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Libraries Australia Document Delivery Deborah Fuller Philip Hahn.

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1 Libraries Australia Document Delivery Deborah Fuller Philip Hahn

2 Crunching the numbers 295,840 requests 6,778 items supplied to NZ libraries 2,202 items supplied by NZ libraries 16,338 items from Infotrieve

3 Top 20 LADD requesters

4 Top 20 LADD suppliers

5 LADD subscribers 736 subscribers 101 ISO ILL libraries

6 Current status of ISO ILL and LADD Number of ISO ILL libraries 200320042005200620072008200920102011 1213233051667488101

7 Review of the Libraries Australia Document Delivery Service and the ISO ILL protocol

8 LADD Review - Trends in ILL Global decline in requesting due to: use of the internet availability of online journals and e- resources.

9 LADD Review – ILL trends in next 5 years Increased ILL activity due to: More electronic delivery of articles Increase in overseas requesting Collecting budget restrictions Demand for obscure/historical data Time poor users wanting fast service

10 LADD Review – LADD requesting

11 LADD Review – LADD activity Decline due to: Requesting directly to suppliers Requesting within consortia

12 LADD Review – LADD activity Global decline countered by: more libraries using LADD exposure of Libraries Australia holdings through OCLC’s WorldCat growing LADD user base exposure of library resources through NLA’s Trove service

13 LADD Review – Future use of LADD

14 LADD Review – Proposed activities Enhance current LADD service Requesting from overseas suppliers Feasibility of deep linking

15 LADD update (1) Server move Second test system Suspension Directory RSS feed

16 LADD update (2) New email alert: Not Found as Cited New Work Queue status: Borrower (Requester) Idle New copyright type added for judicial proceedings

17 LADD update (3) Holdings grouped by state Delivery methods in request details Searching for requests from ISO ILL libraries

18 ILL Charges Increased ILRS charges from 1 October Default base charge configured into LADD gateway Core: $16.50 Rush: $33.00 Express: $49.50 Charges for requests off shore are GST exempt

19 LADD in the future Annual archiving of requests VDX 4.1.4 Requesting with the British Library ISO ILL Location Update VDX 5

20 Sources of Items Infotrieve Supply1 via LADD

21 Best practice Service Type 1 and Service Type 2 ILRS directory Suspensions Directory Keep your Libraries Australia holdings up to date Rethinking Resource Sharing STAR Checklist

22 Questions?

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