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“Research For A Better Life”: The UAKN Atlantic’s Commitment to Community-Driven Urban Aboriginal Research By Verlé Harrop, PhD Director, UAKN Atlantic.

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1 “Research For A Better Life”: The UAKN Atlantic’s Commitment to Community-Driven Urban Aboriginal Research By Verlé Harrop, PhD Director, UAKN Atlantic Canadian Public Health Association May, 29 th 2014

2 Presentation Overview History of the UAKN Who we are What we do How we do it The story so far...

3 History behind the UAKN Kent Monkman, "The Deposition," 84" x 126", Acrylic on canvas. Source:

4 Why a UAKN? Ken Monkman, “The Chase”, ” x 126”, Acrylic on canvas Source:

5 UAKN - Who we are … Kent Monkman, “Death of the Female”, ” x 126”, Acrylic on canvas. Source:

6 UAKN - What we do … “The goal of the UAKN is to be a durable research network that contributes to a better quality of life for urb an Aboriginal peoples by: Funding high-­quality, policy-­relevant, community- driven research; Supporting students & community researchers; Engaging in outreach and knowledge mobilization; and Engaging Aboriginal community stakeholders, government and academe in an ongoing dialogue on policy priorities and research nee ds.”

7 UAKN Research Themes 1)Human development: needs and outcomes of individuals and families; 2)Social cohesion: community well-being, education, and justice; 3)Economic development: economic participation, education & skills development, employment, entrepreneurship, income; and 4)Civic engagement: urban Aboriginal councils and/or urban Aboriginal community organizations role in the city and with other local organizations.

8 Calls For Proposals … Funding for community-driven research with an urban Aboriginal focus ($5,000 & $15,000 funding envelopes) Funding for students (preferably urban Aboriginal students) and community researchers Applications are adjudicated quarterly (March 31 st, June 30th, September 30th and December 31 st ) Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

9 How we do it …

10 UAKN Atlantic Executive Committee Wendy Wettlands, President & Chief, New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council (NBAPC), Fredericton, NB Pamela Glode-Desrochers, Executive Director, Micmac Native Friendship Centre, Halifax, NS Chris Sheppard, Special Projects Officer, St. John’s Native Friendship Centre, St. John’s, NL Jamie Gallant, President & Chief, Native Council of PEI, Charlottetown, PEI Patsy McKinney, Executive Director, Under One Sky Head Start, Fredericton, NB Josephine Savarese, Associate Professor, STU Faculty of Criminology & Criminal Justice, Fredericton, NB Steven Foulds, Lawyer practicing Aboriginal law and criminal law in New Brunswick and Nunavut, Fredericton, NB –also teaches at UNB Law School

11 UAKN Atlantic Executive Committee Jula Hughes, Professor, UNB Law School, Fredericton, GNB Diane Hawkins, Senior Consultant, Employment & Continuous Learning Services, GNB Carla Gregan-Burns, Regional Director, Department of Social Development, GNB Lisa Jodoin, PhD Candidate, Department of English, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB Miigam’agan, Elder, St. Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick Verlé Harrop, Chair UAKN Atlantic Executive Committee, UNB Faculty of Education, Fredericton, NB

12 Research Practices & Processes … Community-driven: the community generates the research question (beyond community-based & community-paced) TEAMS: community-partner, academic, elder, student, community researcher, government representative -- supports knowledge mobilization Chapter 9: TCPS 2 Research Agreement Builds research capacity: “research by” vs. “research on” Grounded in a historical/broader context Appropriate REB processes

13 Outreach Activities: PEI “Meet & Greet” resulted in two funded research projects

14 Outreach: NB “Meet & Greet” Resulting in a Regional Research Project

15 Outreach Tools: Researcher Database Contact info Research interests Bring to the table Looking for

16 The story so far … PEI: “Fostering Educational Success for Off-Reserve Aboriginal Learners on Prince Edward Island” NS: “Urban Aboriginal Wellbeing, Wellness and Justice: A MicMac Friendship Centre Needs Assessment Study for Creating a Collaborative Indigenous Mental Resiliency, Addictions and Justice Strategy” NB: “Navigating Government Services: The “Lived” Experience of Young Urban Aboriginal Families Residing In Fredericton, NB” PEI: “Creation Stories: Urban Aboriginal Early Education and Literacy Intervention” NL: “Women’s Narratives From the St. John’s Native Friendship Centre: Using Digital Storytelling to Inform community-based Healing & violence prevention programs”

17 “Navigating Government Services”: Project Description As evidenced in the Bernard Richard report on First Nations child welfare in New Brunswick (2010), Aboriginal families face many challenges navigating government services and all too often fall through the cracks. This proposed research deepens our understanding of this population and the challenges they face in relation to the system by asking questions such as: “In what ways are government services working effectively to meet the needs of off-reserve aboriginal families in Fredericton?”; “In what ways are government services not working effectively for off- reserve families?”; and “How can we improve services for urban Aboriginal people in Fredericton?”

18 “Navigating Government Services: The “Lived” Experience of Young Urban Aboriginal Families Residing In Fredericton, NB” Research TEAM Dr. Ann Sherman (Co-Applicant/PI): UNB Faculty of Education, Lisa Jodoin (Urban Aboriginal Student Lead): UNB PhD Candidate, Carla Gregan-Burns (Collaborator): STU Faculty of Social Work/ NB Department Social Development, Patsy McKinney (Community Partner): Under One Sky Head Start, Shelley Germain (Community Partner): Gignoo Transition House Inc., Tamara Polchies (Community Partner): Fredericton Native Friendship Centre, Gary Gould (Community Partner): Skigin-Elnoog Housing Corporation, Carol LaBillois-Slocum (Community Partner): NB Aboriginal People’s Council, Bill MacKenzie (Government Partner): NB Department Social Development, Blake McNeil (Government Partner): NB Department Social Development, Louise Hale Finley (Government Partner): NB Department Social Development Donna Wahienha:wi Lahache (Government Partner): NB Department Education & Early Childhood

19 Keeping research community-driven The research question was developed by the community Used the CIHR TCPS 2 Research Agreement Community-researcher Follow up meetings with the focus groups to ensure accuracy of data and to foster community engagement Collaborative analysis of data Collaborative drafting of final report Impact – follow up work to ensure the research results in real change for the community (practice & policy/legislation)

20 Community-driven research: two examples … Under One Sky Monoqonuwicik-Neoteetjg Mosigisig Inc (Urban Aboriginal Head Start Program) Under One Sky Monoqonuwicik-Neoteetjg Mosigisig Inc

21 More to the story … UAKN Atlantic Executive Committee Regional Research Project, “Urban Aboriginals and the Honour of the Crown”, led by Professor Jula Hughes, Faculty of Law, UNB. Kent Monkman "Bête Noire," " x 192" x 120", 2014, Painted backdrop (acrylic on canvas), Sculptural installation at Sargent's Daughters. Source:sargentsdaughte

22 And the work continues … UAKN Atlantic 1 st Knowledge Mobilization Workshop & UAKN Atlantic Regional Research Project Symposium, May 15 & 16, 2014, Fredericton. UAKN Atlantic List serv 400 Researcher Profiles 48 Working on National UAKN CFP submissions Engaging new funding partners Growing the UAKN Atlantic community

23 Thank You/Contact m

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