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Interactive Biology and Radiation Biology Program RADL 70 Kyle Thornton.

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1 Interactive Biology and Radiation Biology Program RADL 70 Kyle Thornton

2 Instructions for Use This is meant to be an interactive tutorial to take you to various websites where you can learn more about cell biology and the effects of radiation on cell components At the time that the tutorial was designed, all links were live; however, links and websites are fluid entities Some links may have to be cut and pasted for access to the site; others are accessed by clicking on the link

3 Cell Biology Animation Click on the link underneath. You may have to cut and paste Click on: Take me to the animation Choose: Animal cell Click on the various cell components to highlight and locate them See next slide for more instructions Don’t leave this site

4 Cell Biology Animation Locate and click on the Mitosis and Meiosis links. You’ll find them underneath the Interactive link on the left column You may need “Flash player” for the actual video, but you should be able to use the links on the right without it Go through each phase for both mitosis and meiosis In which phase can separation be stopped, and the cell examined for radiation damage? –Hint: You’ll need your text for this one –Once cell division is complete, what is the difference between mitotic and meiotic cells?

5 Cell Gallery There are many interesting videos and diagrams under cell gallery on this same site Of special interest is “Anatomy of a Splinter” to see WBC’s at work

6 Normal vs. Cancer Cell Configuration Click on the site below: Once you’ve admired how cute Tanai is, note the difference in the configuration between the normal and cancer cells, especially the nucleus Click on the site below for another diagram that demonstrates cell mutation into cancer cells ncer.gif ncer.gif

7 Radiation Damage to Cells On this site, you will find a picture of Louis Gray, for whom the Gray is named. Click on the the chromosome picture to see the damage done by radiation. This site has a diagram of radiation leading to cancer. radiation-causing-cancer-cell.html radiation-causing-cancer-cell.html

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