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2 INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME 2006/7-2009/10 SUMMARY: The signing of the BP’s was delayed due to some challenges at DEAT (securing website), and will be submitted to SANParks during July 09 for signature by CEO. Programme on target with cash flow, but remaining projects must go out on tender soon. DISCUSSION: DEAT Communication: DEAT had problems with the web based project management system and the importation of BP’s took longer than planned. All problems were sorted out and the BP’s should be at SANParks for signature during July 09 – until such time, no progress payment reports can be submitted. Implementation: Financial management: The first transfer payment for 2009/10 was received, and included the second quarter transfer - R 95 million was deposited to SANParks by DEAT. This will allow the claiming of implementers fees and payment of Output Tax. Capacity: The CEO approved all requests to appoint additional capacity for the unit. Appointments where interviews were conducted will be completed and other positions advertised. The increase in capacity is also necessary in view of the possible EPWP funding of R 80-100 million. Programme: Selection process of contractors in KNP for renovations on houses and tourism accommodation was eventually completed on the 10 th of Jul 09. The appointment of QS’s, architect for Agulhas L/House and consulting engineers was approved by the CEO and will proceed. Will allow tender processes to continue after some delay.

3 INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME 2006/7-2009/10 Implementation: Status of contracts & tender processes did not change. The tender process for the renovator contractors was only finalised in full in on 10 July 09. First of the last few tenders in Parks Division planned to go out in Jun 09 will be scheduled later – CEO approved recommendations for appointments. The status of the contracts and tender processes is as follows at 30 June 2009: Risk analysis (high risk projects): Agulhas Lighthouse, Agulhas National Park: The BAR/EIA is with DEAT to take a decision. The turning circle was replaced by a crossing – no re-zoning needed. L’Agulhas Municipality confirmed availability of bulk services for project in writing. Comments on concept sent to architects to enable finalising the concept. Kraalbaai, West Coast National Park: Site meeting conducted with architect and specialists. The red data plant species and sensitive archaeological areas will impact on the placement of 2 units. A surveyor was appointed to include additional area to allow better planning in terms of parking for day visitors. The focus is to get the EIA process concluded. Infrastructure Deliverables achieved to date by the programme: New tourism units (12), Upgrade existing tourism units (261); New tourism beds (23), Upgrade existing tourism beds (650); New staff accommodation units (80), upgrade existing staff accommodation units (79), new roads (19,3km); upgrade roads (71km), sewer plant/lines upgrade (10), new generators (13). The InfraDP employed 1,173 people in the first quarter and worked 52,775 person days. CategoryParks (R million) KNP (R million) Total (R million) Construction Contracts in placeR 211,5R 200R 411,5 Tenders receivedR 0R 5 Tenders advertisedR 0 TOTALR 211,5R 205R 416,5

4 INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME 2006/7-2009/10 Status of programme implementation as at 30 June 2009 Year Allocated Amount Planned (VAT excl) Achieved (VAT excl) VATTOTAL% Year 1 (2006/7) 35,500,00031,140,35131,576,1314,359,649 35,935,780101.2% Year 2 (2007/8) 157,900,000 138,508,772 134,384,420 19,391,228 153,775,64897.4% Year 3 (2008/9) 202,600,000 177,719,298 164,378,725 24,880,702 192,418,14595% Year 4 (2009/10) 185,825,000 156,140,35019,164,702 0 20,5% TOTAL PROGRAMME581,825,000510,372,104366,972,10448,631,579415,603,68371,4% Projected expenditure for June 09 was R 13,3 million and R 14,3 million achieved = 107%. New cash flow in place as per amended business plans with projected expenditure less than allocation due to two delayed projects. Will try to do some catch- up by using interest generated by programme.


6 EPWP: DEAT SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY PROJECTS (2004-2009) SUMMARY: SANParks still awaits the selection of new projects by DEAT and indications are that this process will only be concluded by end Jul 09. This does impact on the closure of the old projects (completion date end Jun 09), and a proposal was submitted to DEAT on how to deal with these close downs. Audits for “People & Parks” is still underway with clarification of some issues. Completion reports for the identified 15 projects to close down to be delayed until DEAT decides on the new projects by end Jul 09. The accumulative cash flow of the achieved at the end of June 09 is R 301,8 million. Implementation of remaining projects progressing well and all projects in GGHNP underway. Working for the Coast are performing according to implementation plan. Wetlands projects are all up and running, but start of Kammiesberg project delayed to await approval to appoint project manager. The WfW projects are progressing well and implementation is almost on track with implementation plant. The approval to appoint staff is was received and the process started to fill the 18 vacancies.

