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Gantt Charts for project management

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2 Gantt Charts for project management
Jeff Barratt Supply Chain and Operations Management Dr. Tom Foster Marriott School of Management Brigham Young University

3 Gantt Chart Applications
What is a Gantt Chart Gantt Chart Applications Gantt Chart Exercise Gantt Chart Example

4 What is a Gantt Chart? A visual representation of a project over time
Used to schedule, coordinate, and allocate the resources needed to complete a project Shows start, end, and specific target dates called “milestones” Everyone creates at least a mental timeline for a project they undertake, but physically creating a timeline forces a more thorough and well thought out plan. Gantt Charts can easily be customized. Some Gantt Charts use 3-D graphs to involve time, task, and specific resource quantities.

5 Benefits of Gantt Charts
Efficiency Increase Project tracking Set deadlines Communication Increase Coordination Increase Provides motivation through scheduling Encourages creativity Set dates help envision the project at different stages. Time becomes concrete, not abstract, thus motivating the project along. As one Gantt Chart is shared between different departments vision is shared and communication and coordination increase. Creativity is created as people use new ideas in order to finish a task within a time constraint.

6 Features of Gantt Charts
Easy to create Freehand Gantt charts Microsoft Excel Microsoft Project SmartDraw, Primavera, and other programs. Easy to modify and adjust Simple to understand Microsoft Project seems to be the most popular of all Gantt chart software.

7 Disadvantages of Gantt Charts
Activity descriptions often lack detail A lack of precedent and subsequent task relationships Does not allow for uncertain situations such as late or early finish times.

8 How Can This Tool Be Used in Your Organization?
Can be used for… Specific projects. Streamlining of everyday projects. Personal planning. Planning a meeting. Increasing communication and project input. Upcoming projects? Communication barriers? Time restraints?

9 Gantt Chart Fundamentals
Separate tasks are listed in vertical rows Time spans horizontally along the top Each task is represented by a bar along the time horizon Gantt Charts can be made using a variety of computer programs, or by simply using freehand to graph tasks along a time axis. A vertical bar can be used to depict the current point in time, as shown just before the December 10 section.

10 How to Create a Gantt Chart using Microsoft Project
Another option not here shown, but effective, is linking tasks together by precedent/follower relationships. List any resources to be used Enter Task Name Adjust start and end times Choose task duration

11 Exercise Water Tight Security Systems
just got a bid for installing the security system on a new government building… The government building is over 500 miles away and you want to ensure a good job to promote further business. Continued on the next slide…

12 Exercise continued Schedule the project’s completion using a Gantt chart. Include the following steps: Test the system (0.5 days) Install the system (4 days) Order and await supplies (9 days) Evaluate facility’s security needs (4 days) Schedule installation time (1 day) Installation crew travel (2 days) These steps are in no specific order. The task will include organizing these steps into a logical order, and including any other steps you may feel necessary. Organize the tasks over time using a Gantt chart on a computer or a Gantt chart created by hand.

13 Solution Notice the overlap of some acitivties, such as Scheduling Installaion Time and Ordering Supplies. There is no “correct” answer to this exercise, as Gantt charts can be adapted to meet specific specifications, preferences, or needs.

14 Real World Examples Government Uses Private Uses
Hoover Dam construction, 1931 Interstate Highway Network, begun 1956 Private Uses Specific projects such as launching a new product Construction planning such as building a home Personal planning

15 Medical School Application
A Personal Planning Example: Medical School Application Here is an example of a personal application of a student’s project of getting into a medical school. Notice that as tasks are completed they are filled in (Prepare for and take MCAT and Research schools tasks), thus tracking progress.

16 Additional Information
Microsoft Office homepage Academy of Management Journal. 2002,Vol. 45, No. 5, “Charting Time: Timelines as Temporal Boundary Objects.” Elaine K. Yakura. Cost Engineering. Vol.47/No.7 July 2005, “Effective Use of Gantt Chart for Managing Large Scale Projects.” Pankaja Pradeep Kumar, CCE. Link

17 Additional Information Cont.
IEE Engineering Management. June/July “Uncharted Territory?” Alan Orr. Project Management Fifth Edition, Harold Derzner, Ph.D. Pp See also: Program evaluation and review technique (PERT) Critical path method (CPM)

18 Summary Gantt charts are visual representations of a project over time. Includes start, finish, and milestone dates. Useful in project planning and tracking. Helpful in resource communication and allocation Every project will have a timeline. Gantt Charts improve project efficiency through the creation of a physical timeline.

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