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143rd Transportation Command

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1 143rd Transportation Command
Orlando, FL MAJ Dennis McFadden Operations Officer JLOTS R & D Symposium Duck, NC 29–31 January 2002 Good afternoon, I am BG Bill Crupe, Commander of the 143rd Transportation Command, located in Orlando, Florida. Today, I will give you an overview of the 143rd TRANSCOM and discuss some of the ongoing Transportation Corp force design initiatives. This briefing is unclassified.

2 Agenda Mission Statement and METL TRANSCOM Organization
Peacetime Mission Wartime Mission Operations and Exercises Transportation Functional Oversight TRANSCOM Redesign I will follow this agenda today.

3 143rd TRANSCOM Mission Statement
On Order, the 143rd TRANSCOM Mobilizes and Deploys to Establish the Theater Level Transportation System. Establish Aerial and Sea Ports of Debarkation and Inland Motor and Rail Operations. As Directed Provide Common User Transportation Support Services Throughout the Theater of Operations. Our mission statement. We are constantly involved in contingencies, exercises, and force projection operations throughout the world.

4 (Reception, Staging, Onward Movement,
RSO&I Process (Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration) Onward Movement Reception Staging Integration Home Station APOE PREPO FORT Fort SPOE STRATEGIC MOBILITY Tactical Assembly Area (TAA) APOD CONUS or Worldwide In-Theater Staging Base AIRLIFT SEALIFT SPOD MSR Water MSR Army Watercraft FM

5 143rd Transportation Command
Peacetime Mission

6 Peacetime Mission Develop Transportation Plans and Polices for both MTWs USARC’s Action Agent for CONUS and OCONUS Transportation Operations North Carolina FORSCOM’s Action Agent for SEDREs and CINC sponsored JLOTS exercises Morehead City Anniston Georgia Alabama Waycross Panama City Command and Control 12 Transportation Units in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, & North Carolina Florida Gainesville Orlando Kissimmee USARC’s advisor for optimizing Transportation collective and individual training opportunities to improve readiness (TTAB Charter) Tampa Perrine

7 Peacetime Responsibilities
Provide Staff Supervision for Personnel, Administration, Budget, Facility Management, Training, Logistical Support, and Mobilization Execution for 12 Subordinate Units Req’d Auth Total Soldiers TPU Soldiers AC AGR Civilian North Carolina Morehead City Anniston Georgia Alabama The TRANSCOM will become a truly a Multi-Compo organization in September of 2002. In addition to the HQ’s itself, the 32d Group, the 3d TMCA, the 332d Terminal Battalion, and the 824th Heavy Boat Company, will all consist of both Compo 1 & 3 soldiers. A concept being developed at CASCOM will add Compo 2 (Nat’l Guard) structure to the 143rd down trace. (TCE concept) Waycross Panama City Florida Gainesville Orlando Kissimmee Tampa Perrine

8 143rd Transportation Command
Wartime Mission

9 Wartime / Contingency Operation Responsibilities in both MTWs
Mobilize and Deploy to establish theater level Transportation Systems Develop and Execute theater level transportation plans, policies, and procedures Conduct Reception, Staging, and Onward Movement Operations for Army, Joint, and/or Combined Forces Plan and Execute theater level transportation operations The TRANSCOM mission is broken down into these primary areas of responsibility. I’ll highlight four of them: Our Reception, Staging, and Onward Movement challenge is to ensure that the incremental buildup of combat power proceeds according to the CINC’s plan. Command and Control of our WARTRACE units requires that we provide METL guidance, mission statements, and technical expertise to these units, through day-to-day contact, conferences, and exercises. We have 5 TC Groups WARTRACED to this Command: - 32d GP, Tampa FL th GP, Butler, PA - 336th GP, Sheridan, IL th GP, Mobile, AL - 7th GP an AC Gp located at FT. Eustis, VA Transportation Planning for both MTWs consumes a large portion of our resources. In order to accomplish our mission, we have established Liaison Officer positions with G-4, 3rd Army and G-4, 8th Army. The Liaison Officers maintain continuity, exchange information, and coordinate training missions with their respective Commands. As the EAC Theater Transportation Operators we are responsible for meeting all rail, coastal & inland waterway, and highway movement requirements via our subordinate units. Command and Control EAC transportation units Operate Theater common user seaport terminals, coastal & inland waterway MSRs, JLOTS sites, rail terminals and line haul truck ops

