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Vocabulary Workshop Unit 2.

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1 Vocabulary Workshop Unit 2

2 NUNC/NOUNC “to announce”
Enunciate: verb To pronounce or articulate The speaker at graduation enunciated each student’s name correctly. Renounce: verb To reject by declaration The defendant renounced the judge’s guilty verdict.

3 Pronouncement: noun An official announcement
Woodbridge Township made a pronouncement that bullying will not be tolerated.

4 VOC/VOK “to call” Invoke: verb Provocative: adjective
To call on for support Eli Manning invoked Coach Coughlin for help on offensive plays. Provocative: adjective Causing disturbance or excitement The provocative commercial for the new Ford Mustang was pulled from television.

5 Revoke: verb To make invalid; deactivate
If you get too many points while driving, your license will be revoked.

6 FA “to speak” Ineffable: adjective Infantile: adjective Indescribable
The landscape on top of the mountain was ineffable, too beautiful for words. Infantile: adjective Childish; immature The rude behavior between the two boys was infantile and immature.

7 Affable: adjective Easy to converse with; friendly
Sandy Cheeks is an affable character.

8 DIC/DICT “to say, to tell”
Edict: Noun An official order The mayor ordered an edict to help Hurricane Irene victims whose homes flooded. Indict: Verb To charge with a crime; accuse The criminal was indicted on three counts of burglary.

9 Dictum: noun A formal or authoritative statement
Congress declared a dictum on the status of the war in Afghanistan.

10 Conjunctions A word that joins two parts of a sentence and but or nor
for yet so although because since unless

11 Correlative Conjunctions
Correlative conjunctions are tag-team conjunctions. They come in pairs, and you have to use both of them in different places in a sentence to make them work. both/and Ex: I’ll have both the cheesecake and the frozen hot chocolate. whether/or Ex: I didn’t know whether you’d want the cheesecake or the frozen hot chocolate, so I got you both. either/or Ex: I want either the cheesecake or the frozen hot chocolate. neither/nor Ex: Oh, you want neither the cheesecake nor the frozen hot chocolate? No problem. not/but not only/but also Ex: I see you’re in the mood not for dessert but appetizers. Ex: I’ll eat them both - not only the cheesecake but also the frozen hot chocolate.

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