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Unit 5: The Nation Grows Chapter 12: Manifest Destiny Sections 1-4: Oregon, Texas, Mexico & California.

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1 Unit 5: The Nation Grows Chapter 12: Manifest Destiny Sections 1-4: Oregon, Texas, Mexico & California

2 Chapter 12 Vocab and Art Smart Terms
Rendezvous Emigrant Annex Manifest Destiny Boomtown Vigilante Joint Occupation By the 1840s, the U.S. had grown considerably. Name 3 regions the U.S. had not yet acquired.

3 1 3 4 2

4 I live in the wilderness trapping animals
I live in the wilderness trapping animals. I gather for a rendezvous once a year to sell my furs. Mountain Men



7 Where we left off . . . Election of 1844
James Polk (D) Henry Clay (W)

8 Polk (D) defeats Clay (W).

9 Manifest Destiny: Oregon Territory
I’m President James K. Polk. But you can call me “Mr. Manifest Destiny.”

10 Oregon Country Oregon: Jointly occupied by Great Britain & the U.S. since 1818!

11 Americans begin settling Oregon in large numbers.
Oregon Trail

12 What method of transportation did people use to reach the Oregon Country?

13 We are called emigrants because we left the United States to go to Oregon.






19 “Fifty-four Forty or FIGHT!”

20 Oregon Country

21 Oregon: Boundary of 1846 President Polk negotiated a treaty with Great Britain. Below 49 degrees latitude became the U.S. Oregon Territory. Above 49 degrees latitude became part of British Canada.

22 1 3 4 2

23 POP QUIZ STUDY GUIDE What effect did the mountain men have on our country’s history? Why did Polk defeat Henry Clay in the 1844 election? Explain Manifest Destiny in your own words: List the challenges emigrants faced on their 2,000 mile exodus to Oregon: What was “ or fight?” How did America acquire the Oregon Territory?

24 I’m Stephen F. Austin. I’m the leader of the “Old Three Hundred”
What was the “Old Three Hundred?” Three hundred American families that settled in Texas and received 960 acres of land during the 1820s

25 Manifest Destiny: Independence for Texas
I’m General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. I’m the president of Mexico. Americans living in Mexico (Texas) in the 1830s are invaders and must leave!

26 The Struggle for Independence
Santa Anna attacked Americans living in Texas during The Battle of Gonzales and San Antonio are Texan victories. Americans in Texas declared independence in 1836 and Santa Anna is ANGRY! Fighting continues . . .

27 The Battle of the Alamo March 1836

28 “Get some volunteers and go fortify the Alamo”
Sam Houston

29 I’m Davy Crockett. You can call me the “King of the Wild Frontier.”
Thought he could help Texas win their independence from Mexico.


31 “You may never see your loved ones”
Colonel William Travis

32 “Those that want to can leave now, those who’ll fight to the death, let ‘em stay”
Colonel William Travis

33 “Play Deguello!”

34 “I will show them no quarter, everyone will be put to the sword”


36 The Ballad of the Alamo Marty Robbins In the southern part of Texas, in the town of San Antone, There's a fortress all in ruin that the weeds have overgrown. You may look in vain for crosses and you'll never see a one, But sometime between the setting and the rising of the sun, You can hear a ghostly bugle as the men go marching by; You can hear them as they answer to that roll call in the sky: Colonel Travis, Davy Crockett and a hundred eighty more; Captain Dickenson, Jim Bowie, present and accounted for. Back in 1836, Houston said to Travis: "Get some volunteers and go fortify the Alamo." Well, the men came from Texas and from old Tennessee, And they joined up with Travis just to fight for the right to be free. Indian scouts with squirrel guns, men with muzzle loaders, Stood together heel and toe to defend the Alamo. "You may never see your loved ones," Travis told them that day. "Those that want to can leave now, those who'll fight to the death, let 'em stay.“ In the sand he drew a line with his army sabre, Out of a hundred eighty five, not a soldier crossed the line. With his banners a-dancin' in the dawn's golden light, Santa Anna came prancin' on a horse that was black as the night.

