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Centuries of Service: The 100 th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow.

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1 Centuries of Service: The 100 th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow

2 Introduction Session Objectives –Engage on the purposes behind the 100 th anniversary. What does the Order seek to accomplish in this celebration? –Highlight opportunities to participate in 100 th anniversary programs. What should you and your lodge be preparing for between now and 2015? –Discover methods to implement the centennial celebration in your unit, chapter, and lodge program in the coming months.

3 100 th Anniversary Theme “Centuries of Service” –Captures service orientation of the Order –Timeless value –How can we can rekindle the flame?

4 Positioning the Centennial Reflection and Forward-Looking Contemplation Recognition of Arrowmen who are exemplars of the ideals of the Order Re-Double Service and Programmatic Offerings Increase the Visibility of the Order Promote Engagement of our Alumni

5 The Legacy Project Several key facets: –Lodge Rock –Lodge Lid –Lodge History Book –Centennial Wood

6 Lodge Rocks

7 Lodge Legacy Lids

8 Lodge History Book 2014 Project Deliverable –“Observe and preserve the traditions of the Order of the Arrow” –Select a chairman and adviser, build a committee –What format do you want it to take? Chronological Topical –Utilize research already conducted

9 Centennial Wood Follow applicable state and local laws about transporting wood across state lines Do not transport ash or pine NO bark Only Kiln dried wood Each lodge will receive a vial from the fire at the 2015 NOAC

10 100 th Anniversary Branding Consists of three items: –Logo, totem, theme Lodges encouraged to incorporate totem on all 100 th anniversary and the NOAC memorabilia Then, each lodge should submit a copy of its 100 th memorabilia to OA archives

11 100 th Anniversary Totem Wheel representing: –Circle of unity –Forward motion into next century of service Spokes form WWW –Remind us of the three principles of the OA The NOAC brand will be released at a later date

12 100 th Anniversary Branding Guide Special guidelines have been established for embroidered designs to ensure the uniformity and the quality of the totem’s appearance Reach out to with any questions regarding the use of the centennial anniversary branding

13 ArrowTour In the summer of 2015, a caravan of OA representatives will visit local councils throughout their respective regions Caravans will stop at 1-2 councils per week and conduct an afternoon and evening program that will engage participants in our centennial celebration The four tour vans will convene at Michigan State University for the 2015 NOAC

14 Recognition Programs Arrowman Service Award –Launching July 16 th, 2014 (OA’s 99 th birthday) –Self-paced achievement designed to engage Arrowmen of all ages in the exploration of the Order’s 100 th anniversary –Allows Arrowmen to re-commit themselves to the ideals of the Order and increase their level of service to unit and council –Awardees will receive a patch that can be placed on sash

15 Recognition Programs Centurion Award –Launching October 1 st, 2014 –Purpose is to provide lodges with an opportunity to highlight Arrowmen who are examples of servant leadership in local lodges, and in doing so, inspire others to follow in their footsteps –Lodges will be able to nominate Centurions based off of lodge population, using quota mechanism similar to Vigil selection –One-time recognition of honorees at the National Conference with a special item to commemorate their service and a highlight on the National OA website

16 The Centennial Challenge Goal is 10,000 Arrowmen for the 2015 NOAC Lodges can select between two different attendance goals: –Chiefs’ Circle EITHER double your attendance from NOAC 2012 OR bring 15% of your lodge’s re-charted membership –100 Plus Club Bring 100 or more contingent members Resources: –Centennial Guide –Centennial Cache

17 Year of Service Joint partnership between the OA and the BSA to deliver one of the largest community service programs in US history Culminating activity of 2015 in over 300 venues across the country

18 Breakout: Your Role in the Centennial Breakout into small groups Take 5 minutes to discuss the following questions: –How can my lodge incorporate the 100 th anniversary into our program? –What promotional materials can my lodge use to increase participation in centennial events such as the 2015 NOAC? –How can we make all of Scouting, not just the lodge, aware of our celebration?

19 Looking Onward The 100 th anniversary of the Order will reaffirm our purpose and mission as we strive to serve Scouting in the next century “We will let the spirit fill us with the gladness of a dawning, of a springtime, of a beginning.” – Kichkinet

20 Questions? Thank you for your time! Want to learn more? –Follow the Order of the Arrow’s social media channels –Subscribe to the Order’s print and electronic newsletters –Email with

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