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Artimas and Pandora’s Day at the Beach By Lindsey Walker.

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1 Artimas and Pandora’s Day at the Beach By Lindsey Walker

2 Artimas and Pandora were best friends. They lived together in a wonderful house in Fernandina Beach Florida.

3 Pandora and Artimas loved going to the beach. One of their favorite things to do was walk along the shore and collect shark teeth. They would walk along and let the sand and shells crackle beneath their paws as they looked for black shark teeth among the sand.

4 Artimas and Pandora had gotten so good at finding shark teeth that they couldn’t keep all the shark teeth they found. They would only keep part of the teeth they found. They would sell the rest to a gallery. The owner made the teeth into jewelry. Then Artimas and Pandora would buy treats with the money they got from the gallery owners.

5 One day Artimas and Pandora decided that they wanted to collect more shark teeth than they ever had before. They got up as the sun rose and walked down the gravel road to the beach. Artimas and Pandora looked harder than they ever had before.

6 After an hour of looking, Artimas had found fifteen teeth. Pandora had found twenty teeth. How many teeth did they have total?

7 Well lets see…… Artimas’s shark teeth Pandora’s shark teeth 1 123 4567 891011 12131415 1234 5 6 78 9101112 13 141516 17 181920 15 shark teeth + 20 shark teeth

8 Artimas’s Shark Teeth Pandora’s Shark Teeth 16171819 20212223 24252627 28293031 32333435 When we put Artimas and Pandora’s shark teeth together we see that they have 35 shark teeth total. We know Artimas has 15 shark teeth so can add Pandora’s shark teeth to Artimas’s by adding on. 6 23 457 1 891011 12131415

9 Artimas and Pandora decided that they didn’t have enough teeth yet. They wanted to find at least 60 teeth before they went to the gallery owner. They put their noses to the sand and sniffed as hard as they could, trying to sniff out the shark teeth. They scraped their paws against the sand waiting to feel the prick of a sharp tooth against their paws.

10 Soon two more hours had passed. Artimas had found 17 more shark teeth. Pandora had found 11 more shark teeth. How many shark teeth did they find total during these two hours? Artimas’s New Shark Teeth Pandora’s New Shark Teeth

11 When we put all the teeth together we can see the total amount of shark teeth. 24 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 So now we see that Artimas and Pandora found 28 more shark teeth all together. Lets put the shark teeth in groups of two. Now the teeth are in groups of two. We can count by twos. That will tell us how many teeth Artimas and Pandora have all together. 26 28

12 Remember when Artimas and Pandora found 35 shark teeth during the first hour? Then, remember when they found 28 more teeth during the next two hours. How many total shark teeth do they have? Would you guess they have at least 60? Can they stop looking for teeth now or not? How do you know? Think about it before turning the page. First Hour Next Two Hours

13 We are trying to find out how many shark teeth Artimas and Pandora have all together so we need to add. Do you think Artimas and Pandora have at least 60 shark teeth? Can they stop looking for shark teeth? Let’s see…… They have 63 shark teeth all together so now they can stop looking! Lets put the teeth in groups of 5. Now we can count by 5’s. 51015202530354045505560 616263

14 Artimas and Pandora looked for shark teeth for a total of 3 hours. They found 63 shark teeth! About how many shark teeth were Artimas and Pandora finding every hour?

15 Artimas and Pandora looked for teeth for 3 hours and found 63 teeth. We want to know if we put the teeth into three equal groups ( 3 hours) how many teeth are in each group. 1 hour How many shark teeth are in each group? Let’s see….. 123 456 789 101112 131415 161718 1920 21 123321 44556 6 778899 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 There is an average of 21 shark teeth found in each hour.

16 Artimas and Pandora already have a lot of shark teeth at their house. They decide that they only want to keep 1/3 of the shark teeth they found. How many teeth will they keep? They want to sell 2/3 of the teeth that they found to the gallery owner. How many teeth will they sell? Fossil_tooth_hunt-Myrtle_Beach.jpg

17 We already know if we divide the teeth into 3 equal groups that there are 21 teeth in each group. So, 21 teeth is 1/3 of the 63 total teeth. Artimas and Pandora will keep 21 teeth. They will sell the rest of the teeth to the gallery owner. There are still two groups of 21 teeth left, and 21+21=42. So, Artimas and Pandora will sell 42 of their shark teeth to the gallery owner.

18 Artimas and Pandora went to the gallery owner. They showed her their shark teeth. She said that she would give them one dollar for each shark tooth. How much money will Artimas and Pandora get? g

19 Artimas and Pandora are selling 42 shark teeth so they will get $42 dollars from the gallery owner. g

20 Artimas and Pandora were so excited about the amount of money they had made. But they each had different things they wanted to buy. They decided that they needed to split the money equally between them. How much do they each get?

21 Artimas and Pandora earned $42 dollars. They want to split the money equally between them. So they want to split the money into two equal groups. There are $21 dollars in each group so Artimas and Pandora will each get $21 dollars. Lets count by 6’s to see how much money is in each group! 6 12 18 192021 g

22 On the way back from the gallery, Artimas sees his friend Willie. Willie tells Artimas that he has a pair of sun glasses he wants to sell him. Willie will sell the sunglasses to Artimas for $10.00. Can Artimas buy them? If he can will he have money left over? “Artimas do you need some sunglasses?”

23 Artimas has $21 dollars…. He is giving 10 of his dollars to Willie to buy the sunglasses. How many dollars does Artimas have left? 1 234 56789 1011 Artimas will have $11 dollars left after buying sunglasses. g

24 Pandora was saving her money for holiday headbands. The headbands cost $41.00 dollars. She already has $12.00 dollars saved plus what she earned today. Can she buy the headbands? Will she have money left over?

25 Pandora has $12 dollars plus the $21 dollars she got from her shark teeth. The outfit cost $41 dollars. Can she buy the outfit? Pandora only has $33 dollars. She needs $41 dollars so she doesn’t have enough. How much more money does she need to buy the outfit? 1 23 45678 We can take away what money Pandora already has from the total cost of the headbands to see how much money she needs to save. Pandora needs 8 more dollars. g

26 When Pandora and Artimas finally made it home they were exhausted. They put their money and shark teeth on the kitchen counter. Then jumped onto the couch to rest. They thought that they might look for more shark teeth tomorrow. All they wanted to do right now they were going to rest.

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