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THE FINAL PRESENTATION By Patrick Lee. Personal Reflection I feel that at least for me writing is a way to escape from an ordinary life and create an.

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2 Personal Reflection I feel that at least for me writing is a way to escape from an ordinary life and create an extraordinary one, or in many cases just exaggerate the ordinary

3 Self Quote you live you're life in a canoe, you're handed a paddle and told to row against the current, then pushed off shore into the river, the current sweeps you away and sometimes you will hit the white water rapids and you keep on rowing then the current will ease and you'll push your way past the current, eventually though the river will win, the current will sweep you away and down the inevitable waterfall

4 “The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible.”

5 Airplane Flying over my house, I used to fly a lot Many family trips with my mom, dad and sisters Dad used to be the manager of Northwest at Bradley Discounts on tickets were nice, But now he works for Homeland Security Sure, it pays more but we don’t really travel anymore I miss seeing the world, It’s not all about the money I guess Seeing as I was more happy when we had less of it Back when my mom and dad were together Back when I was young Back when there were no worries or responsibilities I miss being a kid, I miss that true family feel we had My next door neighbor was my best friend Me and him playing out in the field Imaginations unfolding as we slew imaginary monsters Then we grew up and I moved to a different town I miss fighting those monsters with my friend I want to go back to the way things were But things change I hope we can all get back together So we can go on a Airplane

6 Lyric- it is a short poem that expresses missing the past Free verse- it is not organized into meters Inspiration- the things I miss about my past.

7 Confinement The man sits there in his cell scratching his untrimmed beard pondering life, pondering his existence, just pondering. He stares into the window wanting to leave, wanting to live outside these walls once more, he felt as if he was dyeing inside them. He then writes in his journal of his life, having nothing else to his name anymore but his memories. He then picked up a book, he had to have read it at least a hundred times. what else could he do to kill time though? He then got up and jumped on a pipe hanging from the ceiling and started exercising. When he pulled himself up his muscles popped from his muscular build. No sweat comes; his body does not have enough water to provide it. A guard opens his cell door, the only human contact he had daily. He threw a dish on the table then slammed the cell shut. He shovels it down but saving a small portion of the bread. He stuffs the bread into a small hole in the wall. A small critter snatches it gratefully. The sun set, the only thing left to do is sleep. As he drifted into dreams, he told himself there is such a thing as love. To live in confinement, is that a life at all?

8 Repetition- when I repeat the words pondering and wanting in one sentence Parable- the truth that living in prison is hardly worth calling living Imagery- the description of the man and how he carries out his days Inspiration- being trapped inside my house because of being in trouble and my friends being busy, and the thought of life in prison, that keeps everyone from committing crimes

9 The curse of the black dog The car was totaled and even if it was working he wouldn’t b able to flip it up to its normal position. He cut off the seat belt with his knife, holding his hand against the ceiling so he wouldn’t crash onto it. Before he left the car he grabbed his flashlight from his glove compartment and the magnum pistol. He rolled out of the car and stood up, the road was nowhere in sight, but now he was in front of a very old and very large house. If one could even call it a house, it looked more like a mansion. From within the house came an old, fragile voice, “Come inside boy, please and the truth will be revealed.” Wielding his pistol he walked towards the house, hesitant to listen to this stranger, but he had nowhere else to go. He opened the door as the floors creaked and groaned, he peered around but saw nothing but darkness. “Hello?”

10 suspense- neither the reader nor the character know what is happening or why? Inspiration- All the horror movies I’ve watched in my life And stories I’ve read. Also When I was kid and my imagination would turn the world into something that was out to get me Narration- I tell the story and it is told from my point of view Exposition- When he leaves town to escape the horrors that are after him, and also when the witch explains the curse

11 Kit-Kat Ninja He felt a heavy blow on his left ribcage and heard several of them snap. The hit sent him flying several feet onto the ground. Wincing form the pain he looked up at his foe, a large, dark skinned brute with spikes protruding from his spine and saliva dripping from his mouth. The beast let out a roar and drew a shiny, metallic blade that looked as if it must have belonged to a great warrior of legend. The beast looked at the Kit-Kat licking his lips, “My chocolate!” it roared. The beast reached for the floating wafers but the ninja lunged himself at the monster, blades raised to strike. It deflected the assault though and then the two proceeded to attack and deflect each other in an epic duel.

12 Exposition- the ninja sets forth to find a Kit-Kat and then to save it Suspense- not knowing whether he’ll get his Kit-Kat back or not Simile-comparing the Kit-Kat to a drug Humor- a very goofy story ninjas fighting aliens to save a Kit-Kat? Pretty goofy Imagery- descriptions of the ninja the Kit-Kat and the aliens Inspiration- having to combine uncommon things into a story that is still clever and still excites and ninjas fighting aliens is always cool and Kit-Kats are quite delicious

13 Based on the best seller Kit-Kat Ninja comes the film that won the highly praised crying monkey award


15 “Boromir” by Pat Lee I was watching you in the movie The Lord of the Rings, You had an order from your father to take the ring for Gondor from Frodo, He told you that this ring could be used against the enemy, You, a loyal soldier and son of Gondor, followed this and several times tried to take it, In the end, he escaped and you could not have your prize, At this moment when you realized you were wrong, You fended for the lives of two other hobbits Scared for their lives as they watched you slay the enemies so they could live, Then you did something unexpected You sounded your horn drawing all the orcs to you So that Frodo could escape And hopefully rid the evil from the land, Even after two arrows had pierced your chest you kept fighting for the hobbits After the third you fell In your time of death your true colors showed, You, a hero.

16 EPIC POEM- it’s a narrative that tells the story of a hero’s fall Free verse- it is not organized into meters Inspiration- I am a fan of the lord of the rings movies and books. Also the movies are the greatest of all time and the fellowship of the ring, the movie in which Boromir dies is personally my favorite in the trilogy….and if you haven't seen these movies yet GO WATCH THEM RIGHT NOW….nerd R.I.P.

17 Conclusion I feel that any and all creative writing can be practice for what I would love to do in the future, be a novelist, and write really sweet books that will get awesome movie deals like Kit-Kat Ninja. Also I love to write wacky stories and mostly I like to envelope readers into my story like the movies and books that have drawn me into them. They are inspiration to keep on creatively writing.

18 Mrs. potter Cinquain- it is a five line stanza Elegy- it is a sad short poem talking about the end Inspiration- when something I enjoy ends and I feel like I want it back and miss the times in the past.

19 Conclusion Hello The finale Why did you come now? All I want is for you to go Over BY PLEE

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