37 He sent an officer to tell Travis to surrender
He sent an officer to tell Travis to surrender. Travis answered with a shell and a rousin' rebel yell. Santa Anna turned scarlet: "Play Degüello," he roared. "I will show them no quarter, everyone will be put to the sword." One hundred and eighty five holdin' back five thousand. Five days, six days, eight days, ten; Travis held and held again. Then he sent for replacements for his wounded and lame, But the troops that were comin' never came, never came, never came. Twice he charged, then blew recall. On the fatal third time, Santa Anna breached the wall and he killed them one and all. Now the bugles are silent and there's rust on each sword, And the small band of soldiers lie asleep in the arms of The Lord. In the southern part of Texas, near the town of San Antone, Like a statue on his Pinto rides a cowboy all alone. And he sees the cattle grazin' where a century before, Santa Anna's guns were blazin' and the cannons used to roar. And his eyes turn sort of misty, and his heart begins to glow, And he takes his hat off slowly to the men of Alamo. To the thirteen days of glory at the seige of Alamo.


39 The Battle of San Jacinto
April, 1836 – Sam Houston led 900 Americans against Santa Anna’s 1,300. American victory May, 1836 – Santa Anna signed a treaty that recognized the independence of Texas. Sam Houston Texan Hero

40 Texan Victory Texas became the Lone Star Republic in 1836.
The U.S. annexed Texas in 1845. How did Mexico feel about this??

41 POP QUIZ STUDY GUIDE Explain how two major cities in Texas today got their name: Describe the 5 W’s of the Alamo WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY Why is Texas different from most of our states today?

42 1 3 4 2

43 Manifest Destiny: War with Mexico
Using the Santa Fe Trail, many Americans moved into Mexican territory (NM, AZ, CA).

44 War with Mexico I tried playing nice . . . President Polk offered to buy territory from Mexico (twice.) Mexico said no. Mexican & American soldiers clashed between Texas and Mexico (1846). Polk asked for declaration of war. War split the U.S. public. Mexico has invaded our territory and shed American blood upon the American soil!

45 Why would the north and south disagree over war with Mexico and the acquisition of new land?

46 I oppose this war. I do not believe the Mexicans attacked us
I oppose this war! I do not believe the Mexicans attacked us. Take me to the spot where the Mexican soldiers attacked the US soldiers!


48 I will lead my troops and secure the Rio Grande and the rest of Texas.
I’m Zachary Taylor. I will lead my troops and secure the Rio Grande and the rest of Texas.

49 I’m Stephen Watts Kearny.
I will lead my troops into New Mexico and California.

50 Remember me? I’m General Winfield Scott.
I will capture Mexico City!






56 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848)
What were the conditions of this treaty?

57 Gadsden Purchase Why was this territory important? (Think expansion and industry.)

58 Who started the Mexican American War? How?
Pop Quiz/ Study Guide Who started the Mexican American War? How? Who didn’t support the war? Why not? Explain the three parts of America’s strategy against Mexico: What was the result of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? Why was the Gadsden Purchase so important?

59 1 3 4 2

60 California Gold Rush begins 1848





65 Sutter's Mill In the spring of forty-seven Well, some fell prey to hostile arrows So the story it is told As they tried to cross the plains Old John Sutter went to the Mill site And some were lost in the Rocky Mountains Found a piece of shinin' gold. With their hands froze to the reins. Well, he took it to the city Where the word like wildfire spread Old John Sutter soon came to wishin' He'd left that stone in the river bed. Oh, they came like herds of locusts Some pushed on to California Every woman, child and man Others stopped to take their rest In their lumberin' connestogas And by the spring of eighteen-sixty They left their track upon the land. They had opened up the west. Some would fail and some would prosper And then the railroad came behind them Some would die and some would kill And the land was plowed and tame Some would beg the Lord for their deliverance When old John Sutter went to meet his Maker Some would curse John Sutter's Mill. With not one penny to his name. Well, they came from New York City And they came from Alabam' With their dream of findin' fortune In this wild unsettled land.



68 So, who really made money during the Gold Rush?

69 Merchants cashed in! Levi Strauss





74 1 3 4 2

No PowerPoint Game Show this time. PICK ONE FROM BELOW: -Find a Current Event that has similarities and differences from an event we studied in this chapter, include a summary of the current article along with its comparison to history. -Create a Poetry Slam incorporating an important event from the Study Guide (approved partner activity) -Draw a detailed picture of an important event on the Study Guide. Must include a detailed written description (5W’s). The picture can be propaganda (exaggerated or biased perspective) -Create 5 advanced Math Problems that creatively explain events and terminology from the study guide. Each math problem must have a caption that explains the meaning of each mathematical expression -Choreograph 8 body movements for any terminology or vocabulary on the study guide that the class can try to guess or help you (if needed) during the performance. -Write a script or a song covering events from the study guide that classmates could help you perform (if needed). Technology ideas: Video or Radio Podcast? Facebook Page? Prezi Timeline? XtraNormal or Go!Animate Skit?

76 1 3 4 2

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