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RETEACH 30 of the most valuable minutes in our school day.

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1 RETEACH 30 of the most valuable minutes in our school day

2 Ongoing School Improvement Goals 1.Increase the number of proficient 10th grade students in Reading, Writing, & Math 2.Improve the attendance rate 3.Reduce (Eliminate) the number of failing grades 4.Increase the graduation rate 5.Increased opportunities for community stakeholder input

3 Think back to high school…  What subjects did you struggle with?  To get extra help, what were your options?  Before or after school  During lunch  How well did that work?  Probably not great. Sometimes it might have worked but not always.  That’s the case for many students.

4 How about joining a club?  Same problem…before or after school.  In the past we have worked to find the correct fit for our students yet some continued to struggle.

5 How did you feel?  Not understanding and falling farther and farther behind is just frustrating.  After a while, you just give up.  “Why should I go? I’m going to fail anyway!”

6 Let’s put the time in the school day!  It seems so obvious but not so much…

7 RETEACH  30-minutes at the beginning of the day. 8:00-8:30  Each week, all high school students are given a quiz over the learning from that week.  Students who receive a D or F on their English and Math quiz are assigned to work with their teachers to review activities, homework, etc then retake the quiz to show they understand the material.

8 Why only English and Math?  This is a big change for our students and staff.  English and Math are two of the gateway subjects for other areas.  They are also the two subjects where students struggle the most.  We will add other subjects as we feel more confident in the structure.

9 Why only English and Math?  Students who are showing more significant problems in other classes may be assigned to work with their teachers.  When this happens, students will be expected to attend.  We want them to be successful!

10 What can unassigned students do?  We have assigned each grade to specified locations.  9th-L bldg testing, 10th-commons, 11th-auditorium, and 12th-Olas ki.  In the near future, we want to start clubs and organizations meeting and students can work in the AP study halls.  3 rd quarter, 10 th graders will be focusing on AIMS test prep.  Students may also work with other teachers.  Use this time for doctor or dentist appointments  WE HAVE THE TIME. NO MORE EXCUSES.

11 What else?  Students must be in their RETEACH class, with another teacher, or their grade assigned location during this time.  Students on campus who are not in one of these areas will be subject to consequences.  Students who are not assigned to RETEACH that drive to school or are dropped off by their parents may arrive later to start at 8:30  THIS IS VALUABLE TIME! LET’S USE IT!

12 FAQ’s  If I’m not assigned to a RETEACH class and I drive myself of my parent drops me off, can I come to school by 8:30? YES. Please plan on getting to school around 8:20  Can I get help from my teachers even though I didn’t get assigned to RETEACH? YES.  Will we be able to meet with clubs or other organizations? Yes-2 nd quarter.  What if I am assigned to RETEACH in both English and Math? Work with your two teachers and write it in your planner.

13 Questions?  Please feel free to contact one of the administrators if you have any questions.  Chris Paulson-Principal:  Melani Edwards-Assistant Principal:  Dawn Dee Hodge-Assistant Principal:  Robb Floco-Dean/Athletic Director:

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