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Mexican War Calder Lloyd Stephen Goldsman Michele Scott.

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1 Mexican War Calder Lloyd Stephen Goldsman Michele Scott

2 Migration Migration into western areas from US picked up in the 1830’s and 1840’s They believed it was there Devine Mission

3 Annexation of Texas 1836, Texans won independence from Mexico Texans wanted to be annexed by the US Annexed: joined in the union

4 Annexation of Texas: Northerners vs. Southerners Southerners and Democrats agreed on letting Texas join the union More slave states for south Northerners and Whigs didn’t want the annexation Made south more powerful Both, though feared a war with Mexico

5 Annexation of Texas: John Tyler & James Polk James Polk stated that the Americans should have more land/territory and that majority of Americans wanted more land annexation was passed Month later Mexico broke off relations with U.S. John Tyler drew up a treaty of annexation Didn’t pass because of the Whig majority in the senate

6 War with Mexico March 1845 Mexico broke off diplomatic relations with U.S. Mexico claimed the Nueces River President Polk and other Southern Democrats wanted more than just Texas Polk sent John Slidell to offer 30 million $ to buy New Mexico and California

7 War with Mexico Polk sent 3,000 troops under Zachary Taylor into Southern Texas Mexico viewed this as an invasion and prepared for action May 13th, 1846 the Mexican War begins

8 Bear Flag Revolt The revolt was led by William B. Ide On June 14 settlers launched a surprise attack on the town of Sonoma The settler’s flag is a bear with a star on it which is why the revolt is called the bear flag revolt In July 1846, United States crossed into New Mexico

9 Bear Flag Revolt In July 1846, United States crossed into New Mexico After occupying Santa Fe, General Kearny took part of his army and marched west to California By January 1847 the United States had taken control of New Mexico and California

10 Fighting in Mexico While crossing the Rio Grande, General Taylor won a series of victories, leading to the Battle of Buena Vista in February 1847 Here he met Santa Anna, who had an army of 20,000 Mexican troops north from Mexico City Taylor’s army wan the battle, which left hundreds killed and wounded on both sides

11 Fighting in Mexico In March 1847, Scott captured the port city Veracruz Then he marched his army of 10,000 men toward Mexico City After fierce fighting, Scott defeated Santa Anna’s forces and captured the Mexican capital

12 Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo Signed Feb 2 1848 Mexico gave up it’s claim to Texas and made the Rio Grande the southern border of Texas. Mexico gave New Mexico + California more than 2/5 of it’s territory) to the U.S. The U.S. paid Mexico 15 million The U.S. agreed to pay claims made by American citizens against Mexicans, which would amount to more than 3 million.

13 Gadsden Purchase Mexican government sold 30,000 square miles of New Mexico and Arizona to America for $10 million

14 Discussion of Oregon Established the boundaries of America and Mexico

15 The Effects of the Mexican War Shoved slavery into American politics The Civil War

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