:00 Mattson Gym Concert attendance is mandatory

5 Uniforms Girls uniforms: Sequined Blouse (School provided)
Shoes, leotards, tights and skirts will be ordered from Dance Collection. Cost is about $90. If cost is a concern please see Mr. Gilbert. Uniforms Volunteers to help cut skirts?

6 Uniforms Guys uniforms: Eaton Tux Jacket (school provided)
White Tux Shirt (school provided) Bow tie and Vest (school provided) Black Dress Shoes (buy your own) Black Dress Socks (buy your own) Black Dress Slacks (buy your own) Uniforms

7 Questions or Concerns???? E-mail:

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