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Tierno Galván. Tres Cantos. Spain. Preprimary Education.

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1 Tierno Galván. Tres Cantos. Spain. Preprimary Education


3 Save energy in the city

4 We made a city with the help of all the parents

5 We built houses, made transports, trees…

6 Every pupil, with his/her parents, used their imagination and creativity

7 Some buildings were very high.

8 Some others were houses

9 Everything they brought, we kept it in the classrooms.

10 It was the moment to start

11 Little by little we put our small big town together with the help of the families.

12 First of all the outskirts


14 Then the city centre




18 A satellite orbited over our town,

19 a helicopter flew over,

20 and planes,

21 There were trains and ships too

22 But the inhabitants were wasting a lot of energy in the town, they were consuming too much.

23 One morning, when they woke up there were no lights: the blackout

24 The mayor called all the citizens

25 He explained how important is to use the sources of energy wisely.

26 The inhabitants of the town come to the following conclusions : Close the taps when we don’t need water. Have a shower, not a bath. Don’t waste water when we wash the dishes. Take care when we water the plants. Turn off the lights, the TV, the computers… when we leave the room. Close the windows and the door to keep the room warm. … IF WE DON’T WASTE WATER, LIGHTS AND HEATING OUR TOWN WILL BE CLEANER AND A MORE PLEASANT PLACE TO LIVE IN.


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