10 143rd TRANSCOM Wartrace 143rd TRANSCOM MTW-East Trans Groups - 3
Bn’s 12 Co’s 67 TC GP TC GP TC GP 143rd TRANSCOM TC GP Hawaii MTW-West Trans Groups 2 Bn’s 14 Co’s 77 Puerto Rico TC GP

11 143rd TRANSCOM Forward Early Entry Module (EEM)
TRANSCOM HQ EEM EEM = 22 2 Admin/IM Section Liaison Section 2 2 Air Section Hwy/Rail Section Terminal Section 4 6 6 Provides functional C2 and technical supervision for subordinate Transportation Units; Develops plans, policies, procedures, and programs for Transportation requirements and use of Army Transportation assets; Prepares estimates, plans, and policies for mode and terminal operations; Advises the TSC Deputy Commander for Support on the effective use of Transportation units and services.

12 Operations and Exercises
143rd Transportation Command Operations and Exercises

13 USARSO / SOUTHCOM Intra-theater lift
Areas of Operation and Exercise Locations (FY99 - FY03) Ulchi Focus Lens Foal Eagle RSOI (All Annual) APS-3 APS-3 (Annual) Big Red (HLPS) AWR-3 APA (Annual) Turbo CADS (’01) TRANSLOTS (Annual) JLOTS ’02 FORSCOM SEDREs (’01/’02/’03) CJLOTS (’03) Bright Star (Bi-annual) Internal Look (Annual) Trade Winds 02 Lucky Overwatch 02 Southern Watch Desert Thunder USARSO / SOUTHCOM Intra-theater lift (Ongoing) Vigilant Warrior The 143rd TRANSCOM provides transportation support to our customers, throughout the world. Here is a representation of past and present exercises and contingencies. Last year we completed a successful “TURBO PATRIOT” JLOTS exercise, that was conducted at Camp Pendleton, CA. This year we completed “TURBO CADS”, a C/JLOTS exercise that was conducted in June in the Republic of Korea. This was a combine and joint exercise and included AC/RC soldiers, sailors, and ROK Forces. The purpose of the exercise was to replicate Joint delivery of cargo over a bare beach and through a degraded port. Our next major exercise is Native Atlas ’02, a JLOTS exercise at Camp Pendleton, CA in Apr/May of Our mission will be to download 3d ID equipment from ships, move it over the beach and through a small ports, and then onward to the National Training Center. Lucky Sentinel (Annual) Major Exercise CINC Participants # IPRs FTS Req’t TPU Req’t Turbo Patriot (’01) USTRANSCOM 2,000+ (Joint) Lucky Sentinel (’02) CENTCOM ,000+ (Joint/Comb) Turbo CADS (’02) PACOM ,000+ (Joint//Comb) Bright Star (“02/03) CENTCOM ,000+ (Joint/Comb)

14 USARSO Planning Support
FY-02 External Missions / Exercises Jul 01 Aug 01 Sep 01 Oct 01 Nov 01 Dec01 Jan 02 Feb 02 Mar 02 Apr 02 May 02 Jun 02 Jul 02 Aug 02 Sep 02 USARSO Planning Support Trans Mariner 02 TRANSLOTS 02 Turbo Cads Korea (CJLOTS 01) UFL 02 RSOI 02 Lucky Overwatch 02 Lucky Warrior 01 Bright Star 02 Lucky Sentinel 02 Lucky Warrior 02 Golden Mariner 01 Native Atlas CPX Golden Mariner 02 Native Atlas JLOTS 02 UFL 01 SEDRE 101st 02 In addition to Transportation Planning support to USARSO, we also support USARSO with LCU 2000 vessels. Starting in Oct 2002, the USAR will have one LCU 2000 on a 365 day continuous basis in the USARSO AOR. Several of the exercises / CPXs (RSOI, UFL, Lucky Warrior) the 143d TRANSCOM has been participating for several years.

