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In partnership with Shelly Shepherd by Charlotte Arizona Game and Fish Department.

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2 In partnership with Shelly Shepherd by Charlotte Arizona Game and Fish Department

3 Introduction to the Arizona Game and Fish Arizona Game and Fish department manages fishing, hunting and all outdoor recreation. Outdoor door recreation includes camping and hiking. The Arizona Game and Fish department has been around for a very long time.

4 Facts A Coyotes high pitched yips and howls of this animal are most often heard at dusk or nighttime. In fact, its scientific name Canis latrans, means "barking dog." Arizona's San Pedro River is one of the most famous riparian areas in the world. Amongst the 400 species that call it home is the second smallest species of owl in the world. The Elf Owl. This solitary predator is the second heaviest cat in the Western hemisphere. Ranging in color from tawny to silvery-grey, its scientific name is Puma concolor, also known as the Mountain Lion. The collared peccary (Pecari tajacu) is an animal native to Arizona that bears a superficial resemblance to a pig, known as the javelina. As the fastest land mammal in North America, this Arizona native can maintain speeds of 40 mph for several miles, reaching 60 mph in shorter bursts is the Pronghorn Antelope. Found across most of western and southern Arizona, it has bead-like scales arranged in a pattern of black bands is a Gila Monster

5 Elk Casualties Arizona Game and Fish have been recording cars running into elk, from 1994 to 1999, incidents have become more and more common.

6 Rules and Regulations for hunting The Arizona Game and Fish department manages all hunting and game. Hunting and game have rules and restrictions so hunters do not dramatically decrease populations. Rules and regulations can be found here. here.

7 Here is a voice recording of an interview with one of Arizona Fish and Game Departments workers.

8 Arizona Game and Fish: Protecting Wildlife

9 And a special thanks to my mentor Shelly Shepherd!

10 Information: Activities/0611_Elk.pdf Wildlife-295435.html Video:

11 Credits Pictures: content%2Fuploads%2F2008%2F12%2FLogos%2FArizon-Fish-and-Game- 300x300.jpg&v_t=client97_searchbox& 2Fget-ready-for-next-weekends-arizona-game-fish-department-outdoor- expo%2F&width=140&height=140& ANd9GcR7-yayjj4cihchx- content%2Fuploads%2F2008%2F12%2FLogos%2FArizon-Fish-and-Game- 300x300.jpg&b=image%3Fq%3DWhat%2Bis%2Bthe%2BArizona%2BGame%2Band%2BFish%253F%26v_t %3Dclient97_searchbox%26s_it%3DimageResultsBack%26oreq%3D95fcda2496a6442aa5824d5064d62050&i mgHeight=300&imgWidth=300&imgTitle=Arizona+Game+and+Fish&imgSize=40865&hostName=www.amm &v_t=client97_searchbox& eprogram%2Fnativefish.shtml&width=65&height=183& %3Fq%3Dtbn%3AANd9GcTYYlv7QA2r8JeG5RZMU0j3Jw- program%2Fimages%2Fclip_image002_000.jpg&b=image%3Fq%3Dindigenous%2Barizona%2Bfish%26v_t% 3Dclient97_searchbox%26s_it%3DimageResultsBack%26oreq%3D65d3ce53b2174eee9baa0a214ae1175c&img Height=332&imgWidth=119&imgTitle=native+fish&imgSize=6337&

12 yell-ed-austin-herb- jones.jpg&v_t=na& ldlife_protection%2Fwildlife_facts%2Felk.asp&width=137&height =142& q%3Dtbn%3AANd9GcSaFPu3gm_MwsvoGx65- gYgsjqISOxDD8CRP64NrNUPaDrYgGHPPPLr5id8%3Awww.epa jones.jpg&b=image%3Fs_it%3DimageResultsBack%26v_t%3Dna %26q%3Delk%26oreq%3Dbfa330d5eaaa4d6190839dc0cfc0d651 &imgHeight=248&imgWidth=240&imgTitle=Bull+Elk+Picture+Y ellowstone&imgSize=17895& interview.jpg content/uploads/2010/02/arizona.jpg america/us/arizona/images/s/arizona-red-rock.jpg

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