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CB 20th Century US History

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1 CB 20th Century US History
American Imperialism CB 20th Century US History

2 US Desires Expansion Imperialism- Exerting Political, Military, or economic control over another territory. Three Reasons for US Global Expansion Desire for military strength: Centered on Navy urged by Adm. Alfred T. Mahan. Built US into world 3rd largest Naval force. Thirst for New Markets: trade would brink end to unemployment and economic problems caused by overproduction Belief in Cultural Superiority

3 US Acquires Alaska and Hawaii
1867 William Steward (Sec. State) arranged to buy Alaska from Russia for 7.2mil Stewards Folly

4 US Acquires Alaska and Hawaii
Annexation of Hawaii Center on sugar trade and tariffs Need for a naval base (Pearl Harbor) Queen Liliukalani opposed, establish voting rights. Queen overthrown by Ambass. Stevens and Marines, Sandford Dole-head of Govt Pres Cleveland opposed tactics, but succeeded by McKinley. Hawaii annexed 1898, without consent of Hawaiians.

5 Spanish American War-1898 Cubans Rebel Against Spain
Cubans rebel against Spain throughout the 1850s-1870s, were not successful Jose Marti, 1895, was a poet and journalist exiled in NYC, organized Cuban resistance. Killed later in year in fighting. US Opinion on Cuba split Spain appoints Gen. Valeriano Weyler to take control Puts population in concentration camps.

6 Yellow Journalism Battle between newspaper tycoons William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer. Began publishing exaggerated articles to win readers to their paper and to fuel war spirit. Fake pictures and made up stories increased sympathy for cubans.

7 DeLome Letter and USS Maine
McKinley pursed diplomatic means and was partially successful- until NY Journal published a letter by DeLome, misiter of Spain to US. Letter criticizes McKinley, angers Americans April USS Maine Explodes in Havana No evidence but Spain Blamed, US declares war on April 20th “REMEMBER THE MAINE!”

8 War Begins War begins in Philippines- Comm. George Dewey opens fire on Spanish fleet, destroys all ships lands Marines. War in Caribbean- Cuban Blockade Rough Riders- elite volunteer horse cavalry led by Leonard Wood and Teddy Roosevelt San Juan Hill, 2days later Spanish fleet destroyed US Invades Puerto Rico

9 Treaty of Paris Dec 10, 1898 Spain and US sign treaty
Spain frees Cuba, Gives US Guam and Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, US buys Philippines for $20mil. Treaty and America’s new role as Imperial power hotly debated.

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