15 FY-02 Planning Conferences / Other Activities
Jul 01 Aug 01 Sep 01 Oct 01 Nov 01 Dec 01 Jan 02 Feb 02 Mar 02 Apr 02 May 02 Jun 02 Jul 02 Aug 02 Sep 02 Site visits to higher and subordinate commands to coordinate planning efforts Attend all OPLAN TPFDD Conferences (Oct, Dec, Jan, Mar, Sep) Provide transportation planning expertise to TSCs, RSCs, ASCCs, and CINCs Provide staff input to Transportation Corps initiatives and concepts (e.g. TCE, PREPO, TSV, Wtrcft Restructure Plan) JLOTS 03 CDC JLOTS 03 Site Survey JLOTS 03 IPC TTAB TTAB TTAB OCC Conference TC Week W WMC UFL IPC UFL MPC UFL FPC Korea War Trace Conference RSOI FPC This slide shows the workload effort for exercises RSOI FPC Native Atlas CPX RSOI ROCK DRILL PREPO IPR PREPO IPR PREPO IPR SWA War Trace Conference 19th TSC War Trace Conf USARC CTSW JCS JLOTS Board FORSCOM WWTSC FORSCOM WWTSC USAR Watercraft Conference

16 JLOTS Exercises & Native Atlas ‘02
143rd Transportation Command JLOTS Exercises & Native Atlas ‘02

17 JLOTS Definition LOTS is the process of discharging cargo from vessels anchored offshore or in-the-stream, transporting it to shore or pier and marshalling it for onward movement. JLOTS occurs when Army and Navy units conduct LOTS operations together under a Joint Force Commander.

18 Joint Chiefs of Staff JLOTS Exercise Sponsorship Message
To ensure JLOTS as a strategic capability, it must be realistically exercised each year, and the CINC’s, Services, and JLOTS community must work together to maximize training and maintain operational excellence. It is essential that programmed funds are available to ensure accomplishment of the JLOTS training objectives. It is critical that JLOTS is exercised regularly to maintain operational excellence in this important warfighting area. * Reference CJCS Message dated Z JAN 01


20 JCS Directed, CINC Sponsored, C/J/LOTS Exercises
Schedule and CJLOTS Cdr / ARFOR Cdr: FY ’00: US TRANSCOM – Turbo Patriot, Camp Pendleton, CA 143d TRANSCOM / 7th Group FY ’01: PACOM – TURBO CADS, Chilpo/Pohong, ROK FY ’02: CENTCOM – Native Atlas, Camp Pendleton, CA 143d TRANSCOM / 32d Group FY ’03: PACOM – RSOI/Foal Eagle, ROK FY ’04: SOUTHCOM – New Horizons/ TBD 143d TRANSCOM / TBD FY ’05: PACOM; 143d TRANSCOM / TBD FY ’06: CENTCOM; 143d TRANSCOM / TBD

21 Summary of FY ’00 / ’01 JLOTS Exercises
TURBO PATRIOT JLOTS ‘00 (USTRANSCOM) Established and deployed a Joint LOTS HQ’s and Task Force Deployed, constructed and operated ELCAS (NL) and Causeway Pier Conducted an in-stream discharge of an LMSR Deployed, constructed, and operated OPDS and IPDS Established and operated a Base Camp that supported 1200 personnel TURBO CADS C/JLOTS ‘01 (PACOM) Established and deployed a Joint and Combined LOTS HQ’s and Task Force Conducted Sea/Landward Security in a Combined Environment First ever OCONUS deployment, construction, and operation of Navy ELCAS (M) Deployed, constructed, and operated Causeway Pier Conducted an in-stream discharge of 2 Support Vessels and 1 Commercial Container ship Deployed, constructed, and operated OPDS and IPDS (pumped 3.2 million gallons of water) Established and operated a Combined / Joint Base Camp supporting 1500 personnel OPDS = Offshore Petroleum Discharge System (Navy) IPDS = Inland Petroleum Discharge System (Army) ELCAS(M) = Elevated Causeway System (Modular) (Navy – Only operational system on East Coast) OPDS=Offshore Petroleum Discharge System (Navy); IPDS=Inland Petroleum Discharge System (Navy) ELCAS(M)=Elevated Causeway System (Modular)

