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Geography 490/590 Informational Meeting Weds. Oct 8, 2014 Dr. Dave Call /// Ball State University.

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1 Geography 490/590 Informational Meeting Weds. Oct 8, 2014 Dr. Dave Call /// Ball State University

2 Notes Bring to the meeting: –This presentation –Handouts slides 1 (title), 5 (when), 17-20 (last 4) –Pad for people to sign in: Name Major Class Standing E-mail (At end) Likeliness of going: 3-yes, 2-maybe, 1-not this year.

3 The Forecast Please sign in Presentation on –Who –When –Where –What –Why –and How of Geog 490/590

4 1. Who Instructor: Dr. Dave Call –Penn State (Meteorology) –Syracuse (Geography) –At BSU since Fall 2007 –Chased over 65,000 mi. Driver/Asst: Dr. R. Allen –Instructor of Geography –Been on 9 chase trips

5 2. When If 16 or more students, we’ll run 2 trips Classroom portion for everyone– –One per week, evenings, in March and April Field portion – –Trip 1: May 7-19 –Trip 2: May 29-June 12 If fewer than 16 students, we’ll run 1 trip –Classroom in early May; trip afterwards

6 3. Where: The Great Plains On average, –Enter 11 states –Chase in 6 –7,000 mi. Yellow – been there (22) Orange – chased there (13) Hatched – tornado seen (5)

7 4. What: Classroom Eight two-hour class sessions Equivalent of about 5 full weeks of class Topics –Storms and tornadoes –Tools for forecasting: Skew-Ts, Indices, etc. –Storm chasing tips & safety –The Great Plains

8 What to Expect: Field A typical chase day –Rise and shine…somewhere. –Along with a few roommates –8:30 AM: Morning wx briefing –9:30 AM: Depart or wait –1:00 PM: Lunch On a chase day, this will usually be our “major” meal

9 What to Expect: Field (continued) –Afternoon: Chase! Could begin anytime between 2 and 6 PM We chase until dark (~9:00 PM) –Dinner: Time unknown. Often fast food. Sometimes gas station or vending machine food. –Evening: Drive more –11:00 PM: Check-in someplace new

10 What: Wx Briefing Two groups of two students will lead the discussions and chases –One group: Day 1 –Second group: Day 2 and beyond Then we will decide where to go! Group decisions

11 What: Tasks You’ll be assigned a daily task –Watching Radar –Navigating –Trip Planning –Spotter –Driving These tasks will rotate. Your success = group success!

12 Non-chase days (my pictures) Sightseeing

13 5. Why: Realistic Expectations Should you expect to see a tornado? –Well, we do average one per trip… –…but zero in 2009…2012a… 2012b… or 2014  –Seeing a tornado is like seeing a “grand slam” –Or this:

14 Why: Realistic Expectations Why is it hard to see tornadoes? –Unfavorable weather pattern (55% of trips) –Tornadoes are outside of the Plains (44%) –Tornadoes are at night or rain-wrapped (44%) –Poor road network (66%) –Incorrect forecast (77%) –We pick the “wrong” storm (55%) –Or other reasons…(100%) Most veteran chasers see tornadoes 5-10% of chase days This is roughly our success rate, too.

15 Okay, so what should you expect? Learn A LOT about weather tools, storm forecasting, and storm dynamics Explore a new region Learn about traveling Meet great people

16 See Amazing Structure! Almost every trip… no guarantees

17 Academic Benefits Everyone: 6 credits toward graduation Geog-Opt 4: Counts toward regional requirement (check with your advisor)

18 6. How: Cost Trip cost is $1,450 or so. Due April 1. –Depends on # of students, transport rates, and other factors. Tuition/fees: $110 fee + tuition. Due June 1. –Undergrad rates: $1704 instate (or $2994). –Grad rates: $800-$3500, see me for details. –MUST resolve tuition before leaving –Financial aid is available for TUITION AND FEES. Speak with Judy Nichols in Financial Aid. Meals and Incidentals: You pay while on trip. –Budget $20-30/day. $25 x 15 = $375

19 How to Sign Up 1.Check your schedule for May and June 1.Weddings? Graduations? 2.See how the course fits in your program 3.Figure out how you’ll pay; financial aid? 4.Obtain the first $500 of the cost (non-refundable deposit) 5.Sign up and pay beginning on Friday, November 14 at 4:00 PM*

20 Questions or More Info E-mail: Drop by: CL 463E, MW 12-1:15 or appt. Ask Dr. Allen or past students: –Anyone working in the MetLab (CL 465) –Most upperclassmen; grad student Candace Boren Thanks for your attention!

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