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Rock Valley Sports Officials Association. WELCOME.

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1 Rock Valley Sports Officials Association



4 RVOA IS HERE TO HELP At the end of this meeting you the official will walk away knowing what training you will need in order to officiate and what is expected and required in order to officiate the sport of football.

5 BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS Register at “MUST” be a licensed w/IHSA (sport: FB) RVOA website Pay RVOA membership dues - $40 Order your required Equipment & uniform Attend remaining classroom training dates Attend on-Field training – 2 required Read the Rules/Part 2 Definitions Crew & game assignments

6 Agenda Register at RVOA website Membership dues Equipment/uniform needed Classroom training On-Field training Rules Youth Conferences Assignments

7 Register @ Game assignments Update availability Master schedule Current news & events Meeting & training dates Rule updates, changes Member contacts Rate fellow officials Self-Assign Association COMMUNICATION!

8 Rock Valley Officials Association Meeting Presentations NIFC Rules & Exceptions Forms & Reports Game incident Reports Dress code Game Fee’s 3 & 4-Man mechanic presentations Code of conduct Testimonials On-line registration for all meetings, clinics & on-field training Popular Links

9 Membership Dues $40.00 Cash or Check payable to RVOA Pay on-line @ To be paid today or at next meeting No game assignments will be made till your dues are paid.

10 Mandatory & Required Equipment Order at or Black hat w/white piping Short & long-sleeve stripe shirt Black under T-shirt (no white T-shirts) Black shorts with front pockets (no stripes) White Knickers (optional) Gloves (all black) Black ankle socks Black shoes 2 nylon yellow flags 2 WHITE bean bags (vinyl & nylon) Fox 40 Whistle w/lanyard Chain clip Down indicator (rubber band) Info packet w/card Count down watch Coin (half dollar or larger)

11 Classroom Training Everyone should plan on attending ALL meetings! 1 st year officials are required to attend ALL. LOCATION: Rock Valley College, PEC Bldg. – Rm# 0202 2014 MEETING DATES:  July 28th  Aug. 4, 11, 18, 25  Sept. - TBD  Rules, Mechanics, Philosophy, guest speakers, video & game film

12 On-Field Training 4-man mechanics Proper positioning & hand signals When to blow your whistle When to not to throw your flag and bean bag Will learn the four positions; Referee, Umpire & Wings Penalty Enforcement All 1 st & 2 nd year officials are required to attend 2 on-field training scrimmages. All officials will be assigned to a 4-man crew with a veteran white hat referee.

13 Rules 2014 Rule Books has been sent out by IHSA 2014 Case Book included in IHSA packet Who should have them? Know the RULES, READ THEM!

14 New this year for RVOA Members All members new and veterans are required to attend weekly meetings. Each official will be assigned to a crew (white hat). Each official will be required to confirm to his crew chief his attendance for each RVOA meeting & Saturday NIFC game assignments. White hats/crew chiefs will rotate to work with different crews. All officials will be evaluated by all crew chiefs. Each crew will be required to present at each meeting a play situation, penalty enforcement or weird game situation that happened to them on either a Friday or Saturday game.

15 Stateline Conference RVOA will be assigning several schools for this conference. Games played on Thursday’s. Make sure you update your calendar to reflect weekdays too.

16 NIFC Games Played on Saturdays starting 8/16/14 Average of 3-5 games to be played on any given Saturday. 11 Organizations/teams now make up the NIFC NIFC rule differences, go to 4 Divisions –Flyweight (8 & under) –Lightweight (U9) –Middleweight (U10) –Heavyweight (U11/12)

17 NIFC Teams 1.Belvidere North 2.Carlson 3.Dakota 4.Genoa-Kingston 5.Kenrock 6.North Boone 7.Rockford Christian – NEW for 2014 8.Rockford Lutheran 9.Roscoe/ Rockton Lions 10.Sycamore (SYFL) 11.Win-Du-Pec

18 Summary Register at Pay your Dues Update your availability Calendar Order NOW required Equipment & Uniform Attend classroom training dates Attend “Mandatory” On-Field training Read & know the Rules Review mechanics Work as many games as possible

