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Georgia Dolling.

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1 Georgia Dolling

2 Australia is one of seven continents and of those continents it is the smallest. It contains seven states and is located in the southern and eastern hemisphere. It is 7682 square kms in area and approximately 4000 kms wide. It covers 2 time zones and also takes up 6% of land area on earth. It is boardered by the southern Indian and the Pacific ocean.

Darwin NORTHERN TERRITORY QUEENSLAND SOUTH AUSTRALIA Brisbane Perth NEW SOUTH WALES Adelaide Sydney The commonwealth of Australia is made up of two territories and six states. Each of these states has its own Capital and its own internal Government. The federal capital of Australia is Canberra which is located in the Australian Capital Territory. It also has seven external territories. Norfolk island, Christmas Island, The Cocos, The Coral Sea Islands, Territory of Ashmore, Cartier Islands, Antarctic Territory, Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands ACT Canberra VICTORIA Melbourne TASMANIA Hobart

4 In the Aboriginal dreamtime stories, which are stories telling of how Australia and everything in it came to be, these stories tell of a Rainbow Snake which shaped Australia and its lakes and rivers. These dreamtime stories varied with each tribe according to their rules and customs. The main idea with every story is that they always have a moral and they always depict the Aboriginals strong connection to the land.

5 225 million years ago, all the continents and islands of the world were one. Connected in one big country called Pangea surrounded by one sea called Panthalassa. Until about 135 million years ago when movement associated with tectonic processes split the country into two parts called Laurasia and Gondwana. Over time these tectonic movements kept causing changes in the earths structure. 65 million years ago all the continents except Europe and Asia split apart forming Eurasia. Until finally the continents split to form the world we know today.

6 Mountains can be formed by volcanic activity which usually happens around the boarders of tectonic plates. In the past there has been volcanic activity in Australia even though it is not situated on the edge of a tectonic plate. Because the tectonic plates move slowly over different parts of the world, at one point the tectonic plate drifted Australia over what is called a hot spot which is a source of molten lava underneath the tectonic plates. Approximately 33 million years ago this happened and for the next 27 million years Australia had 30 cases of volcanic disturbances.

7 In Australia The sea levels have undergone many changes
In Australia The sea levels have undergone many changes years ago the sea level was at least 120 metres lower than it is today but yet years ago the sea levels were only 20 metres lower than they are today.

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