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Review of 3 Man Mechanics. Kickoffs Referee is 5 yards behind deepest receiver. LJ & HL Count players. START WITH THE CORRECT AMOUNT OF PLAYERS!! LJ.

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1 Review of 3 Man Mechanics

2 Kickoffs

3 Referee is 5 yards behind deepest receiver. LJ & HL Count players. START WITH THE CORRECT AMOUNT OF PLAYERS!! LJ & HL face each other, give a thumbs out and exit field at the same time. Why? When you are ready, signal to the R. R blows the whistle.



6 Kickoffs R is responsible for R’s goal line. R ensures 4 K players on each side of kicker when the ball is kicked. (2014 Change) L is responsible for K’s goal line. L to ensure all K players are within 5 yards except kicker (2014 Change) H should move down quickly after the kick has gone 10 yards. Cover the ball in your area. Watch off the ball when not in your area.


8 Kickoffs After the kick return is dead, signal to stop the clock and point in the direction of the team with possession. Spot the ball and start looking for a new ball from the team on offense. If the free kick goes out of bounds, get the option from the coach and administer. Get the chains set up.

9 Onside Kicks If you know an onside kick is coming, adjust accordingly. If the ball is pointed to the LJ’s side of the field, most likely the kick is going that direction. In that case, when you get to the sideline, the H & LJ should switch positions. This would put the LJ on the receivers restraining line and get a better view.

10 Basic Scrimmage Positions

11 Referee is to the wide side of the field approximately 12-14 yards from the LOS. Both the H & L are on the LOS. H & L should be wide. We want to avoid back pedaling. Referee counts both teams. The H&L count the team on their sideline. H & L responsible for men on the LOS. (7 or more)


13 Basic Scrimmage Positions H&L - Pre-Snap signals & duties. – Counting of players on the Line. Communication with partner. – Punching the widest players off the LOS. – Ten players on field (Signal) – 4 th down signal. – Identify your eligible receivers on your side.


15 Running Plays

16 R is responsible for the interior lineman. Once the play moves in a direction, look for action at the Point of attack. This could be in front of or trailing the runner. H & L have their half of the field. Observe action ahead of the runner. Once the runner is threatened, focus on the ball carrier. Off wing official should observe action behind the play.


18 Running Plays H & L are responsible for their sidelines. *** On long runs, the official closet should follow the runner. The off wing official should create a triangle between the covering wing official and the referee. The trailing official is watching behind the play. The R will clean up behind the play.


20 Passing Plays

21 Know who the eligible receivers are on your side. When you read pass, move downfield with the eligible receivers on your side. If you have no receivers, they stay home. Observe action on receivers keeping the play behind you in your peripheral vision. Once the ball is thrown, focus to the area of the pass.



24 Passing Plays If a pass is thrown and is complete, follow the play and the action. If we end up with a first down, stop the clock. If the pass is incomplete, stop and give the signal:


26 End of Scrimmage Plays

27 Once the play is over, we must blow the whistle and make a signal. If the play is inbounds, short of the line to gain, we simply put our hand up (or signal the next down) First down, stop the clock (LJ best look) Out of bounds, stop the clock. Forward progress stopped in bounds and pushed out of bounds.


29 Whistles DO NOT “Echo Whistles”!!! Short quick blast when signaling the end of a play. When you Blow it, BLOW IT!!! When you have a foul, short blasts of the whistle to notify other officials. If you have forward progress being ruled, it is acceptable to blast a few times. And for the Love of God: “SEE THE BALL”!!!

30 Marking the spot Square off and mark the spot with your down field foot. Assist with the ball if possible. Hold position and work a triangle to spot the ball. DO NOT BE LAZY!! If the ball is out side the numbers on the other side, you should come across and spot the ball.



33 PAT’s & Field Goal Attempts



36 PAT’s & Field Goal Attempt PAT’s – The play is dead once it is obvious a kick attempt has failed or B gains possession. Field Goals – These are live. Treat them the same as a punt if unsuccessful. Line of scrimmage wing – come in and clean up after the play. Referee give signal to pressbox unless it is a missed Field Goal.

37 PAT’s & Field Goal Attempt Busted or Fake Attempt – Wing under goal to get to goal line. To pylon if possible. If not get to goal line and officiate inside-out. – Referee is responsible for the sideline. – Opposite wing get to the goal line if possible. – Be alert for passes and ineligible receivers.



40 Punts


42 Referee is shaded to the LJ side of the field. Watch action on kicker and clean up behind the play. Has responsibility for goal line on run backs. H is responsible for knowing if the ball crosses the line of scrimmage. Watch for action in front of the kick returner. L is with the deep receiver but should stay outside the numbers. Responsible for fair catch signals. End of play, stop the clock and point the new direction.


44 Movement After a score

45 Measurements Referee to determine if we measure. The linesman will being in the chains. (DO NOT HOLD THE CLIP) The LJ puts a bean bag down on the yard line perpendicular to the ball. H places chain on the line and L pulls the chain tight when ready. R to determine if a first down has been gained. If it is short, use the chains to spot the ball inside the hash if necessary.


47 Miscellaneous items Bean Bags – – It’s to mark a yard line. Lines are 53 yards long. – Short tosses, down to the ground. – When do we use the bean bag? Fumbles End of a kick Momentum Rule First touching of a kick

48 Miscellaneous items Do NOT use bean bag on a: – Backwards pass – Muff – Interception – Fumble recovery


50 It’s a Football Why are you Watching it?? Did it commit a foul?? Did it waive for a fair catch?? – Fans watch the ball!!! – Train yourself not to watch the ball. – Often, the ball isn’t that important. – When it’s important, then watch for the ball!!

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