7 “PEOPLE & PARKS” DEAT SRP (2004-2009) Table 1: STATUS OF PROJECTS: 30/6/2009 DeliverablePlannedAchievedPercentage Expenditure (million)R 332,3 R 301,890,8% Accumulated cash flow (million)R 309R 301,897,7% No of people employed5,1858,166157,5% Person days1,441,5381,357,73694,2% Training days115,268120,010104,1% SMME’s created98171174,5% SMME’s used269499185,5% Amount paid to SMME’s (million)R 137R 165,3120,7% * The cash flow of the programme covers the period to 2009-12-31 to make provision for the extension of time and new projects to be implemented over the remainder of the year. Only projects active is Agulhas, West Coast, Golden Gate and Mapungubwe The only project where no work has started to date is the Kraalbaai rest camp, West Coast. The EIA process must be concluded over the next two months to allow construction to proceed. The above might change with the possible approval of new projects.

8 “PEOPLE & PARKS” DEAT SRPP (2004-2009) Remaining projects: The status of the delayed projects is as follows, i.e.: Kraalbaai West Coast – Received new lay-outs and commented on it. Specialists contacted to give feedback on new terrestrial lay-out. Some changes to be made to consider the archaeological and rare/endemic vegetation on site. TFCA Funds: “DEAT” wants to make additional funding available for paving the area around the gate and shaded parking at the TFCA Entrance Gate, Kgalagadi. Await their final decision. IDC Projects: Will also consider offices for Garden Route region and TMNP office due to high annual rental and impact on operational budget. Feasibility studies underway. Close down: Financial close down of projects underway, but somewhat delayed to accommodate any new projects that might be approved. Audits progressing well and should be completed by end July 2009.

9 INVASIVE SPECIES CONTROL UNIT 2009/2010 PROGRAMME Planned, year to date, at end June 09 Actual year to date, at end June 09 Total target end March 2010 % achieved Working for Water Expenditure (million)12.61611.90946.65826% Initial ha3,0532,36411,41221% Follow-up ha25,90937,004112,67233% Person days34,23635,252141,11525% # People in field1,2261,4601,354108% # SMMEs1108612370% R to SMMEs (million)4.6045.31221.76224% Training days5,6113,28833,89510% Some projects are seriously impacted on due to longer approval process to proceed with appointments – approvals were obtained and 18 vacant positions advertised. The projects will be under pressure for a while until required capacity is in place. Despite the lack of capacity, the projects are progressing extremely well, and have nearly caught up with their planned targets (year to date).

10 Working for Wetlands 2009/2010 PROGRAMMEPlanned end June 09 Actual to June 09 Total target end March 2010 * % Achieved Working for Wetlands Expenditure (million)1.0760.7645.40014 Person days3,8393,86221,99918 Training days1,1987342,60828 Cubic meters9951,45510,27814 SMME/ Contractors used119 82 SMME expenditure (million)0.4980.3522.53613 People employed13210813282 The Kammiesberg project has not yet started due to the delay of the appointment of a project manager. This impacts on the planned vs actual year to date figures as the project was planned to start in June. The rest of the projects are progressing well

11 Working for the Coast 2008/2011 All the projects are progressing well The draft Database for WftC will be discussed and tested at the July Workshop DEAT conducted a skills audit at all the WftC projects in order to determine the accredited training needs, and a report will be forthcoming by the end of July PROGRAMMEPlanned end June 09 Actual to June 09 Total target end March 2011 % Achieved Working for the Coast Expenditure (million)R 18.419R 16.428R 57.00029 Person days80,56083,859215,16039 Training days6,5566,50315,11939 SMME expenditure (million)R 7.258R 9.602R 26.47436 Contractors employed (SMME) 354635131 People employed326462326143

12 Field deliverables – Working for the Coast * Only YTD planned deliverables are listed

13 Working for Fire The MoA for WoF has been finalised and will be submitted to the office of the CEO of SANParks for signature in Jul 09. Participating parks: Tsitsikamma, Marakele, Wilderness, Table Mountain and Golden Gate. ACTION PLANS: I&SP UNIT The final close down audits on the Coast Care 2003/2004 have been completed Signing of the Working on Fire MoA by the CEO Completion of the lower level alien clearing plans per park Business plan to be drafted for the Working for Woodlands project in SANParks (Kruger Park and Marakele). Business plan to be drafted for the proposed Working for Water furniture factory in Knysna as part of WfW’s value added industry programme APO to be submitted for additional funding for the treatment of pom pom weed at Marakele National Park. Alien clearing strategy (Draft 2) to be drafted. Has agreed on process and will start with a policy. Complete Performance & Regularity and Completion Audits for “People & Parks” projects Signing amended BP’s for InfraDP. Do feasibility studies on proposed IDC funded projects Report drafted: Antionet van Wyk & Olga Jacobs (20 July 2009) Report submitted by: Paul Daphne (Managing Executive: Parks) 30 July 2009


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