22 Summary of FY ’02 / ’03 / ’04 JLOTS Exercises
Native Atlas JLOTS ‘02 (CENTCOM) Establish a JLOTS HQ’s and Task Force at Camp Pendleton, CA Conduct in-stream APS-3 LMSR download Conduct in-stream download with onward movement of (3d ID) combat force Conduct in-stream CADS download with onward movement CJLOTS ‘03 (PACOM) Establish a Joint and Combined LOTS HQ’s and Task Force in ROK Deploy, construct, and operate ELCAS (M) and Causeway Pier Deploy, construct, and operate OPDS and IPDS Establish and operate a Base Camp to support 1500 personnel CJLOTS ‘04 (SOUTHCOM) Establish a JLOTS HQ’s and Task Force in USARSO AOR Conduct in conjunction with Exercise New Horizons Deploy an Engineer Task Force into the theater APS = Army Prepositioned Stocks -3 = Afloat designation APS-3 = Army Preposition Stocks; 3=Afloat

23 Native Atlas 02 Mission O/O Joint Task Force elements deploy vicinity Camp Pendleton, California to conduct Wet (OPDS / IPDS) and Dry (LO/LO and RO/RO) operations in support of the 3rd Infantry Divisions’ (3ID) National Training Center (NTC) rotation (07-02). JLOTS inclusive dates are 29 March 02 to 15 April 02

Provide Army/Navy Survey teams to conduct Site and Hydrographic Surveys to validate JLOTS area of operation (Facilities/Real Estate) Develop an exercise budget to include joint and service funding requirements. Develop the recommended JLOTS Task Force based on mission requirements Orchestrate JLOTS specific planning sessions during the IPC, MPC and FPC Develop the JLOTS Task Force OPORDER Provide input to the exercise TPFDD Coordinate with MTMC and MSC for all related matters Oversee strategic deployment of CONUS-based units Report to the CINC or JTF Commander as required

25 Native Atlas 02 Specifics
48 AC/RC Army Units participating/approximately 1000 soldiers 27 AC/RC Navy Units participating/approximately 700 soldiers Base Camp supports over 1800 personnel Discharge APS-3 vessel USNS SISLER Transfer 166 APS-3 pieces to ARFOR Discharge 200 ammunition containers and onward move to MOTCO Discharge 3ID Strategic vessel (LMSR) with approx 1250 pieces Onward move 3ID equipment to the NTC NLT 10 April Deliver a minimum of 2.0 Million gallons of fresh water across the beach

26 Transportation Command Element (TCE)
143rd Transportation Command TRANSCOM Redesign & Transportation Command Element (TCE)

One TRANSCOM w/2 TCEs: One TCE for MTW-W One TCE for MTW-E 377th X X X 19th X X X 143 X X HQ 3d TCE 184th TCE Special Staff HHC = WARTRACE Alignment IG Chaplain SJA G1 G2/3 G4 G6 C2 for transportation units supporting Army Service Component Commands (ASCCs). Transportation Command Element (TCE) to Theater Support Commands (TSCs). Peacetime EAC Transportation Planning for Army Component Commands Planning for and Training Oversight of TCE missions. TRANSCOM PROVIDES:

