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Parents Presentation. What are study skills? Techniques which help a student with learning.

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1 Parents Presentation

2 What are study skills? Techniques which help a student with learning

3 Study Skills: Overview Motivation Rewards Time Management Reading for Learning Memory Techniques Organisation and Planning Effective Listening Note Taking and Use Exam Preparation Coping with Stress

4 Motivation The driving force that spurs you on to stay with the task especially when the going is tough. Sources: enjoyment wanting to learn more fear of failure achieving goals reminding yourself why you are doing it stepping stones

5 Rewards Major goals not the only reward Reward for reaching smaller target/milestone E.g. Small treat – trip to the cinema Looking forward to these treats can be a good incentive to work

6 Time Management Making best use of time Recommeded time including homework and study YearTime per day Days per week Total hours per week 1st Years1 ½ hours5/6 days7 ½ -9hours 2nd Years2 hours5/6 days10-12 hours 3rd Years2 ½ hours6 days15 hours 5th Years3 hours6 days18 hours 6th Years3 ½ hours6 days21 hours

7 Time Management Getting balance right in how you spend time: Good time management is a skill. Personal needs + things you have to do + things you want to do.

8 Reading for Learning SQ3R Method Survey – survey the chapter, noting the titles, headings, pictures, charts etc. Question – pose possible questions for yourself Read – read and look out for the answers Recite – flick back over, say out loud and make summaries Review – after a ten minute break see how much you can recall. Use the question section at the end of the chapter.

9 Memory techniques This is a skill we teach students. E.g. Imagery and associations Mnemonics Alphabetical Lists Mind Maps / Brainstorming

10 Organisation and Planning Organise your materials Organise a proper place to study – remove distractions Plan your work- a revision timetable Make lists and files Study Groups Dictaphone/Recording Device


12 Effective Listening Full participation in class Listening in class with a pen/ highlighter Underlining key words Writing in additional information teacher is giving Using post-it notes Asking relevant questions in class for clarification

13 Note Taking and Use Brief Clear Understandable Content Organisation and Filing

14 Study Skills and Revision Continued........ An Example of Note Taking Hitler’s plans for Europe were to destroy the Treaty of Versailles that the German people felt was unfair. He also wanted to reunite Germany with Austria and create a new powerful German empire, the Third Reich. Hitler also planned to conquer Poland, Czechoslovakia and Russia and take their lands for Germany. This would allow the Germans become the Master Race.

15 Bullet points  Destroy Treaty of Versailles.  Reunite Germany and Austria- the Third Reich.  Conquer Poland, Czech and Russia.  The Master Race. Study Skills and Revision Continued........

16 Exam Preparation Prepare and plan in advance Draw up a revision timetable Condense notes Practice memorising lists, dates etc Know exam paper structure and marking scheme Prioritise and balance time Identify where you need help Organise materials for each exam in advance, e.g. Caluclator, maths sets etc

17 DateMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySundaySubjects TimeIrish Week 1 English Week 2 Maths Week 3 French/German Week 4 History Week 5 Geography Week 6 Religion Week 7 CSPE Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Timetable for Exam Revision Weekday do 1 to 2 subjects for about 30 mins each. Weekend do 3 to 4 subjects for 30 to 40 mins each.

18 Coping with Exam Stress Rest Exercise Diet Relaxation Keep it in perspective Seek help

19 Questions???? Thank You.

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