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1.  The challenges of running your core applications on old legacy hardware? Would you like to upgrade your hardware without changing your source codes?

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2  The challenges of running your core applications on old legacy hardware? Would you like to upgrade your hardware without changing your source codes? We offer a Bare Metal emulation solution that can move you from your legacy hardware to running multicore CPUs and multiprocessor systems, and preserve your legacy IT investments?  Organizations like yours, have invested substantial resources in building and integrating critical applications and software infrastructure. Virtualization is the next-generation hardware without incurring substantial incremental migration costs or rewriting code costs.  But the emulation solution is only the beginning, you have to partner with a company that can assure you that your migration of that critical data will be seamless. When you make the decision to move your systems purchasing the emulation is not the only decision. You need to work with a company that has the experience to set up and complete the solution.  Salem Automation, with over 1000 installs and over 20 years in the process control and virtualization industry has built a reputation through customers such as Raytheon, BAE systems, US Navy, Novelis, Corbin and Russwin, DOD, Logan Aluminum, Caterpillar, Novelis, US Army and more. The one thing all of our over 400 customers have in common……they wanted a seamless transition and excellent service for their installations. 2

3  Incorporated in 1992, Salem Automation is the premier provider of legacy virtualization solutions. With over 500 customers and over 1500 installations, we are recognized for seamless migration from physical to virtual systems, the automation of manufacturing and production systems and custom programming and driver creation.  Our service and installation team has worked with customers in many different environments and industries, giving us the leading edge in experience for a successful migration  Offices located in Boston Ma, Puerto Rico, New Mexico and our corporate head quarters in Winston – Salem NC.  "We pride ourselves in turning every customer into a referral" 3

4 Now lets review the Salem Automation’s service and emulation solution to replace your legacy systems  No code changes, no learning curves and retain your software investments.  Your system is moved over bit by bit to keep your VMS and applications running the exact same way. The emulation provides the “handshake” for the vms system and applications to the new hardware environment.  Non Windows OS environment, no upgrades or patches to an OS running underneath the emulation. A “Bare Metal Concept”  Our solution works in VMware and Hyper V environments  Ability to run multiple instances on one server.  Ability to set up a disaster recovery solution with our available DR Keys  Tested and proven to provide a replacement for your existing legacy hardware  Salem Automation’s service division provides the expertise in moving, configuring and launching your new configurations with minimal interruption in your businesses activity. 4

5 5 What is a vtVAX or vtALPHA? A solution that will provide an emulated environment for HP/DEC VAX / ALPHA hardware. A solution that will work in VMware or Hyper V environments. A solution that will allow your environment to be migrated to a new hardware platform bit by bit with out changing existing source code, user interface or your existing applications. An affordable alternative to rewriting code and a cost effective way to keep your environment trouble free from aging hardware. A solution that will keep or improve the performance. Depending on the type of new hardware and configuration specifications used.

6 The vtAlpha product portfolio is designed to replace any Alpha system in the installed base. OpenVMS or Tru64 are fully supported, including Clustering.vtAlpha product portfolioOpenVMS Tru64 vtAlpha runs directly on top of the host hardware (Bare Metal) or on its virtual equivalent like VMware, Xen, Hyper-V, KVM or othersBare Metal vtAlpha, a quick summary vtAlpha is a software product that creates the hardware interface of an Alpha computer system on a regular Intel or AMD processor based system. It allows the owners of Alpha computer systems to simply copy their Alpha disk content to the new host computer and run their Alpha based software on a totally different hardware architecture. No application software migration is required, saving enormous amounts of effort, time and money. You can simply integrate your Alpha systems in your company IT infrastructure 6

7  vtVAX emulates the VAX CPU and storage and communications device adapters: translating VAX instructions and I/O requests into Intel x86 architecture equivalents, passing them on to the host hardware for processing, then returning the results to the VMS operating system. The compatibility of the vtVAX emulation with the DEC VAX hardware has been tested using the original VAX hardware design tools and diagnostics to ensure your applications will run as expected.  VMS and your VMS-based applications run without modification in the virtual VAX. No porting is required. No re-compiling or re-linking. The first step after installing vtVAX is to define the desired virtual hardware configuration using the GUI-based Configuration Manager utility. Then you copy the data from your VAX disks to the new host platform, start vtVAX, and boot the virtual VAX as your would the native VAX system. It's that simple! Because the existing software runs as-is, in many cases recertification is not required. This can be a significant cost and time savings for those in regulated industries.  The performance of the virtual VAX is determined by the speed of the host platform hardware, not the model of VAX system that is being emulated. The vtVAX Instruction Caching option dramatically improves the performance of CPU-intensive applications such as floating point, statistical analysis, and data warehouse business analytics.  Modern storage subsystems and network interfaces offer significant improvement in performance and reliability over the VAX devices they replace. This translates to less down-time and increased productivity for your users.  Modern systems are smaller and far more efficient than the older VAX hardware, requiring less power, cooling, and floor space. Hardware maintenance costs are also significantly less, and are usually covered by warranty for the first 1-3 years.  Lower operating cost. Increased reliability, performance, and productivity 7

8 X86 Host Vmware, Xen, KVM, VB, Hyper-V vtAlpha OpenVMS / Tru64 User Applications Virtual Machine X86 Host vtAlpha OpenVMS / Tru64User Applications Bare Metal X86 Host VM vtAlpha OpenVMS / Tru64 User Applications Host OS based Windows/Linux Performance 8 Overhead

9 License information? What happens during the migration? Demo setup An example of what some of our customers have done with their old hardware 9

10  Both the vtVAX and the vtAlpha utillize a CmStick/C Stick which is a USB device in a very small and noble case. They can be inserted into the server’s usb port direclty, located on a VT license server on the network, or housed on another device on the network and the instance running would be pointed to the IP address of the location.  The USB device interface is Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified, USB 1.1 compatible ̵ Data retention is 10 years at room temperature, power supply 5V bus powered  The license, when purchased becomes a perpetual license and can be moved to the new hardware when you fresh or have to replace a server.  You can house multiple licenses on one dongle  We offer a vtLicense Server. This provides a mechanism that checks for the license over the network. Just plug in the vtAlpha/vtVAX license key in any available computer in your network and point your vtAlpha/vtVAX to the network address of the computer. 10

11  What is needed for the migration before we start?  What happens before SAI comes on site?  What happens while SAI is on site?  Support after the installation, how does it work? 11 Over 20 years of experience We test every release We offer 8X5 & 7X27 Support

12  We can provide you with an actual live presentation of the emulation 12

13 To Recap; Emulation solutions will help you move away from legacy dependent hardware to become hardware independent Just like your internal I.T. departments, it is crucial to have experienced engineers working in your environment to assure you of the best results. Salem Automations emulation solutions coupled with our extensive service knowledge and experience will provide you with a low risk migration while meeting your internal budget requirements. We offer Proof Of Concepts for companies that want to see their system running their applications. We provide this POC in two ways 1. You can provide us with your back up tapes and we will set up a virtualized system in our secured labs and you will have access through FTP to have your users remote in and test your applications 2. We will set up a POC at your location either remotely or onsite and you will be able to test the system for 15 days. (some charges may apply) Q&A Time 13

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