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Plants also Breath and Feel

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1 Plants also Breath and Feel

2 GSSS BATALA (GIRLS) (Gurdaspur)
Represented by:- Class:- 9th Nidhi Sharma Subject = English English mistress

3 Well known facts 1. Plants have life. 2. Plants are living organisms.

4 A dramatic discovery about plants
Plants have hearts and can feel. 2 They have sight and sense.

5 Invention of Crescograph
Crescograph is a wonderful instrument invented by Jagdish Chandra Bose. It measures the growth of plants.

6 Life of J.C.Bose–the inventor
Birth - Bose was born in 1858 in a village in West Bengal. Education - Bose studied physics in Calcutta University. Then he went to England and graduated in physics from Cambridge.

7 Designation He worked as a professor of physics in Presidency College in Calcutta.

8 Bose,a rebel Jagdish Chandra Bose was a rebel by nature. He could not bear that Indians usually got two-thirds of the salary of European professors. He demanded same pay for the same work.

9 His protest Bose protested against the disparity between the salary of Indians and that of Europeans. In this struggle Bose was victorious.

10 Features of Crescograph
It is a unique instrument. It records the reaction of plants to stimuli. It magnifies the movement of plants. It records the growth of plants.

11 What does a crescograph prove?
It proves that- plants have heart. plants have keen sight. plants react to the rays of light.

12 Bose’s contribution Bose brought a great fame to India by inventing crescograph. He found similarity in the behaviour of lifeless and living things.

13 His love for his country
Bose felt proud in the glory of India’s past. He had deep faith in the intelligence of the Indians.

14 Exercise

15 Word Meaning Organisms =living beings Rebel = one who opposes a law
Disparity = difference Unique = matchless Magnifies = enlarges Stimuli = things that cause reaction Keen = strong,deep Glory = name or fame

16 Match the opposites column A 1. happy 2. unique 3. disparity
4.victorious ANSWERS- 1.c) 2.a) 3.d) 4.b) column B a) common b) defeated c) sad d) similarity

17 Question Which instrument was invented by J.C.Bose ?
When was J.C.Bose born ? What could the instrument measure ? In what did Bose had deep faith ? What do the plants react to ?

18 Answers Crescograph In 1858 Growth of plants
In the glorry of India’s past and in the intelligence of Indians To the rays of light

19 BIBLOIGRAPHY Text Book of English of 9th class .


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