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Somalia Black Hawk Down

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1 Somalia Black Hawk Down
Battle of Mogadishu

2 Where?

3 Map Somalia is in East Africa Mogadishu is the capital city

4 Who? Somalia was in a civil war in the early 1991 as a result of contested elections Mohamed Farrah Aidid was the dictator/self-proclaimed President Had support from warlords (like local leaders) in a few territories

5 Why? Because of Aidid violating human rights in the country the UN and USA became involved in “humanitarian” aid missions to deliver food and medicine Military support was needed to protect the UNH Peacekeepers


7 What? US Rangers and Navy Seal teams, in support of the UN were attempting to capture enemy combatants outside of the safe zone 160 total troops go out on “Operation Gothic Serpent” and 2 Black Hawk helicopters are shout down by RPG’s.


9 When? October 3-4, 1993 The survivors were left to fight overnight
2 crash sites 1 was rescued, the other over-run by hostile Somali’s

10 The Rescue A convoy was dispatched the following morning
18 US soldiers had been killed 700+ Somali’s

11 The end All of the bodies of the dead soldiers were recovered
Most were in bad shape as they had been mutilated/dragged through the streets

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