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Chapter 12 Westward Expansion

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1 Chapter 12 Westward Expansion
Section 3 War with Mexico

2 New Mexico Territory New Mexico area between Texas and California Territories. Included- New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and parts of Wyoming and Colorado New Mexico – Part of Mexico Mostly governed themselves.

3 Santa Fe Trail Founded by William Becknell Left the Missouri River
Crossed the Arkansas river, followed the Rocky Mountains before heading south into New Mexico.

4 California’s Spanish Culture
Spanish Explorer’s and Missionaries 1st Europeans to settle in California. 1820 – 21 missions- 20, 000 Native American 1833 Mexican government abolished missions Mexicans Settlers built ranchos. Ranchero- ranch owners

5 California 1840’s President James K. Polk twice tried to buy California and New Mexico from the Mexican government. California was provided access to the Pacific.

6 War with Mexico President Polk plots to provoke war with Mexico.
Rio Grande (US) vs. Nueces River (Mexico) Polk Orders General Zachary Taylor – build a fort between rivers. April 24th Mexico attacks. May 11, 1846 U.S. declares War

7 Attitudes Toward War Democrats- Support War (Polk)
Whigs- Did not ( Abraham Lincoln) Northerners- Did not (Henry David Thoreau) Southerners- Supported War (Zachary Taylor) African Americans- Did Not (Fredrick Douglas)

8 Polk’s Plan Three Part- Drive Mexican Troops past the Rio Grande River
Completed By Zachary Taylor 1847 U.S. seize New Mexico and California Completed by Stephen Kearny 1846 Americans would capture Mexico City Completed by Winfield Scott 1847

9 California June 1846 January 1847 Bear Flag Republic-
Flag with Bear and a star on white background January 1847 California controlled by U.S.

10 Mexico City March 1847 – Winfield Scott Captured Veracruz- 3 weeks
Marched 300 miles to Mexico City Mexican Army Armed Citizens August 1847 Mexico government surrender

11 Peace Treaty Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo February 1848
Mexico gave up Rio Grande, Mexican Cession – ceded (gave) California and New Mexico U.S. paid $15 million 1853 $10 Million Gadsden Purchase Present day Arizona and New Mexico

12 Pg 372… map answer question…

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