19 Reminders Confirming game assignments w/R Running late, call someone on your crew. NO SHOWS will not be tolerated! Encroachments – Wings ONLY! Know your keys & duties at every position. Do not fish in other officials ponds. Call ALL safety fouls. Avoid ticky-tack calls that don’t impact the play! Live ball & Dead ball fouls – Throw flags HIGH into the air! Referee’s you can wave off flags……… Punting/clock on middle weight games, Questions? 4-man crew positioning on Free Kicks. (LJ – with R @ 50YD, L-with K @ 40YD, U-L side @ 20/30YD, R-LJ side opposite of press box @ 10/20YD)

20 NIFC Slaughter Rule If a point spread of twenty-four (24) points or more exists at any time during the game, coaches of the winning team are required to substitute lesser skilled players at quarterback, running backs, receivers, and skilled defensive players. An official time out will be called to substitute players. The time out needed for this substitution will NOT be charged against either team. When substituting players due to a point spread, key players may not be substituted to other key positions. WE ARE NOT TO POLICE THIS! Have both head coaches get together either between quarters or at half-time.

21 NIFC Slaughter Rule The receiving team, when trailing by 24 points or more, shall retain possession of all free kicks & scrimmage kicks under all circumstances. This includes muffs and/or fumbles (whether or not the ball is advanced), on-side kicks, and kickoff recoveries by the kicking team. In the event the ball is fumbled, the ball shall be spotted at the spot of the fumble or muff.

22 Game Management Properly marked & safe field – Walk the field Certifying coaches (player equipment & concussion) Coin Toss – Keep it short with talking to a minimum. R keep the game flowing, one tempo with a consistent pace. After PAT’s – Get & Hustle kids into positions. L & LJ, get kids lined up and hustle into your positions. Use proper ball mechanics in getting the ball ready for next down. Referee report fouls ASAP, look to side-line/head coach for whether or not to accept or decline penalty. DO NOT ASK FOR CAPTIANS!

23 Game Management Once you know how to enforce the penalty, tell your umpire to walk it off. Then………. Referee’s find an open area, face the press box & report clean, strong & slow signal, verbalize your calls out load. U, L, & LJ – Don’t stand around! Once you learn of the penalty enforcement get the ball, teams & chains ready for play. Referee should NOT have to do this. Ball should be ready for play once Referee has reported foul to press box. This will help game flow & keep games on- time. Games are way TOO LONG & we need to do our part in keeping them on time.

24 Side-Line Control Enforce the 2-yard side-line restriction area. Do not allow assistant coaches to scream, yell and use unwanted gestures towards you. Ignore comments, shout outs or just bad behavior. Do not ignore fair and polite questions from coaches. Do not interrupt, let them finish. Treat coaches and players with respect! RVOA officials are to NEVER yell or raise their voice towards coaches, fans or players! We use our flags instead – 1 st one is a WARNING! Seek assistance from your Referee if your unable or uncomfortable to either answer, confront or handle a coach.

25 Side-Line Control Use visual acknowledgment with coach or players. Direct eye contact or use caution sign. Use short verbal explanation “I hear you, I will watch for that” or “I saw it differently than that” Use humor only when appropriate-Timing is of the utmost importance with humor. Defuse the situation – Do not abuse it. Get everyone calmed down if possible. Do not lose your composure-This is INEXCUSABLE!! Always display proper physical demeanor (good eye contact & proper posture) Listen rather than challenge. Give quick precise explanation and move forward.

26 Side-Line Control Close the situation as rapidly as possible. Use simple communication to keep a situation from escalating Remember Defuse rather than Abuse. If conflict continues, throw your flag administer the appropriate penalty and restart the contest as soon as possible.


28 Contact Information: Pete Ducato President Rock Valley Sports Officials Association (RVOA) Ph# 708-508-7383 Email: Website:

29 THANK YOU FOR COMING! See you next week: Same Bldg. & Classroom 7:00pm-9:00pm

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