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Bill Clinton Foreign Policies Much more involved on a global scale!

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1 Bill Clinton Foreign Policies Much more involved on a global scale!

2 Governor of…

3 Vice-President…

4 First Lady… Hillary Rodham Clinton

5 Early success in the Middle East… Oslo Peace Accords Yitzhak Rabin & Yasser Arafat

6 Somalia Civil War

7 Somalia UN distributing food to starving Somali victims of a civil war 1.Operation Restore Hope 2.Distribution proved difficult because of warlord Mohammed Farrah Aidid a)Used food for his soldiers & to sell for weapons (80% of food stolen) b)Cot: drug causes aggressive behavior; warlords used it to recruit more members

8 “If it shoots or blows up they have it in Somalia.”

9 Mohammed Farrah Aidid Key warlord who was trying to take over the country and not cooperating with food distribution efforts US forces continually sent in to capture high ranking officials loyal to Aidid

10 Somalia US forces sent in to help distribute food By 1993, the mission had expanded to try to put an end to the violence resulting in several deaths on both sides Initially, Somalis supported US presence, but this changed as more and more Somalis were killed Climax occurred in Oct. 1993 in a bloody battle in the capital of Mogadishu

11 Battle of Mogadishu American special forces were sent in to capture high ranking members loyal to Aidid. Mission only supposed to last 30 Min. 2 American Black Hawk helicopters shot down by RPGs. Many soldiers were trapped at the crash site; forced to fight their way out; lasts throughout the night

12 Black Hawk Down

13 18 killed; 73 wounded Result: – Clinton withdraws US forces from Somalia Importance: – Bitter experience helped discourage Clinton from sending forces to help out Rwanda

14 Rwanda Genocide What is a genocide? – Systematic extermination of a particular group of people because of ethnic, racial, religion, nationality, etc.

15 Rwanda Genocide Originally controlled by… – Belgium Two Ethnic Groups: – Tutsis: Minority; tall, warrior-like; favored by Belgium – Hutus: Majority; farmers; resented Tutsi favoritism

16 Rwanda Genocide After Belgium withdrew in the early 1960s, a power vacuum was created Eventually Hutus gain control; fighting continues the next several decades 1990 – Tutsi rebels launch a major offensive in Rwanda to attempt to take back control 1993 – UN pressures the Tutsis and Hutus into a ceasefire with hopes of an eventual peace accord

17 Rwanda Genocide Hutu President Juvenal Habyarimana killed in a mysterious plane crash

18 Interahamwe – Hutu power group

19 Weapon of Choice = Machete

20 Rwanda Genocide


22 How did it turn into a genocide? 1.Couldn’t be a moderate Hutu; “kill or be killed;” Interahamwe very well organized; claimed Tutsis would enslave Hutus 2.UN/US did not step in to stop it; UN soldiers were forbidden to shoot 3.Hutu-controlled radio

23 It wasn’t always Tutsis…

24 Rwanda Genocide Eventually, the Tutsi rebels gain upper hand and end violence in Rwanda, but the conflict spills over into neighboring countries In total, 800,000 Rwandans were killed Estimates range from 500,000 – 1 million

25 RTLM Radio spread Hutu propaganda

26 Mille Collines Hotel (Hotel Rwanda)

27 Breakup of Yugoslavia

28 Yugoslavia was comprised of several ethnic groups & historical enemies of each other By 1991, it ceased to exist and was replaced by several smaller countries

29 Bosnia/Herzegovina and Serbia Ethnic clash begins when Serbia occupies territory inside Bosnia over a border dispute Within these countries, violence raged Characterized by indiscriminate killing – everyone was a target (Sniping in Sarajevo) Around 100,000 killed UN/US launch limited air strikes

30 Dayton Accords

31 Ends 3 ½ years of fighting Why Dayton??? – Fewer distractions – Not much to do

32 The Serbian Conflict Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic launches a genocide against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo

33 The Serbian Conflict Clinton successfully urged NATO forces to conduct bombing campaigns against Serb forces to get them to leave Kosovo Unwilling to put any ground troops into harms way Why? – Black Hawk Down

34 Crisis in Kosovo Milosevic tried for crimes against humanity Dies while in prison

35 NAFTA Free trade between the US, Canada, and Mexico

36 Scandal & Impeachment White House Intern Monica Lewinsky

37 Blue Dress

38 Clinton Impeached 1.Lying under oath: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” 2.Influencing Lewinsky’s testimony 3.Senate tried him but failed to receive 2/3 majority to remove from office

39 Aftermath Clinton’s approval ratings actually go up after the scandal Why? The economy was doing well “Wag the Dog” – Clinton launches cruise missiles to take out al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan – Media heavily criticizes him – Trying to deflect attention away from Lewinsky scandal

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