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Resume Writing – Keys to Success Amy McAuliffe Cooper ONWARD Career Advisor, CPRW.

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1 Resume Writing – Keys to Success Amy McAuliffe Cooper ONWARD Career Advisor, CPRW

2 TRUE or FALSE 1.Retelling your experience as it appears in a job description is the preferred method of writing 2.Use strong action verbs (Managed, Led, Analyzed) to describe accomplishments/skills 3.1” Margins should frame the resume text 4.“References available on request” should be listed on a resume 5.Font size should be at least 10pt Answers: 1)F, 2)T, 3)T, 4)F, 5)T

3 Keys to a Well-Written Resume Sell YOU in a way meaningful to THEM Focus on relating your skills to the job you seek Do not waste real estate describing past employers, describe your value Aesthetics matter – the first impression is important : NAME should stand out – a resume sells YOU first and foremost Font size 10pt and higher – don’t make the reader squint 1” Margins frame the text – crowded resumes are tossed ONE phone and e-mail – do not create an unnecessary decision point Action verbs lead off bullet points to highlight applicable and transferable skills and accomplishments Results conclude bullet points and are quantified with numbers and/or qualitative words Length appropriate to years experience or resume style Some recruiters/companies have a ONE page rule for ALL resumes adding credence to the LESS is MORE philosophy CVs – are usually longer than conventional corporate resumes

4 Let’s Begin to Write Data dump your past experiences: –Education, Training/Certifications –Work History –Volunteer Roles –Community Involvement/Leadership Cherry pick accomplishments from your data dump that highlight relevant and transferable skills for what you seek to do –Transferable skills - skills demonstrated in one context that can be used in a new manner: Analytical – a trained financial analyst who is comfortable forecasting income statements to determine equity values can leverage these analytical skills as a brand manager creating a P&L statement for a product she is managing Use keys to creating a strong resume to guide the writing process Format to address aesthetics and length Send to friends or mentors you trust for feedback

5 Communicate YOUR Value to THEM The top 1/3 rd of the first page is the most critical –Attracts a reader’s interest and determines if he/she will read further or toss –Use a Value Statement (Summary of Qualifications) in place of an Objective What three skills do you demonstrate that directly relate/match the job you seek Why should you get an interview? Are you a revenue generator, a cost eliminator, an effective team leader/people developer? What makes you a potential solution to their hiring needs?

6 Gap in Employment History? If you have a period of unemployment, spell it out to avoid questions and concerns. For example, 1999 – 2008 Voluntarily left corporate employment to raise small children, travel the world, write a book, and/or care for ailing parents Volunteer Experience can be used to highlight relevant transferable skills and leadership talents 2004 – 2006 PTA President, Elementary School * Directed PTA Board of 12 members, scheduled and facilitated monthly board meetings with school administrators to assure various school initiatives were achieved * Led fundraising efforts resulting in over $15,000, exceeding plan goal by 5% 2007 – 2009 Treasurer, OLPH Parish Council * Managed $55K budget and reconciled books for parish of 2,600 members

7 Resume Writing Resources Complimentary Resume Review from ONWARD’s Career Advisor –Send word version to: Two reference books worth looking at: –Resume Magic by Susan Britton Whitcomb, CPRW –Back on the Career Track by Vivian Rabin and Carol Cohen, iRelaunch co-founders (for those looking to re-enter the workforce and address a career gap)

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