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Apply to Research & Internships: Resumes, Cover Letters, & Interviewing Aparna Konde and Jasmine Tuazon.

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1 Apply to Research & Internships: Resumes, Cover Letters, & Interviewing Aparna Konde and Jasmine Tuazon

2 Resumes

3 How to Start  Keep a running record of all your activities (service, shadowing, research/internship hours, jobs, etc.)  Dates  Number of hours (including times)  Brief description of activity  Prioritize your activities  Considerations for building a resume  Lifelong accomplishments  Consistency in activities

4 General Resume Writing Tips  Ask for help!  Upperclassmen  PreHealth Office  Writing Center  Career Services  Keep different versions of your resume  Type of Opportunity  Business internships  Medical internships  Research

5 General Resume Writing Tips Continued  Most important accomplishments at the top!  Key words: Internship, Research, Shadowing, etc.  Describe accomplishments rather than job descriptions  “Research & Internship Chair for AMSA provides research for members” vs. “Provided research opportunities for members each semester”  Quality vs. Quantity debate  Go for depth and substantial experiences!

6 Resume Structure Overview  Header  Education  Current education (Baylor University) and high school education  Study abroad  GPA (regular, science, etc.)  Experiences, Activities, and Other Potential Sections  Objective  Work Experience  Research Experience  Community Service  Shadowing  Extracurricular Activities  Leadership  Awards & Accomplishments  Skills

7 Resume Heading  Heading should include:  Name  Font should be larger than the rest of heading  Current Address  Cell Phone Number  Baylor Email Address

8 Resume Tips (Body Sections)  Use powerful action verbs  Formatting  Font size: 10-12 pt.  Margins: 0.5-1 in.  Maintain consistency  Resume Length: Stick to one page  Aim for aesthetics and legibility  This is your first impression!  Avoid slang and abbreviations

9 Resume Tips Continued  No complete sentences  No pronouns  Demonstrate your skills (communication, leadership, etc.) through your actions  Avoid things that raise red flags  No long-term commitments

10 Cover letters

11 Cover Letters  Purpose: to state your intent for obtaining a research or internship opportunity  Elements of a Cover Letter  Information about yourself  Name, major, future career aspirations, etc.  Don’t restate what is on your resume!  Talk about why you would be a good candidate for the position

12 Cover Letters Continued  Discuss your credentials and qualifications  Previous experience  Skills  Upper-level classes that could be useful  Mention any attached documentation  Resume  Letters of Recommendation (if applicable)  Refer to handout

13 Interviews

14 Ten Rules of Interviewing 1. Keep your answers brief 2. Include concrete data 3. Repeat key strengths three times 4. Prepare 5+ success stories 5. Put yourself on their team 6. Image is as important as content 7. Ask questions 8. Maintain conversational flow 9. Research the interviewer/position you’re interviewing for 10. Keep an interview journal

15 Common Interview Questions Question TypeExamples Personal 1.Tell me about yourself. 2.What can you offer us? 3.Define success. Failure. 4.What is your greatest weakness. Education 1.Why did you choose your major? 2.In which campus activities did you participate? 3.If you had to start over, what would you change about your education? Experience 1.Give an example of when you had to work under a deadline pressure. 2.Have you done volunteer work? What kind? Career Goals 1.Would you be successful working with a team? 2.Do you prefer large or small organizations? 3.Do you prefer to work under supervision or on your own? 4.Why do you want to go into medicine?

16 Common Questions to Ask 1. What skills are especially important for this opportunity? 2. What will be my day-to- day responsibilities? 3. What do you think is the most challenging aspect of this position?

17 AMSA Mock Interviews 1. Why do mock interviews? 2. The Process 1. Fill out Student Profile 2. You will receive an email from a Research & Internship committee members 3. Send out email to the assigned professor 4. Attend interview 5. You will receive your Evaluation Form from professor within a week

18 References  Paul L. Foster Success Center Questions?

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