28 TCE Design X TCE OPCON to TSC
C2 for transportation units supporting Theater Support Commands (TSCs). Transportation Directorate for TSC. Can function as the senior transportation element for a Corps when the Corps operates as ARFOR. TCE PROVIDES: TCE X Performs C2, Staff and Soldier Support Functions Performs Mission of TRANSCOM Assistant G2/3 for Trans Ops Performs TMCA Mission

29 TRANSCOM Redesign Summary
Formally Establishes 143d TRANSCOM as the single planner for worldwide theater warfight transportation Operations Gives TRANSCOM two command elements - one for MTW-E and one for MTW-W Formalizes 37th command structure Preserves ARNG TC BG billet Reflags 3d TMCA as separate command Reduces Army equipment requirement by 100 spaces This initiative supports several force structure re-alignment goals, but most importantly, it better supports the CINC by streamlining transportation command and control at EAC and providing a focused operational planning function to Army Components.

30 Logistics Support Vessel (LSV)
Length: 273 feet / Beam: 60 feet Draft: 12 feet loaded Deck Area: 10,500 square feet (24 Main Battle Tanks or 50 ea. 20’ containers) Payload: short tons (= 86 C-141 loads) Range: 6,500 nautical miles at 11.5 knots Crew Size: 32 (8 warrant officers and 24 enl) First Vessel in Service: 1988 Average Age: 11 yrs Logistics Support Vessel (LSV) Length: 74 feet Beam: 21 feet Draft: 5 feet Small Tug 60’ Landing Craft, Mechanized (LCM-8) Deck Area: 620 sq ft (2 ea. 20’ containers or 200 soldiers) / Mod 2 HMMV Ambulance) Payload: 53 short tons (=2 C-141 loads) Mod 2: Pusher Knees; Stevedore Transport; C2; Light Duty Crane; Fire Monitor Range: 271 nautical miles at 9 knots (loaded) Crew Size: 6 enl (3 per shift for 24 hr opn) First Vessel in Service: 1967 Mod 1 / 1999 Mod 2 Average Age: 31 yrs Mod1 / 3 yrs. Mod 2 Length: 60 feet / Beam: 22 feet Draft: 6 feet loaded Bollard Pull: 18 tons Range: 720 nautical miles at 6 knots Crew Size: 12 (2 WO / 10 Enl) First Vessel in Service: 1998 Average Age: 3 yrs Causeway Pier Modular Causeway System (MCS) Components: Roll-On, Roll-Off Discharge System (RRDF) Causeway Ferry (CF) Floating Causeway (FC) System still in procurement Roll On Roll Off Discharge Facility (RRDF) Large Tug 128’ Length: 174 feet / Beam: 42 feet Draft: 9 feet loaded Deck Area: 2,500 square feet (5 Main Battle Tanks or 12 ea. 20’ containers) Payload: 350 short tons (=15 C-141 loads) Range: 6,500 nautical miles at 11.5 knots Crew Size: 13 (2 warrant officers and 11 enlisted) First Vessel in Service: 1990 Average Age: 10 yrs Landing Craft Utility (LCU 2000) Barge Derrick 115 Long Tons Large Tug: Length: 128 feet / Beam: 36 feet Draft: 17 feet Bollard Pull: 58 Tons (can pull a Guided Msl Crsr) Range: 5,000 nautical 12 knots Crew Size: 23 (8 WO / 15 Enl) First Vessel in Service: 1994 Average Age: 7 yrs Barge Derrick: Length: 200 feet / Beam: 80 feet Draft: 7+ when fully loaded Lifting capacity: 115 long tons Crew Size: 15 (2 WO / 13 Enl) First Vessel in Service: 1998 Average Age: 3 yrs 143rd TRANSCOM (407) ext / 5 / 6 (800) Updated Sep 01

31 143rd Transportation Command
Orlando, FL Questions? MAJ Dennis McFadden Operations Officer Good afternoon, I am BG Bill Crupe, Commander of the 143rd Transportation Command, located in Orlando, Florida. Today, I will give you an overview of the 143rd TRANSCOM and discuss some of the ongoing Transportation Corp force design initiatives. This briefing is unclassified.

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