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2 What is a bushranger A bushranger is someone who is very cruel and mean and they are always threatening people very bad. They would point there gun at them. And might kill or rob them. Being a bushranger could get you money quite easy. But the hole point of a bushranger was to get money cause they were vey poor.

3 2. Ned Kelly is the most famous bushranger in Australia
2.Ned Kelly is the most famous bushranger in Australia. He was born in 1855 and at age 15 he had his first accident with the police for helping another bushranger named Harry Power.

4 3.Bush rangers were robbers in the 19thcentury and they used the rainforests and bushes for there main base.

5 4.What did the people on the gold fields feel about the bushrangers?
The people on the goldfields hated the bushrangers cause they stole or done bad things to people.

6 5.What do the bushrangers eat?
Bushrangers eat meat ,potatoes, onions, or they will go hunt for animals and they hunt wild rabbits and ate salty meat and that’s how they survived.

7 How do bushrangers rob people?
Bushrangers have many ways of robbing people. One way of the bushranger robs is that they hide and wait then when a person walks past they will jump out if there hiding spot and point their gun at them and tell them to give them all the money you have all else you will die. And that’s called threatening.

8 7.What protects bushrangers?
They used metal masks and armour to protect themselves from running away from the police

9 8.What do bushrangers like doing?
Bushrangers like killing and stealing things from many people and places. Bushrangers were born to kill and steal because they were very poor.

10 9.What helped the bushrangers run away from the police?
They rode on horses to runaway very quick and shot some police while riding on the horse. horses helped bushrangers by going one place to another.

11 10.How do bushrangers get money
Bushrangers get money by stealing from banks and people. Bushrangers done very cruel things to steal, they would run into some where like a bank then they will run in and point their gun at someone and they will say “stick up your hands and give me all the money in your bank” then they will run off before the cops get there and get a horse to run off with. But some bushrangers didn’t escape.


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