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Orientation Presentation 2013 The Order of the Arrow and YOU.

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1 Orientation Presentation 2013 The Order of the Arrow and YOU


3 Introduction What is the Order of the Arrow (OA) & how does it work? You will learn about your role as a member of the Order of the Arrow and your leadership potential & OA opportunities

4 Agenda Organization Structure (5 minutes) Annual National & Lodge events & opportunities (5 minutes) Chapter events and positions of leadership (5 minutes) Chapter vision & goals (5 minutes)

5 Overview The big picture of the OA All the pieces fit together District OA Chapter Council Lodge National Section Troop You

6 Organization Structure The Gila Lodge Leadership Lodge Chief, Jason Plaatje Advisor - Eric Riley Lodge Executive Vice Chief, Shaun Patterson Advisor – Lowell Stokes Immediate Past Lodge Chief, Ricky Colon Supreme Chief of the Fire, David J. Jones The Gila Lodge is Located in Southwestern New Mexico and Texas Kwahadi, Gila The Lodge has Vice-Chiefs for various activities with an adult adviser for each position. The Chapter Leadership The Chapters in Yucca Council: Cochise Chapter – Alamogordo Geronimo Chapter – Silver City Mescalero Chapter – Northeast/Central El Paso Nesatin Chapter – Westside El Paso Tortugas Chapter – Las Cruces Wapaha – Eastside El Paso Andrew Stokes, Wapaha Chapter Chief Michael Mancill, Chapter Vice-Chief Christina Stokes, Chapter Adviser Each Chapter has its own officers with an adult adviser for each position.

7 Organization Structure Western Region OA Region Chief: David Dye Region Chairman: Mike Bliss Region Staff Adviser: Joe Glasscock Section Chiefs: W-1E; W-1N; W-1S; W-2N; W-2S; W-3N; W-3S; W-4N; W-4S; W-5N; W-5S; W-5N; W-5S; W-6E: Ricky Colon; W-6P; W-6W National OA The National Officers: John Rehm-National Chief Preston Marquis-National Vice Chief

8 Annual Lodge Activities Lodge Banquet in January Oversight of Chapter participation in Scouting for Food & Cub Scout Klondike fundraiser in February Spring Ordeal in May Vigil Weekend in June Summer Ordeal in August Fall Fellowship in September or October Lodge Leadership Development in December The Lodge: Promotes Advancement through Brotherhood classes and Leadership Development; Encourages participation in Section Conclaves, National Boy Scout Jamboree, and organizes a contingent group for the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC)

9 National Order of the Arrow (NOAC) 100 th Anniversary Celebration Every two years, Arrowmen from across the country gather on the campus of a major university for the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC). The 2015 NOAC will be held from August 3-8, 2015 at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, and will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. Arrowmen can travel to NOAC with a contingent from their lodge, or as a staff member supporting the thousands of Arrowmen attending in the conference. Some planned activities include: Centennial Lodge Legacy Project 2015 Special Edition Sash

10 2012 National Officers at NOAC:

11 2012 NOAC Contingent


13 Chapter events & positions We participate in the Lodge & Section events and hold a few of our own activities such as a family get together and a Chapter campout There are several officer positions in the Chapter: Chief, Vice-Chief, V-Chief of Communications, Treasurer, V-Chief of Membership, V-Chief of Ceremonies and more that are available to those that are Brotherhood and above.

14 Chapter Goals & Vision Offer Chapter training sessions Recruit members to fill officer positions and enlist the help of adults for adviser positions Promote camping within the troops in the Wapaha District and continue to provide service to the District & Council Create a dance team Participate in ceremony team competitions at OA events Encourage fellowship within the Chapter & Lodge through activity participation

15 Chapter Patch System Attend 5 meetings and/or events in one year, you are eligible for a Chapter Member patch Successfully serve a full term as an officer with the Chapter, you are eligible for an Chapter Officer patch Successfully serve as a ceremony team member for at least one public event, you are eligible for a Chapter Ceremony Team patch We propose to have another patch for successfully serving as a Dance Team member and performing at a designated number of public events To keep up with our activities, friend us on Facebook at: Wapaha Gila Lodge

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